Scott Umbaugh, CVIPtools - Computer Vision and Image Processing Tools Software, Copyright 1996-2002 SIUE, Feedback from Users

This file contains: 1) a brief list of users who downloaded CVIPtools 3.6, in 1998 and early 1999, 2) a more detailed list of those who downloaded CVIPtools3.7c from March 1999 through February 2002, 3) detailed list of those who downloaded CVIPtools3.9 from March 2002 through 2005, 4) a brief list of some comments from users.


The following paragraph was compiled February 1999 from email received. Our estimate is that we get email from approximately 10% of the users. It was from our initial release of the software, CVIPtools3.6. CVIPtools is used for both education and research.

The CVIPtools educational and R&D software is being used at: State University of New York at Buffalo, University of Illinois at Chicago, University Of Houston, University of Nevada, Vanderbilt University, The University of New Mexico, Rutgers University, University of Colorado, University of Texas at El Paso, Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Oslo, Tel-Aviv University, University Federal of Paraiba, University of Zurich, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, National Technical University of Athens, University Muenster(Germany), University of Waikato (New Zealand), Rovira i Virgili University (Spain), University of Las Palmas (Spain), Universidade Federal do Pará, POLITEHNICA" University (ROMANIA), University of Arizona, Lunds University(Sweden), George Washington University, University of Lausanne (Switzerland), University of Guelph, National University of Malaysia, The University of Dayton, Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia), Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel (Germany), National University of Singapore, University Federal of Paraiba (Brazil), and others.

The following information was extracted from a database we setup from our web site. We have a form that is filled out when anyone downloads the new version of our software CVIPtools3.7c.


March 1999

Shizuoka University, Japan, Towson University, Dept. of Optical Engineering, Beijing, Institute of Technology, The University of British Columbia, University of Minnesota, Royal College of Art,London,GB, UCLA, Linköping University, The University of Iowa,54 Medical Research Facility,Highly Co,.Ltd.Nanjing, National University of Singapore, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, GRUPO WH, CARACAS, University of Lecce, italy, GeoAnalytika, Quezon, NCKU of Taiwan, NOHKEN INC, OSAKA, NTUA, Athens GR, Deawoo Precision Ind., Pusan, Melbourne, University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada, Polytechnique, Montreal, UMN, Minneapolis MN, Warsaw University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Granite City IL, TSI Inc, St. Paul MN, National Institute of Mental Health/George Mason University Gothenburg, SE, Epson, Université Rene Descartes , Paris FR, Universitatde Valencia, Valencia ES, RMIT University,Melbourne, IIT Bombay, Canberra, AU, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, San Dimas, CA, IBM, Yorktown, NY, University of North Dakota, Aptech Engineering, Zanesville OH, NUS, Singapore, Research, Surgeres D'Appolonia S.p.A., Genova, IT, Hanseo UNIV.,Su_san, KR, yeungnam univ., taegu, KR Mass. Institute. of Tech., Nichols Research Corp, Albuquerque, NM, TECH, Beijing, CN, Cultural & Educational Bureau / Arizona State University, University of dayton, korea institute of footware & leather technology, Royal Scientific Society, Amman JO INRA, SURGERES, Shizuoka University (Japan), KUL, Leuven, BE, OttoCODE Incorporated, =Beach, CA, Duck Corporation, Cohoes, NY, Ostend (Belgiul) Universitatea Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO, Technical University Delft, NL, E.P.F.L., Lausanne, CH, Institute of Maths and Informatics, Sofia, BG, York University, North York,CA Univ. of Texas at El Paso, TL, Chung-Li, TW, San Jose State University, ROME, IT Imperial college, London, GB, Technopark, CH-8005 Zuerich ( TNO-Dutch research center, DenHaag, NL, elsinore, CA, hongkong, HK, CTU Prague, CZ Alexandria University, EG, Albuquerque, NM, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, MU VISION INC (France), niversity Miguel Hernandez, Alicante, ES, BYU, Provo, UT

April 1999

Louisiana S U, Baton Rouge, Chambersburg, PA, U. of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ chungnam university, dae jon, KR, TFH-Berlin, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Fontainebleau, FRAutomated Cell Technologies Inc, Pittsburg PA, univ of kentucky, lexington, KY, Derriford Hospital, GB, univ of arizona, Tucson, University of Central Florida, Dept of CS. U of Houston, universita statale di milano, DreamWorks SKG (Glendale, CA), UTEP, El Paso TX, Medical Media Systems, West Lebanon, NH, Curtin, Perth AU, Cochin University of Science and Techonology, Cochin, IN, NJIT, Newark NJ, NUS, Singapore SG, Engineering Design Team, Beaverton, OR, GIT, Metz/Atlanta, GA/FR, Madras University,Chennai, INDia,University Ghent, Ghent, BE, Imperial CollegeImperial College, London, GB, Melbourne, AU Tsinghua, Beijing, CN, University South Florida, cmu robotics, Pittsburgh, PA, Ntl. Cheng Kung University, Tainan, TW, Korea Univ. In Rep og KOREA, Seoul, kitchener, ON, CA san francisco, CA, lcot / lmu, leeds, GB, UNSW, Sydney, AU, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM, NYU, New York, US, CC Agava Pty Co, Rousse, BG, sergeant laboratories, lacrosse, WI, University Technology Malaysia, Johor Bahru, MY, MTU, Moscow, RU National University of Singapore, bURKE, VA, USA, Bowie State University, Bowie, MD US, NYU, NY, Honam UNIV., kwangju, KR, hanseo, chungnam, KR, Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, GB, Aalborg Business School, Aalborg, DKTrinity College Dublin, Dublin IE, Nova R&D, Inc., Riverside,CA, Harvard University, Boston, MA, Perspectives(nyr), NERAC, FR, hanseo, sesan, Ulead, Taipei. TW, Göteborg university, Gothenburg, SE, School of Computer Science/Univ. of Oklahoma, Tianjin University, tianjin, CN, Neu-Technikum Buchs, Buchs, CH, Hanyang University, Seoul, KR, silesian technical univ., gliwice, PL, aero screens, aafb, MD US, Renown Sdn.Bhd, Butterworth,Penang, MY, Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree, CA, Ewha womans Univ., Seoul, KR, Instituto Balseiro, Bariloche, AR, Soongsil Univ., Seoul Korea, UTEP, El Paso, TX, Cal State Hayward, Hatward CA, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, TW, PARASYSY, Puchon, KR, University of Oklahoma, aartbox animation & design, sydney , UNAM,México, D.F., US Geological Survey, Reston VA, Bowie State University, Bowie MD, Cornell Univbersity, Mooarth, Berlin DE, Chosun Univ, KJ, KR, LG LCD, Seoul, KR University of Staffordshire, Kuala Lumpur, MY, Cal State Univ Hayward, Nonlinear Dynamics Incorporated, Ann Arbor, MI, University Hospital, Verona, IT, Police Department, Tula, RU, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, MD, Norsk Hydro, Bergen, NO Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, Mons, BE, Luxembourg, LU, University La Rochelle, FR UPC, Barcelona, ES, Altair Software (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore IN, Linkoping University, SE Univ of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, ES, KMITL, Bangkok, TH University of Muenster (Germany), Dortmund, DE, Bowie State University, Greenbelt, MD US, STC Keltec, Navarre , FL US, University of Houston, TX, Concordia University, Montreal Canada, Altair software India pvt. ltd., Bangalore, IN, Infomation & Communication Univ, Seoul KR, Castlemount Soft, Castellamonte, IT, ESRI France, Meudon, FR, Dept. of Nulcear Medicine H San Raffaele, Milan, IT, Tantus, Vancouver,BC,Canada, University of Chicago, Univ. Aveiro, Portugal. PT, Bernis, France, HP, Palo Alto CA , US, Instituto tecnologico de Orizaba, Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico, GDE Systems, Escondido, CA CNR-ITIA, Milan, IT, museum oc contemporary art, montreal CA, UTEP, ElPaso TX The Ohio State Univ, Columbus OH, Politecnico di Milano, Milano IT, Kommerce Systems, Woburn, MA, Univ. of Texas at El Paso, Univ of Okaloma, Norman OK

May 1999

TEI, Spokane, WA, University of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, ES University of Nottingham, Nottingham, GB, Blacksburg, VA, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, CN, Beijing PeCan Information System Co., Ltd, Beijing, CN, Columbia University, NY Univ. of Sunderland, Sunderland, GB, Universidad Catolica del Peru, Lima, PE, Chonbuk National University, Jeon JU, KR, Cambridge, Cambridge, GB, Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD, AGR International, Inc, Butler, PA, SarFTI, Sarov, RU, The Computer Doc, Lake Forest, CA, University of Tokyo, Tokoyo JP, Hogeschool Gent, Ghent, BE, KAIST, Taejon, KR, Korea Telecom, Seoul, KR, Nice FRANCE, Softi, Bern CH, Puc-Rio, Rio de Janeiro- Brasil, BR, Horus Information Technology, Seoul, KR, Art di Pietro Cavaglia Sas, Ivrea TO, IT, correctional services, utrecht, ZA, Centennial College, Totonto, ON, CA Matsushita/Kochi University of Tech, Kawasaki, JP, FACCL, FACIASC, Linhares, BR B2Software, Inc., San Diego, CA, Southampton University, Southampton , GB, TASC, Inc., Reading MA, Taiwan National NTUST Univ., Taipei, TW, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, AU, Chungnam National Univ., TaeJeon, KR, Sobey Electronic Group, Chengdu, CN TUDelft, Deflt, NL, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, UniChambersburg, PA, University of Sydney, Sudney, AU, Alcatel, Najera, ES, Poliphon kft, Budapest, HU, Premium Instruments, MONNEREN, FR, Bialystok Technical University, Bialystok, PL, Nottingham University, Nottingham , United Kingdom, ADA, Bangalore, IN, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Stanford University, Stanford, CA, DigitalGraFX, Craiova, DE, OR, Joshua Tree, CA powersearch elec., shenzhen, CN, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, ES, Earth's Edge WW & Design, West Tisbury, MA, IUT, Cachan, FR, Beijing Polytechnic University, Beijing, CN University of Granada, Granada, ES, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, TR, USF, Tampa, FL University of Moratuwa, Sri-Lanka, Colombo, LK, Chonnam National Univ., Kwangju, KR Università degli Stuidi di Bologna, Fano, IT,Yeungnam Univ, Kyungsan, KR, Denver, CO University of Tokyo, Tokoyo, JP, Dept. of Neurobiology/University of Oldenburg,Oldenburg, DE, University of Michigan, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA, Tucson, AZ, Aptech Engineering, Zanesville, OH, Twin Cities Robotics Group, Minneapolis, MN, Boeing, Evereet WA Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, St. Paul Technical College, Fridley, MN, SecurityLink from Ameritech, Fort Worth, TX, Spectronix, Henderson, NV, LTI,, Tresserve,FR, FSU, Tallahassee, FL, Kyungmin College, Seoul, KR

June 1999

Sogang university, South Korea, Seoul, San Diego State, ca, St. Wendel, DE, AMC University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL, HeatCraft, Grenada MS, US, Northwestern Chiropractic, Ogden UT US, University of Tennessee Space Institute, Murfreesboro, TN U.P.C, Barcelona, ES, St. Wendel, DE, Perth, AU, University of Saarbrücken, DE, Warsaw Agricultural University, PL, Chula, Bkk, TH, GAB, Rottweil, DE, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, BE, ORSAY - UPS, ORSAY, FR, Pukyong National Univ, Pusan, KR, Intermedia Communications, Louisville, KY, Ollioules, FR, Kiryat Shmona, IL, Draper, UT, US Göteborg, SE, university of tasmania, tasmania, AU, chungbuk university, chongju, KR Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, TH, Bialystok Technical University, Bialystok, PL U of Minnesota Duluth, MN, Munich, DE, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore, SG, AGH Technical University, Cracow, PL, Jussieu, Paris FR, Quality Data Systems, Minneapolis, MN, University of Salerno, Salerno IT, FFC Limited, Hino-City JP, Chalmers, SE, UCDM, Montevideo, UY, Chonnam National University, Kwangju, KR, Institute of Automation, Beijing, CH, Bang&Olufsen, DK, University of Granada, ES, aston uni, birmingham, uk University of Oviedo, Gijon, ES, The University of Indonesia, Jakarta, ID, ICBC, Vancouver CA, Universidade Federal do rio de Janeiro, Korea Institute of Footware & Leather, Technology, Pusan KR, NLPR, Beijing, CN, Ga. State, Buford, GA, Datek, Zlin, CZ Andhra University,Vizag, INDIA, Chungnam National Univ, DaeHeonKR, BBN Technologies, New London CT US, UTEP, El Paso TX, CNRS, HYERES, FR, NetGenics, Inc., Cleveland, OH, UW-Madison, wI, Hiroshima University, JP, S.U.T., Tehran IR, Visy Oy, Varkaus, FI, DigiCom, San Diego CA, UPV, Valcenia ES, Boeing, Anaheim, CA

July 1999

konkuk university, Seoul, KR, Brains Corp, Tokyo, JP, Universidade de Vigo, Vigo ES DIMACS, NH, US, TU Budapest, UCD, Dublin, IE, Horne Smelter, Rouyn-Noranda, PQ CA PKNU, Pusan, KR, St. Agostin High School, Rio de janeiro, BR, Institute of Biology, Russia, RU, Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM Earth Science, Florence, IT, Varaigenics, Inc., Cambridge, MA, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON CA, université de montréal, Montreal, CA, KTH, Stockholm, SE, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY US, Birmingham University, Birmingham, GB, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica - Universita` di Udine (ITALY), Newcastle University,Newcastle upon Tyne, GB, Chung-ang University, Seoul KR, univ of ottawa, ON CA, Mustmäe Hospital, Tallinn, Paradyme, Gaston SC US, KCKCC, Kansas City MO, Southern Illinois University, CarbondaleCarbondale, IL USA, BAH Inc, Germantown, MD US, sjtu, shanghai, CN, National Centre for Software Technology, Mumbai, IN, Instituto de Astronomia, Ensenada, MX, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH US, C.R.T. (Topographical survey center), Scandicci (Florence), IT, Univ of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Cameron University, Lawton, OK, US, Tianjin University, Tianjin, CN, USF, Tampa, FL, State of New York, NY NY, University of Valladolid, Valladolid, ES, USIU, SD, CA USA, Millennium Consulting, Rocklin, CA, ARACOR, Sunnyvale, CA, PTI, Santa Clara, CA, OSMANIA, AJMAN, AE E.E. NCKU, Tainan, TW, INPE, São José dos Campos, BR, Kuala Lumpur, University of Oklahoma, Everlasting, Beijing CN, Univ. Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia ES, CRIM, Montreal CA, UM, Kuala Lumpur, KyungHee Univ, YoungIn, KR, IFTR, Warsaw PL The UNSW, Sydney AU, HKPU, HK, HK, Johann Wolfgang Goethe -University, Frankfurt a. M, DE, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, BR, Mediatek, SAN GAVINO, NREALE, IT, webmaster, MSRI, San Francisco, CA, CMU, Pittsburg PA, Kyungpook National, iversity, Taegu, KR, UCSF, San Francisco, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, York University, Toronto CA, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA, PEDRO DOMINGO, S.L., ZARAGOZA, ES, GI, GIFU, JP, University of Cukurova, Adana TR, Stark Technology Inc., Taipei TW, University of Stuttgart, Se-Car, Montreal, CA, AIT, Bangkok, TH, university of liege, belgium, Graphco Technologies, Inc., Bcharest, RO, Technical University of Crete, Chania, GR, NIWI, Amsterdam, NL

August 1999

Tektronix, Portland, OR, King of Games Farm, Grass Valley, CA, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., Shanghai, CN, Quetzal Computational Associates, Inc., Durango, CO, Pusan National University, Pusan KR, SGI, Mountain View CA, AFIT, Xenia OH, Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke CA, Informix Software Ireland, Dublin IE, Chung-Ang Uinv, Seoul KR, University of Evry - CEMIF, Evry FR, University of Patras, Patras, GR, AMS Pittsburg PA, US Automation, Inc., Lenexa KS, HKU, Hong Kong CN, KVL Copenhagen DK, kyungmin college, Uyjungbu, KR Defence department, Sydney AU, inha university, inchun KR, UMD, Gaithersburg, MD, Uni-Tek System Inc., Taichung City, TW, Panasonic, Princeton NJ, Design Knowledge Technologies Inc, Canton OH, Palmware, Toulouse, FR, UFRJ, Rio de Janerio BR, Soil Preservation Institute, HELLA, IS, uni-tek system ltd., co., TAICHUNG CITY, TW, sungsim college, pusan, KR, H.U.S.T., Wuhan CN, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver CO, san marcos univ, San Marcos TX, Otwock PL, Huazhong Univ.of.Sce&Te, Wuhan CN, CENTRO TECNOLOGICO INFORMATICA, CAMPINAS, BR, ChangWon Nat'l Univ., ChangWon, KR, KOREA University, Seoul KR, Technion, Israel, Haifa, IL, University of New South Wales, Sydney AU, UFRGS, Brazil, Porto Alegre, BR, Mehran University, Jamshoro, PK Lucent Techologies Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, Bethlehem, PA, Brisbane AU, Norcross Pty. Ltd, Mornington, AU, Institute for Technology Development, Stennis Space Center, MS USA IMAGICA, Tokyo JP, KLA-TencorKLA-Tencor, San Jose CA, NUS, Singapoer SG, Tokyo University, Tokyo JP, National University of Singapore, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA, UMIS, Manchester, GB, semiconductor insights inc, kanata, ON CA, City U of Hong Kong, Yonsei University, Seoul KR, Kyeoungsang National Univ., Kyeoungnam-Do Jinju-City Hadae-Dong 71-32, KR NAVY MEDICAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL, Chicago IL, Politechnika Slaska, Instytut Elektroniki,Gliwice, PL, U.Texas at El Paso, University Hospital Neurosurgery Department, Verona, IT, U. of Oklahoma, Norman OK, University of Houston, chungbuk Nat'l Univ, chongju, KR, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda CA US, Interim Technology Training Group Pty. Ltd, Sydney AU, Tel Aviv Univesity, Tel,Aviv IL, University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu, JP, Huazhong Univ.Of.Sce&Te, Wuhan CN, university of Oklahoma/NSSL, Norman OK, Oklahoma University, Pedro II, Rio de Janeiro, BR, FFC Ltd., Hino, JP, Loyola College in Maryland, Baltimore, MD, University of Calgayr, Calgary, AB, CA, Ollioules, France, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Skopje, MK, Synergistic Consultants, Inc, Huntsville, AL, PUCCAMP, Campinas, BR, Nemotec, Madrid, ES, Kunkuk University, Seoul KR, UNSW, Sydney AU, Univ. of Houston, TX

September 1999

QSW Ltd, Rome IT, Hoseo Univ, Seoul , NCR (Thailand),Bangkok, TH, Kyonggi UNIV., Seoul, South Korea, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore SG, University of Houston, TX, Humanity, Canberra, AU, USC, Santiago, ES, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Mostoles (Madrid), ES, CrosStor Software, Colorado Springs, CO, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia ES, UET, Lahore, PA, PK, JLP Engineering, LLC, Greenwell Springs, LA US, Washington University School of Medicine,. St Louis MO, Kwangwoon, Seoul KR EliMedia, Taipei TW, Delft University of Technology, Delft NL, Hoseo University, Seoul KR Huazhong Univ.Of.Sce&Te, Wuhan CN, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NA, CA, University of Houston, Houston TX, NCR (Thailand), Bangkok TH, OLTRON, INC., CARLSTADT, NJ USA, Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield, GB, UNEX, Cáceres, ES, Applied Science University, Amman JO, Sungjin, Seoul KR, Dzierzgoñ, Poland, University of Kiel, Kiel DE, University of Bologna, Cesena Italy, TongChulalongkorn University, Bangkok TH, Myong University, Pusan KR, University of Calgary, Calgary CA, Marconi communications, Dorval PQ, CA, University of Nis, Nis YU, Kitami Institute of Technology, Kitami JP, HK Baptist University, Hong Kong HK, WGE, Bangalore IN, SFK Technology, Herley DK, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville AL USA, NJU Nanjing CH, Huazhong University of sciences and technology,Wuhan CN, Alazhar University, Cairo EG, CSIR - Environmentek, Stellenbosch, ZA, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, Fla Southern Uni., Orlando, FL, The University of Birmingham,Birmingham GB, Inha Univ., Inchon, KR, Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan CN, MUNICIPALIDAD DE CORONEL, Coronel CL, University of California, Davis CA, Computer Vision Laboratory / Linkoeping University, Linkoeping SE Acro Media Inc, Kelowna BC Canada, IIUM, KualaLumpur, MY, Business Studt at University of Verona, Verona Italy, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, TW Linköping University,Linköping, SE, universitat rovira i virgili, tarragona, ES, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, Hogeschool gent, Ghent, BE, AsiaTek Inc., Taipei, TW, Aptech Engineering, Zanesville, Ohio, Hunan normal university, Changsha CN, LooknSee, Technology, Sarasota FL, ULA, Merida VE

October 1999

CNR - LAMEL Institute, Bologna Italy, University of Tours (FRANCE), Tours FR, Prague, CZ, Puslitbang INKOM, Bandung ID, Spider Pharm Inc., Feasterville, PA, De La Salle University, Manila PH, RDL Singapore, SG, R&D Centre for Informatics and Computer Sciences - Indonesian Institute of Science, Bandung ID, UC Davis, Davis CA, Univ. of Kiel, Kiel DE (Germany), SDSU, San Diego CA, Sun Microsystems, Inc, Palo Alto CA, LTI, Tresserve, FR, Andong Natl. Univ, Andong, Kyungpook, KR, Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla ES (Spain), Patras University, Patras GR, University of Granada, Granada ES, IST (Technical University of Lisbon), Lisbon, UWA, Perth AU, Dong-A Univ., Pusan, KR, Fachhochschule, Duesseldorf, DE, The University Of Indonesia, Jakarta ID, CUNY Graduate Center NY, NY Posco Hulls Ltd, Chung-Nam Korea, ITC-irst, Povo- Trento, Italy, Tsinghua university, Beijing, CN, University of Leiden, Leiden NL, North Highland, CA, Waterloo, Ontario CA Dai Yeun, Taiwan, AOA Inc, Cambridge MA, Ameritas Life insurance, Lincoln NE, IIT Kanpur, Iselin, NJ, Informatique MTF SA, 1762 Givisiez, CH, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon PT, Hon Kong City University, H.K. HK, Yonsei Univ., Seoul KR, Barcelona ES UWA, Perth AU, CSS, Hong Kong HK, Univ: Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Naval Academy, Montevideo, UY, University of Reading, Reading, GB, Space Department, DERA, Farnborough, United Kingdom,, Mountain View, CA, University of California at Davis, Davis CA, Chiba, Chiba Japan, Yonsei University, South Korea, City Uduel Spa, Rome IT, University of Hong Kong, HK, College Lionel-Groulx, Ste-Therese, PQ CA Bombay University, Mumbai, IN, Military R&D Center, Bangkok, TH, Newbridge, Nepean ON Canada, ULP Strasbourg, France, University Birmingham, GB, DYLOg, Turin Italy city university of hong kong, Kowloon HK, Engineering Schools of the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (SPAIN), Istanbul, TR, Planetary SolHopital Broussaisdiers, Colorado Springs, CO, Hopital Broussais, Paris FR, French DOT/UC Davis, Paris FR, University of Maryland, College Park MD US, UNSW, Sydney AU, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore, SG, Shanghai Jiaotong Uvi, Shanghai CN, National University of Singapore, SG BJU, Bejing CN, HKU, Hong Kong HK,

November 1999

University of Illinois at Chicago, Concordia university, Canada, University of Houston, Texas US, Chonbuk Nat'l Univ., Chonju KR, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON, CA, Klaipeda, LT, Budapest HU, National University of Singapore, City University of HK, Hong Kong HK Hanyang University, Seoul KP, Hong Kong PolyTech, Taipei, Taiwan, ENSCM, Mulhouse France, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice PL, Tu-Graz, Braz AT, SJTU Shanghai, CN, Tampere Univ. of Technology, Tampere FI, City University of HK, Hong Kong, CN Dresden, Germany, MVA, Inc., Norcross GA US, Politecnico di Milano, Milano Italy Seville university, Seville ES, Aston University, Birmingham GB, Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla ES, Merida, VE, Institut of Automation & electrometry, Novosibirsk, RU, Bordeaux FR, Politecnico di Milano, Milano IT, Disability Services of Central Australia Inc., Alice Springs AU, Oslo, Norway, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, ZA, Rome, Italy Høgskolen i Ålsund, Alesund NO, Annapolis MD, Glen Carbon, IL, ETRI-CSTL, Taejon KR CTA/GIP, Arcueil FR, Magistrat Graz, Graz AT, Marconi Integrated Systems, San Diego CA (Joe Toth, 858-592-5761), INRA, Surgeres FR, University of Bristol, Bristol, GB, Carl von ossietzky University, Oldenburg DE, Cairo EG, Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona ES Cukurova University, Adana TR, Hoseo university, Chung-nam KR, Yeungnam Univ., Kyungsan City, KR, Suez Canal univ, Poart_Said EG, Compuniverse A.P.S., Matan Illinois De Telegraaf, Zandvoort, NL, Eastern Kentucky Univ, Richmond KY US, City Poly of Hong Kong, Hong Kong HK, DA Yeh, Chang-Hwa, TW, X-IstitutoCalcoloScientifico Srl, Genova IT, ULP, Strasbourg FR, Aalborg University, Aalborg DK, Milford CT US, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore CA US, KULeuven, Leuven, BE, University of Yonsei, KR, Pusan National Univ., Pusan KR, Hoseo Univ, Seoul Korea, Tu-Graz, Graz AT Yonsei University, Seoul Korea, University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN US, Army aviation/ yeonsei university, Won Ju KR, Univ. Hawaii, Honolulu HI US, The chinese university of hong kong, Shatin HK, Univerity of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur MY, NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo JP, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, FR, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, University of Sofia, Sofia BG, University iof Iowa, Williamsburg, IA US, HKTC, Hong Kong HK, Aveiro, PT, Lexington, Maine US, Universidad of Seville, Seville ES, Yeungnam university, Taegu KR, Telesat São Paulo, BR KMUTT Bangkok TH, Gabrovo, BG, University of Sofia, Sofia BG, Smader & Associates, Cupertino, CA US, Technion, Haifa, IL, Laval University, Quebec CA, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK, ENSIA-INRA, MASSY CEDEX, FR, FU Berlin, DE University of Sofia, Sofia BG, Nottingham Trent University (England), KAST, Daejeon KR Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, NZ, BDL, Hyderabad, IN, BIT, Hyderabad, IN, Busan National University, Busan KR, UWA, Aberystwyth, GB, Big Sky Computing, Minneapolis, MN US KUnsthalle Tirol, Hall in Tirol, AT, AFG, Scarborough, ON CA, TCD, Dublin IE, Celar, Rennes FR, University of Sydney, Sydney AU, Conexant Systems, Newbury Park, CA US San Jose State University, San Jose CA US, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi MY

December 1999

SJTU, Shanghai CN, The HK PolyU., Hong Kong CN, Teec, Isernhagen, DE, UCL, London GB, Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan CN, University of Southern, Denmark, Odense DK, Bologna IT, SULMONA IT, USDA-ARS SW Cotton Ginning Res Lab, Mesilla Park, NM, Joshua Tree, CA, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, CA US, Kyungpook National University, Taegu, KR, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, DE Saarbruecken, DE, Helsinki University of Technology, Vantaa FI, OHKAWA MOULD & DESIGNS, BANGALORE, IN, Stavanger College, Stavanger, NO, UniJet co., Ltd., Taipei TW, Beverly Hills, CA US, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, CRIM, Montreal CA, HKU, Hong Kong HK, NationalGovernment, Malvern GB, Taiwan University, Taichung TW, University of Bristol, Bristol GB, ONERA, CHATILLON, FR, Ageotech, Pretoria ZA, University of moratuwa, Moratuwa, LK, BooRookSo, Daejeon KR, Pusan national university, Pusan KR, UEC, Tokyo JP, STR, Kyoto JP, SYNAPSYS, AVIGNON, FR Dept.of Electronic Engineering Xiamen University, Xiamen CN, U of AL at Birmingham, Birmingham AL US, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, JP, University of Warwick, Coventry GB, Miguel Hernandez University, Elche ES, Iowa State University, Ames IA US, Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech, Zurich CH, Universidad de Sevilla, Seville ES, LAAS_CNRS, Toulouse FR, Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz, ES, Earth Science, Florence IT, University of Mannheim, Mannheim DE, University of Tokyo, Tokyo JP, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg Del, Pemstar Corp, Rochester MN US, Florimond-Desprez, Capele en Pevele, FR Technion, Haifa IL, Korea Univ., Seoul KR, University of Tokyo, Tokyo JP, Napier University, edinburgh GB, WI Consulting, Futyuu JP, Cosmo I&C, Seoul KR, Calcutta IN Extremadura University , Badajoz ES, Moscow RU, Taiwan national NTUST Univ., Taipei, Taiwan, Fotosentez, Erenkoy TR, Dept.of Electronic Engineering Xiamen University, Xiamen CN, North Kern State Prison, Miryang National Univ., Miryang KR, LG Electronics, Kyunggi Do, KR, IPA, Riyadh SA, P&G- St. Louis, MO US, ATR, Kyoto JP, Zandar Technologies, Dublin IE, ITS, Surabaya ID, Telesat, São Paulo, BR

January 2000

City University of H.K., HK , DAEWOO ELEC., Gumi KR, CTI, Campinas BR, Madrid ES Glenmoore PA US, LOS ANDES UNIVERSITY, Merida VE, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD US Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester NY, National Lab of Pattern Recognition, Beijing CN, U of AL at Birmingham, Alabama US, Singapore, Seoul AL KR,, Redwood City, CA, MTEC,Ministry of Science, Bangkok, TH, KAIST Seoul KR, Technical University Berlin, Berlin DE, University of Zilina, Zilina SK, DLR, Berlin DE, Ccube, San Jose CA US Ansan, Korea, Pusan national university, Pusan KR, KFUPM, Dhahran SA, University Hospital, Verona IT, avax technologies, philadelphia, PA, US, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan CN, Canterbury Uni, Christchurch, NZ, Konstanz, DE, ERAU, Daytona Beach FL US, Antwerp DE, Osaka university, Osaka JP, UPC, Barcelona ES, De Nayer Institute, St. Katelijne Waver, BE, Universität Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, DE, Raytheon, El Segundo, CA US, KFUPM, Dhaharan SA, Tungs International, Cupertino, CA US, Sybase, Auckland, NZ, U. of Waterloo,Waterloo, ON CA, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, The Press Network, Nashville TN, University Paris 6, Paris FR, Durst Phototechnik AG, Brixen IT, niversity of surrey, GB, ROMATSA RA, BUCHAREST RO, University of Zurich, Zurich CH, USM, Penang, MY, Chonnam University, Kwang Ju KR, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, ES, Xtech, Plymouth, GB, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, AU, Kyungnam University, Masan KR

February 2000

TISCE, Huazhong Univ.Of.Sce&Te, HUazhong university of science and technology, Syracuse University, KAIST, university college london, Cambridge,  , Jaldi Semiconductor, Universidade de Vigo, Université de Sherbrooke, T.Jefferson HS for Science and Tech., University Hospital, Rijkswaterstaat, Indiana University School of Med, Payame Noor University, University of Edinburgh, UK, Syracuse University, The University of Texas at El Paso, evry, UCSD, Sun Microsystems Japan, u of wisconsin - eau claire, universite bordeaux 1, NU, Soft Teleware Inc., postch, postech, Paris V, Init Co. Ltd., Univ.Clinic Innsbruck/Radiology II, NUS, Halliford Canine Country Club, Naked Eye, Istanbul Kültür University , Chinese Taiwan, Bowie State University, upc, Howard Univ., Intel, Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya, AresGraf design, CTTC - UPC, Cal Poly University, SLO, Bowie state University, feng chia univ, HKU, Beijing Polytechnic University, Dantec Measurement Technology, University of Louisville, University of Bridgeport,

March 2000

Southeast University, Purdue University, University of Cambridge, Islamic university, ikam, otis, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Polytechnique, otis, Burgundy University, Univ of Cambridge, univ of plymouth, Bowie State University, Universidad Politecnica Valencia, University of Maryland, Technical University of Wroclaw, Lehigh University, HUIBCO, sedco-forex, Manchester University, UK, UIUC, Pukyong Univ., Southeast University, UTA, university Paris 7, METU, University Paris 7, Uconn, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, U.of.Massachusetts Dartmouth, company, Univ. of T, Università di Pisa, RAU university South Africa, Chonnam National University, colorado school of mines, SRC Vision, university Paris 7, University of Technology, Malaysia, ESI Universidad de Sevilla, University of Cambridge, Department of Physics, Unversity of Technology, Malaysia, UNB, National Taiwan University, East Carolina Univ, Embry Riddle University, ECU, Broussais Hospital / Université Paris 6, Baylor College of Medicine, Automation Engineering Inc, cambridge, Micropool GmbH, IISc, Newcastle Un., IUST, UFES, IISc, iisc, Univ. of the federal armed forces, SUT, street, kjldkl, university of bucharest, Future Technology Solutions., yeungnam, Yildiz Technic University, Shang Hai Jiaotong University, FH-Bilefeld, sedco forex, univ. of Wales, aber., Technion, U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Bowie State University, Hanyang Univ., sanyo, chonnam national univ., GTU, Ecole des Mines de Paris, KUT, Universidad de Los Andes, Harvard, Chonnam National Univ., UWA, georgia tech, DHC consultoria, FAU, AUTH, University of Bremen, Department of Physics, Non, ELTE, Ryerson Polytechnic University, SGI Japan, Ltd., Monash University, dankook univ., Axiom UK, MediSpectra, Inc., Dauntsey's school, Qualcomm, umd/gsfc, University of Houston, chonnam university, ENST Bretagne, Ohio State, IEL/MDH, TRW Inc., Huazhong Univ.Of.Sce&Te,Image Processing Institut 430074,, AIM Inc., SIUE, Oklahoma State Univ, University of Utah, St. Vincents Hospital, FernUniversität, picoSys, University Paris 7 - Denis Diderot, Ellips B.V., Integral Technologies, Inc., IUFM D'ALSACE - CFEB, SFU, Huazhong Univ.Of.Sce&Te, University of Tuzla, université paris VII, Mangalore, USC, American University in Cairo., University of Malaya, Malaysia, ISPJAE, Hust Image Processing Institut, UCSF,Univ. of Otago, HCM Uni of Technology, VietNam, TU WIen, Rexam Image Products, LSU, TUBITAK, University of Warwick, menci software s.r.l., University of Cambridge, Siomon Fraser University, Porter and Chester Institute, CSC, UPENN, University of Assuit, Concept Development, Ulsan Univ. Korea, Self, University of Melbourne, PURDUE, purdue, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, IST-UTL, Now Electronics AB, Walailak Uni., Ulsan univ., Canon Inc., Starfish Technologies, The Filmmakers, Heriot-Watt Univ., UPC, université paris VII, UPC, Universite de Paris-Sud, universite Paris 7, National Institutes of Health, sepuluh nopember institute of tech, Informatique Medicale, university of malaya (malaysia), Texas A&M, Federal University of Parana, University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (Senegal), Florida Atlantic Univesity, HUST WUHAN,CHINA(PRC), Univ of Fla <>, U.S. Military, Kumoh university, xi'an jiaotong university, AAU, Arco, Aarhus, Mech.Eng.Dept./Middle East T. U., Universidad de Belgrano, Walailak, sysmop tech., Shanghai Jiaotong University, TU Wien, National university of singapore, Philips, ITZ, Kyungpook National University, gct, A, Dokuz Eylul University, Dokuz Eylul University, Beijing Univ. of Posts & Telecom., ADS, stek, Warsaw University of Technology, CSIR, Computing Devices Co. Ltd., FAU, OLM, Chonnam University, Mannesmann VDO AG, FEE CTU Prague, ASU, asf, Sichuan University, Electronics for Imaging, , Univ of Toronto, US Army Research Laboratory, US Army Research Laboratory, Michigan State University, HVC, elns, University of Pisa, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, ICRF, Prince Varsity, Kazan State University, DLR German Aerospace Center, ESEO, Oracle Corp,National Mining University of Ukraine,EPFL, Johns Hopkins APL, US Army Research Laboratory, Ghent University (RUG), UMass Dartmouth, AccuSoft, Escient, Johns Hopkins University, Korea University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, KAIST, KRDL, DEU, GSI, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Michigan State Univ., DEU, Middlesex University, SNU, Surveyor Corporation, BURIE

April 2000

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May 2000

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June 2000

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July 2000

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August 2000

San Ramon, CA, University of Houston, Chipworks, Ottawa, CA, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions - Radiology, Baltimore, MD, Universdity of Sinapore, Harford, CT, Wichita, KS, NVA Brussels, BE, Chonnam National University, Kwangju, Rochester, MN, UPS, Barcelona, ES, Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS, Saint-Petersburg, RU, CNRS, Lyon FR, Computer & Systeme, Berlin DE, TVE S.A, Madrid, ES, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, Monash, Churchill AU, AMRAVATI, Shegaon, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv IL, Sourceworks Inc, Hull PQ,CA, UCLA, CA, University Hospital, IT, University of Exeter, Dept Comp Sci, Exeter, GB, university paris 7, Paris, FR, University of Roorkee, City = Roorkee, IN, National Taiwan University, Taipei, TW, Cenidet, Mexico, SUNY at StonyBrook, NY, CIRAD/ university of Montpellier, Supelec, Rennes, FR, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, ACS Defense, Bellevue, NE, Pusan National University, Pusan, KR, NJA, Johannesburg, ZA, National College of Physical Education and Sports, Taoyuan,Taiwan, El Diario de Tampico, Tampico, MX, US Army Research Laboratory, APG, MD, Wits University (SA), Johannesburg, Solano Community College, Vallejo, CA, NanYang University, Singapore, SG, ELEKTRONOKA & OPTIKA, Brno, Czech Republic, 638 00, Seoul , KR, Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville, National University of Colombia at manizales, Manizales (Caldas), Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, AU, IRSI/Binghamton University, Austin TX, University Bonn, DE, Taiwan ChinWha, ShinChu, TW, American University in Cairo, Bristol University, GB, Fork Standards Inc, Lombard, IL, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, THAI, Bangkok, TH, Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, RU, Feng Chia University, Taichung, TW, CSIST, Taipei, TW, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, Micron Technology Inc., Hilsborro, OR, uni. of new south wales, Sydney, AU, Elekta, Crawley, GB, NTUST Univ. Taipei, Taiwan, Granvada Learning, Newcastle, GB, RIM, Bangkok, TH, RMAX Development Group, Phoenix, AZ, Brevard County Property Appraiser, Titusville, FL, MMS, Calama CL, kyoung buk University, Taegu, KR, gulbarga university, IN, TEI/METU, Eskisehir, TR, IMI, Seoul, KR, korea univ, Seoul , KR, rajabhat institute mahasakham, TH, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, Sherbrooke, PQ< CA, Feng Chia University, Taichung, TW, ATE, Penang, MY, University of Iowa, EBC Ingenieria, Medellin, CO, SSGA, Waltham, MA, State Street Global Advisors, Boston, MA, EPITA, kremlin bicetre, FR, National University of Singapore, UPC, Barcelona, ES, University Bonn, DE, university of malaya, kuala lumpur, MY, RGPP, LV, U.O.R.Roorkee, IN, CAF, Beijing, CN, Dharwad University, Bangalore, IN, University of Ulm, Ulm, DE, fhg-iis-a, erlangen, DE, R&D Computer Services, Birmingham, AL, IBM, Fishkill, NY, USC, LA, CA, EXITEC AG, Flensburg, DE, Murdoch University, Perth, AU, Glasgow, GB, Seiden-sha Debshi Kogyo, Tokyo, JP, National Chang-hua University of Education, TW, Nottingham University, Kuala Lumpur, MY, USAMRIID, Frederick, MD, SUMMUS, Raleigh, NC, Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Austin, TX, University of Yaounde, CM, DERA, Malvern, GB, University Sains Malaysi, Tg Bunga, MY, stork-veco, eerbeek, NL,

September 2000

UCLA, WAT, ISL, Pi Technology, D&S, The University of Birmingham, Università degliu studi diPerugia, UCL, University of Waterloo, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, University of Houston, Utep, University of Arizona, Seoul National University, SMK.SG.DAMIT, University of Waterloo, Baylor College of Medicine, United Parcel Service, Cornell University, Università degli Studi di Padova, AKAD, University of Giessen, Univ. of Texas El Paso, National Chiao Tung University, Kyungnam, Donghua University, kyungnam, Computer and Automation Research Institute, University of Texas at El Paso, Korea Advanced Institute of Sci. & Tech., BioCrystal Ltd., University of Houston, UFRJ, Hanjin, LAAS - CNRS, University of tübingen, Univ of Houston, UH, Florida U and NC State, UH, UFRJ, NYU, unsw, Univ. of Houston, UH, AZAD, University Putra Malaysia, B.E.College, Volga State Academy onTelecommunications and Informatics, institute of computer technology, U of MD, ASU, Utep, Northern jiaotong Univ., institute of computer technology, University of Houston, I.P.N., UOW, WLU, George Mason University, Univ. of Houston, North Carolina Central University, NTHU,TAIWAN, VSB Ostrava (Czech), LAAS/CNRS, , Tyco fire Products R&D, Central Connecticut State University, wakayama university, LONIIS, BVD, Høgskolen i Ålesund, Sinopsis, North Carolina Central Univ, LAAS/CNRS,, Politecnico di Milano, IIT KHARAGPUR,, University of Houston, Universidad del Valle, SIUE, University of the Philippines, Univ. Of Houston, zju, UTEP, zeiss, ag, amravati, ANSYS, Cinesite, Fraunhofer Technology Center, UMS, Hallym univ, Tianjin University, IUPUI, Moo U, UTEP, The Press Network, Huazhong Univ.Of.Sce&Te,Image Processing Institut,430074,wuhan,CHINA, Hankuk Aviation University, Chung Cheng Inst. Tech., Togliatti Polit. College, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Univeristy of Guelph, Assistance Publique - hopitaux de Paris, Cad-Capture Limited, x, Cambridge Research Associates, Transicom Engineering Pte Ltd, university of Guelph, Univerity of Guelph, University College London, Pukyong university, Mitsubishi, Infoquark Solutions Private Limited, University College London,, UTP, FIT, University of Guelph, Vertigo, University of Guelph, School of Engineering, Guelph, University of Guelph, PT LEN, Aristotele University, VSB Ostrave,Ålesund College of Higher Education,Ålesund, H.U. "Dr. Peset", NCCU, Aalesund College, university, u of mn, Intelligent Automation, SIUE, njust china, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Cadence Design Systems, D&S, Bonn, York, siue, NJIT, MGI Software Corp., Harvard, University of Technology of Troyes, university of malaga, Raytheon, USC, SIUE, Private Use, Dongeui Univ., University, Raytheon, SIUE, dd, National Dong Hwa University, University of Technology of Troyes, Adac Laboratories, C.N.R.S., BeauCAD, etechpro, NUDT,China, SAIC, University, University or Texas at El Paso, hannam, Technolution, Pusan National University, FTD, Aalesund College of Higher Education, AKCRON, University of Guelph, Seoul University, Slovak Technical University, Argonne National Laboratory, ISOL technology, Seoul KR, Rainbow, Beijing CN, ECO-SYS inernational, Paris FR, UNIG, Rio of Janery BR, Hannover Medicial School, DE, NCCU Durham, NC US, JK University of Linz, Linz AT, UNT, Denton TX US, University of P. J. Safarik, Kosice SK, ETECHPRO, TAIPEI TAIWAN, HMGCC Milton Keynes GB, NUS Singapore SG, Nestle Research Center, Lausanne CH, Opus Magnum Ltd, Budapest HU, Penn State

October 2000

ENSMM FR, UCF Casselberry FL US, Loughborough University, Leicester GB, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry , Brno CZ, University of Texas at El Paso, University of Sydney, koje college, Koje KR, statistics netherlands, Rotterdam NL, Politecnica Valencia, ISEP Paris FR, EONIC Systems Aarschot BE, Pima Comm. College Tucson AZ, Universidad de los Andes Bogota CO, University of Joensuu FI, University of Guelph CA, U. de Sherbrooke CA, University of Japan Tokyo JP, Politecnico di Milano IT, KU Masan KR, UNIVERSITY POLITEHNICA BUCHAREST, Twente University Enschede NL, university of bradford GB, CNRS Toulouse FR, Hoseo UnivAnyang KR, Saclantc La spezia IT, Nihon University JP, UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE ES, Entertainment automatisering Amersfoort NL, UIT Toronto CA, Southwest Research Institute San Antonio TX, U of Arizona Tucson AZ, SPORE POLYTECHNIC, zagazig university,UNMSM, San Piero in Bagno, MinServ (Mineral Services), Laval University Québec, UABC, Stockholm, University of Central Lancashire, England, SPORE POLYTECHNIC, university of texas in el paso,KyungNam Masan KR, 3M Austin TX, Bogor Agric. Univ, BBC London, KAIST Taejon KR, Hydrocarbon Resources Ltd, Rovira i Virgili University ES, Purdue UniversityWest lafayette IN, SOHO PUSAN KR, KYUNGNAM COLLEGE, kyungnam university, Pking University, king Saud University, ETS Ing. Informatica Granada, Ohio State University, FutureHome Paarl, ZA, UTEP , ETRI, University of P. J. Safarik Kosice SK, Universidad Nacional del Sur Bahia Blanca AR, kumoh university fo Technology, TU-Darmstadt, germany, Pittsburgh PA, Lockheed Martin Bothell WA, Add Paris FR, Peking University, Laytonville CA, politecnico di torino IT, Politecnico di Milan Milan IT, ecole de technologie superieure Montreal CA, University of Malaya, Uni of Nottingham, Gaziantep University TR, cassano d'adda IT, 6th of October unv Cairo EG, SDSU SanDiego,,DBA Web Space USA Palm Bay FL, Universidad de Sevilla, hoseo univ, USP Sao Paulo BR, HOSEO UNIV. Choong-Nam KR, GRETAG imaging Regensdorf CH, University paris 7, HTA Burgdorf CH, thomson Paris, University of Southampton,Birmingham Uni UK,Penn State, INFORMATICA Y ESTADISTICA, KMITL Bangkok TH, Universidad de Sevilla, CCP Manila, NTNU, IDI Trondheim NO, University of Seville (Spain), Indisoft Hamburg DE, University of Iowa,Facultad de Informática y Estadística de Sevilla, uconn storrs CT, Vasto IT, University of Seville,Acer Communications and Multimedia Inc., CNRS-IGR Villejuif FR, U of Minnesota, CRIKM, cpu in taiwan, University of Hyderabad,NTNU norway, Etron, Inc.Ithaca NY, TeraLogic Mountain View CA, Superior Sevilla ES, Columbia University NY, MU Columbia MO, Universidad de Informatica y Estadistica, ETSII Granada, Universidad Nacional del Sur, UPV - Spain, Alexandria University EG, Assoc. Edu. compacto BR, Infinito España , ETSE URV Tarragona ES, Kyungnam KR, Montana State University,National University of Singapore, eonic systems, Sofitel S.A, Pusan National Univ., NAWC Point Mugu CA, HTA Burgdorf, Institute of Electrotechnics Warsaw PL, Melbourne Uni, San Jose State University, nasa/msfc huntsville AL, Technical University of lodz PL, Three-Five Systems Tempe AZ, JM Engineering Colorado Springs, Mayo Foundation Rochester MN, Universita' degli studi, dipartimento di fisica, Orbotech Yavne IL, sourceworks hull PQ CA, Jiao Tong University shanghai CN, Politenico di Torino IT, ETSII (Computer Science), University of Karlsruhe DE, UGR GR BS, Current Inc colorado springs, Bangalore IN, Society of Biblical Literature Atlanta GA, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona,IIIT Hyderabad IN, University of paris8,AmirKabir University of Technology Tehran IRT, Univ. of Sherbrooke CA, Hewlett Packard, foursis company Tokyo JP, University of Exeter, UK, Lic. Matemáticas Granada ES, Univ. Granada, USTC Hefei,Anhui, Hewlett Packard Vancouver WA, lanzhou beijing CN, IGCAR Kalpakkam IN, University of New South Wales,ExxonMobil Houston TX, National Chun-Hsing Univ.,

Nov 2000

Universidad de Sevilla Sevilla ES, conel mataro ES,Inchon Univ Seoul KR,OSU Columbus US, university of indonesia jakarta ID,stanford university palo alto US,Engineering at Padova (IT) Noventa di P.IT, Arjo Wiggins R & D Beaconsfield GB,DIT Kevin Street Ireland Dublin IE, LYIT Letterkenny IE,WAT WARSAW PL,University of Alberta Edmonton CA, La Salle URL Barcelona ES,Telematica Institute Enschede NL,Granada Granada ES, Gratte-moi le dos Lausanne CH,UTP Pereira CO,Kyunghee Univ. Seoul KR,Shonkh Tech. Intl. Limited Bangalore IN, University of Nebraska Lincoln US,Politecnico Milano IT,USC Los Angeles US, UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA Sevilla ES,postech pohang KR,University of Seville Seville ES, AS Eng Cart B.H. BR,vuw wellington N/,University Malaysia Sabah Kota kinabalu MY, University Hospital Verona 37126 IT,micromojom lknonho ES,University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur MY, Hewlett Packard Vancouver US,Monash Univ melbourne AU,Utep El Paso US,UC Davis Davis US, university of malaya kuala lumpur MY,Kyungsung University Pusan KR,Rovira i Virgili University Tarragon ES, Xi'an JiaoTong University Xi'an CN,Universität Bonn Bonn DE,University of Granada Granada ES,iit kharagpur kharagpur IN, Research in Motion Waterloo CA,NCU Tao-yuan R.O.C. TW,Sevilla Sevilla ES,Sciences Dijon FR,UNiv RBAT MA, University of Seville Seville ES,University of Alberta Edmonton CA,CRL Tokyo JP,university of indonesia jakarta ID, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compos ES,University of Granada Granada ES,INFN-LNS Catania IT, Rocin Laboratories, Inc. NYC US,Kookmin University Seoul KR,University Hospital Verona 37126 IT, biltar gaziantep TR,Private Home PERTH AU,colegio de postgraduados texcoco MX,northwestern university evanston US, Hewlett Packard Vancouver US.

Feb 2001

City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong CN,nEWyORK nEWyORK US,Griffith Brisbane AU,ABC HK HK,Federal University of Uberlandia Uberlandia BR, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK,futurennet-tech co. nanchang CN,National college of Physical Education and taoyuan TW, University of Sassari Sassari IT,

March 2001

Home Tomsk RU,Federal University of Uberlandia Uberlandia BR,Hogeschool Antwerpen Antwerpen BE, HUST P.R.C Hubei,Wuhan CN,chongqing university chongqing CN,shanghai jiaotong university shanghai CN, U.C.S.B. Santa Barbara US,ent clinic sherbin EG,city university of hong kong hong kong SAR CN, Wonkwang Unversity IkSan KR,Equitable Home Mortgage Scottsdale US,EIVD Yverdon CH,PACE NEW York US, MITUTOYO.Corp Tukuba-City JP,inje university kimhae KR,huddersfield university huddersfield GB, fen chai taipei TW,ENST Bretagne brest FR,UH-Victoria Victoria US,Computer Science A Coruña ES IIT KGP KGP IN,Polytechnic of Bandung Bandung ID,Mane und Frischeisen Partnerschaft Muenchen DE, Sichuan University Chengdu CN,Universidad Catolica del Peru Lima PE,University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, laval rouyn CA,Universita' di Firenze 50139 IT,utep el paso US,Cleveland State University Cleveland US, East China University of Science and Technology Shanghai CN,IIT Kharagpur KharagpurIN, University of Manchester Institution of Science Manchester GB,self employed sydney AU, NCST Mumbai IN,Bogor Agric Univ Bogor ID,Leeds Metropolitan University UK Leeds GB, University of Parma Parma IT,ASM HK hong kong HK,NUS Singapore SG,Izmir Institute of Technology Izmir TR, Aveiro Aveiro PT,Univ of New Hampshire Durham US,University of Seoul Seoul KR,iit madras chennai IN, Leeds metropolitan university leeds GB,HKU HK HK,iit madras chennai IN,Hust wuhan CN,ULP Strasbourg FR, bbs beijing CN,HK CityU HK HK,ISTASE Saint Etienne FR,EPSON Hong Kong Hong Kong HK,High Institute for Computer and Information Baghdad IQ,IIT bombay bombay MU,King Mongkutt's Institute Technology Of North Bangkok TH,scotland dares ZW Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte BR,National Chung Cheng University Taiwan TW, University of Exeter Exeter GB,Uni.Clinic Innsbruck Innsbruck AT,huada fujian CN,city university of hong kong hk HK, PUC-PR Curitiba BR,State Universuty of Maringá Curitiba BR,PUC PR Curitiba BR,PUC-PR Curitiba BR, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Kuala Lumpur MY,Australian National University Canberra AU, NTU Taipei TW,MNC Singapore SG,Leeds Metropolitain Leeds GB,PUC-PR Ctba BR,PUC-PR Curitiba BR, Instituto Politecnico de Braganca Braganca PT,PUCPR Curitiba BR,st3 bandung ID,

April 2001

Kanazawa University Kanazawa JP,University of Colombo Colombo LK, i3mainz Mainz DE,FH-Dortmund Dortmund DE,K I T. Seoul KR, ENSI de Bourges Bourges FR,chula bkk TH,The University of Auckland, New Zealand Auckland NZ, PUC-PR Curitiba BR,PUC PR Curitiba BR,PUC-PR Curitiba BR,UWP Racine US,City Univeristy of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, universitat de vic BCN ES,IIIT Hyederabad IN,Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Móstoles ES, DSTA SG,Taiwan National NTUST Univ. Taipei TW,KhAI Kharkov UA,zhejiang university hangzhou CN, Zhejiang University Hongzhuo CN,Hisense Qingdao CN,UFPR Curitiba BR,iitm chennai IN,Tsinghua Univ. Beijing CN, iit madras chennai IN,Aomori Advanced Industrial Technology Center Aomori JP, IACR-Broom's Barn Higham, Bury St. E GB,national industries co. cairo EG, UNIMINAS Uberlandia BR,U of Windsor windsor CA,NTU Taipei TW,nanjing university of anernautics nanjing CN, University of Dortmund Dortmund DE,Universidad del Valle Cali CO, ImageAccess Computers Wuppertal DE,UCDB Campo Grande BR,mariana pasto N/,mahidol university Bangkok TH, vnrvjiet HYDERABAD IN,institut national d'informatique -Alger Algerie DZ,City University Of Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR HK, xianjiaotong university xian CN,Taiwan NTUST Univ. Taipei, Taiwan TW,iran theran IR,Mahidol University Bangkok TH, sharif university of technology tehran IR,leeds university leeds GB,Mahidol University Bangkok TH, Unitech Systems International Mumbai IN,university Innsbruck AT,mnt roq FR,University of Hertfordshire Hatfield, HERTS GB, University of Ijuí Ijuí BR,IIT Kanpur Kanpur IN,University Hobart AU,RMIT Melbourne AU,

May 2001

arc TEHRAN IR,Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Thessalonniki GR,university guiyang CN,Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti US, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Nanjing CN,sharif university tehran IR,mit tasmania US, kiyv UA,bsl bangalore IN,george mason university fairfax US,DoCoMo Yokosuka JP,VTEX Vilnius LT,University of Girona Girona ES,electrical engineering Taiwan TW,University of Girona Girona N/, German Aerospace Center Berlin DE,Nanyang Technological University Singapore SG,Universität Stuttgart Stuttgart DE, University of Waterloo Waterloo CA,ntust Taipei TW,Institut of Mathematics Hanoi, Vietnam VN, Trieste Trieste IT,Lyon I university Lyon FR,UNiv. of Patras, Medical Phys. Dept Patras GR, Soongsil Univ. Seoul KR,TU qwe CN,ESPOL Guayaquil EC,ESPOL Guayaquil EC,ESPOL Guayaquil EC, ulsan university ulsan N/,NCKU Taipei TW,ESPOL Guayaquil EC,Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics Atsugi JP, University of Medicine and Farmacy Iasi RO,Philips Taipei TW,GEO-Centers, Inc Natick US, Loughborough Loughborough GB,Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics Atsugi JP,STIKUBANK Computer College Semarang ID, Univ. of Tokyo Tokyo JP,Università di ancona Fano IT,University of Texas at Dallas Richardson US, Oxford University Oxford GB,TestShip Ltd Haifa IL,

June 2001

Univ. Gajah Mada Yogjakarta ID,Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Buenos Aires AR, personal hk HK,vtsoft hanzhou CN,TEstShip HAifa IL,Flinders University Adelaide AU, HongKong University Kowloon HK,IIT Kanpur Kanpur IN,Tokyo Dental College Chiba JP, ERDC NOIDA IN,ERDC noida IN,mnrec allahabad IN,erdci noida IN, ESPOL-ECUADOR GUAYAQUIL EC,ESPOL-ECUADOR GUAYAQUIL EC,ERDC NOIDA IN, HKBU HK CN,PU Jnp IN,Webtech Networks Nanjing CN,Higher technological institute Cairo EG, Leeds Met Uni Leeds GB,Higher technological institute Cairo EG, National University of Singapore Singapore SG,fuicl doel BB, Higher Technological institute Cairo EG,local college Oakland US, Higher technological institute Cairo EG,SMART Technologies Calgary CA, mnrec allahabad IN,asu bothell US,Beijing Institute of Technology BeiJing CN, UEC tokyo JP,Blair Associates London GB,ANU Canberra AU, satyam computer service limited hyderabad IN,LG Innotek Co.Ltd Seoul KR, Cranfield University Bedfordshire, Engl GB,CIT Coimbatore IN,SALTO printing Brussels BE, shahid bahonar kerman kerman IR,Govt. Engg. College Pune IN, IRO Moscow RU,University of York York GB,Orbotech, Ltd. Yavne IL,University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur MY, ESPOL Guayaquil EC,Multiplex Constructions Sydney AU,La_tersia engineering Bekasi ID, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Karlsruhe DE,private PE ZA,Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Buenos Aires AR,

July 2001

Tehran University Tehran IR,KMITL Bkk TH,IITM Chennai IN,N.A. Software Liverpool GB, W Vinten Ltd Bury St Edmunds GB,Kangwon University ChunChon KR,pilkington automotive Geelong AU, Napoli Napoli IT,DUT DAlIAN PRC CN,MFH Berlin DE,CresSoft /Hamdard Karachi PK, IITM Chennai IN,UND durban ZA,Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic research Kalpakkam IN, POLBAN Bandung ID,  Fort Lauderdale US,NanChang Shenzhen CN,ENSI de bourges bourges FR, js Beijing CN,Kanazawa University Kanazawa JP,anna university chennai IN,topolinia paperopoli BR, Higher technological institute Cairo EG,MedVision Koranit IL,ATRONIX researching team IRAN-TABRIZ IR, Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd Sydney AU,Santa Catarina´s Federal University Florianópolis BR, Univ of Mass, Computer Science Amherst US,NTUA Athens GR,universidad Nacional Medellin CO, tehran polytechnic tehran IR,Universidad Nacional Medellin CO,Hynix Icheon KR,university of toulon et du var la garde FR, ONERA Chatillon FR,qwe eq GQ,iit hyderabad hyderabad IN,Univ of Mass, Computer Science Amherst US, Tehran Tehran IR,tsinghua uni beijing BH,University Technology PETRONAS Perak MY,University of Seville Seville ES, University of Technology Petronas Tronoh MY,Raytheon Tucson US,ESPOL Guayaquil EC, CNAM France Montpellier FR,univ of tokyo tokyo JP,Indian Institute of Technology Chennai IN, Massey University Auckland NZ,Mahidol University Bangkok TH,  NO,saddam university baghdad IQ, Stanley Electric Yokohama JP,MIT Massachusetts US,Mahidol University Bangkok TH,Central Electronics Engineering Research Pilani IN, Universidad Nacional deColombia Medellin CO,Medtronic Louisville US,Compsis São José dos Campo BR, Mahidol University Bangkok TH,ESPOL Guayaquil EC,pknu pusan KR,School of life Gosford AU, ESPOL Guayaquil AR,ESPOL GYE EC,DuPont Co Wilmington US,espol gye EC, DuPont Wilmington US,Auto Didact Bogota CO,upm kl RW,physics department, university of tromso, Tromso NO, Michigan State University East Lansing US

Aug 2001

Technical HCM VN,Agricultural University Krakow PL,MVP Inc. Carlsbad US, nus singapore SG,Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medellín CO, Anna University Chennai IN,Universidad Nacional del Sur Bahia Blanca AR,Espol Guayaquil EC, Tsinghua Univ. Beijing CN,Kyungpook National University Taegu KR,Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya ID, IITK Kanpur IN,U.T.N. Buenos Aires AR,Kmitnb Bangkok TH,institut teknologi sepuluh nopember surabaya ID, University Of Campbell Buies Creek US,Mahidol University Bangkok TH,BRGM Orléans FR, Systems research Insitute islamabad PK,University Tenaga Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY, bandung institute of technology bandung ID,HN University of Civil Engineering Ha Noi VN, systems research Institute islamabad PK,Foliage Software Systems Burlington US, University Hibar AU,Anna University Chennai IN,Picture Perfect Coon Rapids US, home Alexandria US,NUS Singapore SG,National University of Singapore Singapore SG, Universiti Technology of Malaysia Johor MY,Ballarat Uni Ballarat AU,alfonso x torrejon N/, CUHK HK HK,NTU TAIPEI TW,National Chung Hsing University Taichung TW, Napier Computer Systems NAPIER NZ,ETS - Univ. of Quebec Montreal CA,ESPOL Guayaquil EC, Monash University Melbourne AU,BIT Beijing CN,Novgorod State University Novgorod RU, Pais Geophysical Software Ltd London GB,Universidad Catolica Andres Bello caracas VE, blida univ blida DZ,Tech KP IS,National University of Singapore Singapore SG, UWA Perth AU,Isis sa Montpellier FR

Sept 2001

ESPOL Guayaquil EC,amravati amravati IQ,Abcit Chang Sha CN,EPN Quiuto EC, National University of Defence Technology ChangSha CN,umass amherst US, Univ. of PR Mayaguez PR,WFU Winston-Salem US,MAHE MANIPAL Manipal IN, MAHE Manipal Manipal IN,Anna University Chennai IN,State Univercity 'Lvivska Polytechnika' Lviv UA, baghdad baghdad IQ,south china university of technology GuangZhou CN,king Mongkut's Inst. of Tech North BKK BKK TH, IBM Rome IT,UOFS Bloemfontein ZA,Vielina Ha Noi VN,Mantis Design Pty Ltd Sydney AU, home user Tomsk RU,espol guayaquil EC,Equinocom Paramaribo SR, FH-Köln Bad Endbach DE,RMIT University Melbourne AU,University of Bern Bern CH, xvbcb vmnvmcn YE,La Salle Barcelona ES,king mongkut's inst. of tech. north bangkok bangkok TH, SIUE Hazelwood US,imagica shinagawa JP,Splice Sorocaba BR,concept pune IN,Universidade Lusíada V.N. Famalicao PT, national university of singapore singapore SG,calicut university india malappuram IN, ITS Surabaya ID,Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte BR, AISTTokyo JP,Netherlands Institute for Brain Research Amsterdam NL,D.Y.Patil College of Engg. and Tech Kolhapur IN, privat Vienna AT,University of Natural Science Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh VN, HCM HCM VN,HKUST HONGKONG HK,USTC Hefei CN,SJTU Shanghai CN,University of Bath Bath GB, TsinghuaUniv Beijing CN,George Mason Univ Fairfax US,Monash University Clayton AU, Baghdad Baghdad IR,usa afa EH,SCU Chengdu CN,Deakin University Geelong AU, George Mason Univ Fairfax US,Westinghouse Sav. River Co. Aiken US,

Oct 2001

Mumbai Mumbai IN,Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta ID,Middle East Technical University ANKARA TR, George Mason University fairfax US,Technikal University - Sofia Sofia BG,CVUT Prague CZ, anna university chennai IN,politecnico di milano albiate IT,Middle East Technical University Ankara TR, HN HN VN,ntnu Taipei TW,HK Polytrchnic University Hong Kong HK,HTI Cairo EG,metu ankara TR, SJTU Shanghai CN,shanghai jiaotong university shanghai CN,CIT COIMBATORE IN, shanghai jiaotong university shanghai US,Rovira i Virgili University Tarragona ES, HK polytechnic university Hong Kong HK,University "La Sapienza" Rome Rome IT, Rovira i Virgili University Tarragona ES,Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte BR, shanghai jiaotong university shanghai CN,asdad asdad BJ,enssat lannion FR,

Nov 2001

Chang Gung University Taoyuan TW,Fachhochschule Mainz Mainz DE,university turku FI, MIT Lincoln Labs Lexington US,DTU Copenhagen DK,general electric houston US,UPM Madrid ES,

Dec 2001

Blackhawk Engineering Grp. W. Sacto. US,Dalhousie University Halifax CA,DTU Copenhagen DK, Mitsubishi Space Software.Inc.Ltd., Tokyo JP,UPMC USA FO,MIT Lincoln Labs Lexington Mass. US, University of Craiova Craiova RO,techwien wien UZ,Raytheon Tucson US,Nation Taiwan University of Science and Taipei TW, acer suzhou CN,ALSTOM SÃO PAULO BR,id3 Semiconductors Grenoble FR,Dalhousie University Halifax CA,University of Sydney Sydney AU, Dalhousie Halifax CA,my house blackpool GB,Univ. of Messina Messina IT, University of Seville Sevilla ES,KNMI De Bilt NL,University klang MY, tce maduai IN,dalhousie halifax CA,UDEFA MEXICO DF MX,Dalhousie Halifax CA, smu hfx CA,Berlin University Berlin DE,New York US, Comtrak Technologies, L.L.C.Hazelwood US,Quaid-e-Azam university IslamabAad PK, Q.A.U islamabad PK,Renmin Univ. of China Beijing CN,U. of Manitoba Winnipeg CA,QAU Islamabad PK, National Dong Hwa University Hualien TW,Q.A.U Islamabad PK,Univ. of P.R. Mayaguez US, Spec-Temp, Inc. Antwerp US,UCA Asuncion PY,QinetiQ Weymouth GB,University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland) Basel CH, univ of pr mayaguez US,UFT Toronto CA,GuiZhou University,China GuiYang CN,GuiZhou University,China GuiYang CN, madras university chennai IN,Balamand University Beirut LB,daihousie halifax CA,ikco tehran IR, geekHaus Sydney AU,Gray Wolf Research Gold Beach US,CIOMP Changchun CN,ENSIETA Brest GF, out patient clinic - Rheumatology Terezin CZ,Facultad de Ingenieria- Uruguay Montevideo UY, manchester manchester GB,AddIT Ahamalaed ZW,Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Washington US, Lappeenranta University of Technology Lappeenranta FI,YTU IST TR,KLH Computing Amherst US, Taiwan's NTUST UNIV. Taipei TW,UNIVERSIDAD DE CASTILLA-LA MANCHA ALBACETE ES, Anyka(Guangzhou) Guangzhou CN,University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, institut teknologi bandung bandung ID,IIT chennai IN,Canton US, Plasser American Va. Beach US,Attachmate Munich DE,Goodyear Tir & Rubber Luxembourg Colmar-Berg LU, keysoft systems chula vista US,nctu in ROC Hsin-Chu TW,sdsu san diego US,University of Auckland Auckland NZ, Shandong Univ. Jinan CN,National University of Defense Technology ChangSha CN,cairo cairo EG,Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa PT, Chang Gung University Tao-Yuan TW,mmu selangor MY,IIT Mumbai IN,IIT Mumbai IN

Jan 2002

ESPOL Guayaquil EC,Korea Testing Lab Seoul KR,Montana State University Bozeman US,PW warsaw PL,Universidad Nacional Medellín CO, unp belo horizonte BR,yarmouk un. irbed JO,yarmouk university Jordan JO,EME NUSt Rawalpindi PK,Benq Cooperation Taipei TW, Lanzhou University Lanzhou CN,EME Rawalpindi PK,Lanzhou University Lanzhou CN,visio Paris FR, University of Technology Kingston JM,ISEC Coimbra PT,"Johan Béla" Natinal Center for Epidemiology,Budapest HU, Semi Beijing EH,University of Reading Reading,UK GB,University College London London GB,Uni Reading,uK Reading GB, Montana State University Bozeman US,EDS Corp. Herndon US,KMITL Bangkok TH,tsignhua univ. peking CN, tampere university of technology tampere FI,TMU Tehran IR,n a firenze IT,ucsb Santa Barbara US, Yunlin Univ. of Sci. and Technology Touliu TW,Pelican Informatica São Paulo BR,rwth-aachen Aachen DE,Jadason Technology Ltd Hong Kong HK, MIT S.A US,birmingham, england birmingham, englan GB,IAF B'lore IN,IIT Mumbai IN,SPCE Mumbai IN,IPB BRAGANCA PT, Orbotech IKS Kfar Sava IL,ONERA CHATILLON FR,University of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN,Montana State University Bozeman US, Martin Luther University Halle Halle (Saale) DE,Cal State Univ. Los Angeles Los Angeles US,Vielina Ha Noi VN, NUS Singapore SG,middlesex university london GB,Sony SDE Basingstoke GB,SIUE Edwardsville US,GNITS Hyderabad IN, UCL London GB,Beijing U Beijing CN,steremat berlin DE,Technical University of Koszalin Koszalin PL, Kathmandu University Kathmandu NP,Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Seville ES, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) Washington US,Middlesex University London GB,AFIP (see previous) Washington US, SIUE Edwardsville US,SCIENTECH Idaho Falls US,ATR Media Information Science Lab. Kyoto JP, DigiPen IT Redmond US,SUC Brockport, Brockport, New York Batavia US,nus singapore SG, MSU Bozeman US,Home New Orleans US,TFH Berlin University of Applied Sciences Berlin DE,Montana State University Bozeman US, upm kuala lumpur MY,University of Birmingham Birmingham GB,not for work San Antoino US, University of Birmingham Birmingham GB,Universiti Putra malaysia Serdang, Selangor MY,host omsk RU, Bangalore University Escandido US,Montana State Bozeman US,dankook seoul KR,Malaysia university of sarawak Sarawak MY, NA Redmond US,Montana State University Bozeman US,USTC Hefei Anhui CN,Digipen Institute of Technology Bellevue US, Philips Semiconductors Bangalore IN,UNSW Sydney AU,University Hospital Verona IT,SAIC Tucson US,MSU Bozeman US, Putra University of Malaysia Serdang MY,NUS Singapore SG,NUS S'pore SG,Aalborg University Aalborg DK, Toulouse Toulouse FR,Montana State University Bozeman US,Kodak Rochester US,MITIndia Pune IN, NIU DeKalb US,Scan System Mimai US,Montana State University Bozeman US,UPM Serdang PR,MSU Bozeman US, KMITNB BAngkok TH,Coventry University Coventry GB,University Politechnica Timisoara RO, Digipen Bellevue US,WillSearch, Inc. Seoul KR,NUS Singapore SG, knowledge pub amritsar IN,lots bathinda IN,Politecnico di Milano Milano IT,IIT Kharagpur IN,Universiti Putra Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY, universiti kuala lumput MY, Juneau US,onko szeged EH,Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville US,SAL COLLEGE Kuala Lumpur MY, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro BR,Panasonic KOFU JP,Kent Ridge Digital Labs Singapore SG, sal college ampang MY,na Towanda US, UM,cmu pittsburgh US,Oakland Unviersity Rochester US, U of H Houston US,

Feb 2002

Southern illinois university ]Edwardsville] US,yuntech yunlin TW,embs saint charles BR,Nanyang Technological University Singapore SG, UH houston US,Universidade de Aveiro Aveiro PT,Central Connecticut State University New Britain US,UMass Amherst US, Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville US,Georgia Tech Berlin US,IUG Gaza IL,Positive Systems Whitefish US, Baylor College of Medicine Houston US,University of New Mexico Albuquerque US,KRDL Singapore SK, university of umeå umeå SE,ITU istanbul TR,lancaster University Lancaster GB,Auburn Unversity Huntsville, US, IME Rio de Janeiro BR,Webster University, St. Louis, MO Herndon US,cinesite hollywood US, Computing Engineering School Seville ES,UNITEN selangor MY,National University of Singapore Singapore SG, ESI Huston US,ETRi Taejon KR,MMU Kuala Lumpur MY,University of Nevada Reno US,Auburn University, AL Huntsville US, monash u melbourne AU,Oxford University Oxford GB,Undisclosed Undisclosed US, UCB Berkeley US,Hiroshima Hiroshima JP,Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Kortrijk (Belgium) BE,Instituto Politécnico de Beja BEJA PT, Montana State University Bozeman US,University of Nevada,Reno Reno US,Ottawa U./Alcatel Ottawa CA, sonic Pte Ltd Basalona GB, MSU East lansing US,NUS singapore SG,Nimra Engineering College VIJAYAWADA IN, Coventry University Coventry GB,FEUP Porto PT,Ain Shams University Cairo EG,Compusoft Rodgau DE, Idaho State Univ. Pocatello US,Dynetics Huntsville US,19 Mayis University Samsun TR,koc university istanbul TR, RSI FRANCE Paris FR,Wilson College Chambersburg US,IUG gaza IL,Kerala University Trivandrum IN,montana state univ. bozeman US, University of Nevada Reno Reno US,bdr berlin DE,University Marseille FR,IUG gaza-gaza strip IL, MDC Arpajon FR,ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY GAZA IL,MDC Arpajon FR,UNiversity of Louisville Louisville US,Carleton University Ottawa CA, Spatial Mapping Ltd. Prince George CA,gaza gaza IL,Islamic university of gaza gaza IL,gaza gaza ZR, brains corp TOKYO,Japan JP,OSU COLUMBUS US,IUG gaza IL,University of Nevada Reno Reno US, UC Berkeley Berkeley US,Tampere University of Technology Tampere FI,FIMEE UGTO Salamanca MX, OCKLEY Copenhagen DK,ITT COLTON US,Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB,LMU Leeds GB, islamic university gaza VN,islamic university gaza ZR,islamic university Gaza IL, NYU New York US,Dalarna University Borlänge SE,Illinois Champaign US, pittsburgh US,UCB Berkeley US, MSU Bozeman US,College of the canyons Valencia US,nus sg SG,National University of Singapore Singapore SG, islamic university gaza ZW,manchester manchesterr GB,i am a slave for the global machine that is magic kingdom US, upm selangor MY,Politecnico Di MIlano cesano maderno IT,U of Windsor Windsor CA,ipb beja PT,Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech. Terre Haute US, gaza gaza VN,Bristol Bristol GB,Oakland University Dearborn US,University of Nevada Reno Reno US, SIUE Edwardsville US,islamic university gaza SI,university of central florida Orlando US, University of Nevada Reno Reno US,gaza gaza EG,Montana State University Bozeman US, i.i.t.Kanpur kanpur IN,fb fbf ES,Linköping University Linköping SE,University of Bonn Bonn DE, ghdhg dhdq FR,islamic university gaza ZM,UTA Arlington US,iug gaza IL, UTA Arlington US,islamic uni Gaza IL,utm johor MY,PKU Beijing CN,islamic gaza ZM, Kakatiya University Warangal IN,alcatel space industries cannes FR,Sun-Yat-Sen University in Taiwan Kaoshung TW,enstb brest FR,enstb brest FR,MMu Cyber MY,University of Belgrade Belgrade YU, Multimedia University Cyberjaya MY,Leeds Metropolitan leeds GB,Aseco Marlboro US, islamic gaza ZM,Miguel Hernandez University Alicante ES,UCF Orlando US,Montana State University Bozeman US, university klang MY,nanyang technological university singapore SG,University of Modena Italy Modena IT, University of Coruña (Spain) Coruña ES,oug gaza IL,Univ.San.Martin Lima PE,Univ. Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compos ES, UPR-Mayaguez Mayaguez PR,TASC Chantilly US,Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medell'in CO,Xidian University Xiaan CN, NCST Mumbai IN,Hankook Aviation Unv. Seoul KR,University of Kerala Thiruvanathapuram IN,Politehnica University of Bucarest Bucarest RO, upm kuala lumpur MY,upm kl MY,national university of singapore singapore SG,leeds met leeds GB,Mayo Foundation Rochester US, Cabot Microelectronics Corporation Aurora US,CANTIBio Inc. Suwon KR,Personal Singapore SG,Montana State University - Bozeman Bozeman US, Barco Kortrijk BE,Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB,Leeds Met Leeds GB,Biol Res Centre Szeged HU,The University of Sheffield Sheffield GB, bilkent ankara TR,gamf KECSKEMET 6000 HU, Montana State University Bozeman US,Delco Brighton US,Rainbow Concepts Toronto CA, TU Graz Graz AT,University of Modena & Reggio E. Modena IT,Faculty of Food Technology Osijek HR,Huflit Ho Chi Minh VN, islamic university gaza IL,HCBOE Kathleen US,Univ of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN,ici ici aussi BE,Gordon Aluminum Industries Wausau US, islamic university gaza IL,Illinois State Normal US,ibm portchester US,SAL COLLEGES KUALA LUMPUR MY,POLITECNICO DI MILANO UNIVERSITY Sondrio IT,azher cai EG,University of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN,Montana State University Bozeman US,Institut de Physique Biologique Strasbourg FR, IUG Gaza IL,Montana state university Bozeman US,sal kolej kuala lumpur MY,sal kolej kuala lumpur MY,kolej sal kuala lumpur MY, personal Palma de Mallorca ES, milano IT,IUG Gaza IL,MILERA Miami US,Dynetics Inc. Huntsville US, Dr. RML AVADH LKO IN,INESC-ID Lisboa PT,upm kl MY,university of montana bozeman US,International Institute of Information Hyderabad IN,University of Mainz Mainz DE,TU Berlin Berlin DE,gaza gaza IL,Lehigh University Bethlehem US, SIUE St. Louis US,Lodz Technical University Lodz PL,upm kuala lumpur MY,RMIT University Melbourne AU,MOM-Rt. Mátészalka HU, IST Lisbon PT,I.U.G gaza IL,N.U.N.Y.A. Brookings US,mmvook lllñ UZ, gaza IL, Montana State University Bozeman US,Concordia University Montreal CA,University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, Hanoi University of Technology Hanoi VN,montana state univ bozeman US,  denver US,Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta US, Oklahoma State University Stillwater US,University of Cape Town Cape Town ZA,Vilnius University Vilnius LT, U. of K. Khartoum SD,National Taiwan University Taipei TW,Computer Science of Oviedo University Oviedo ES, Yient Teagu KR,UNIVERSIDAD NACIOANL DE COLOMBIA SEDE DE DE MEDELLIN CO,Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB,UPM Kuala Lumpur MY,Leeds, UK Leeds GB,m.s.u bozeman US,Bangalore University Bangalore IN,Universiti Putra Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY.

The following information was extracted from a database we setup from our web site. We have a form that is filled out when anyone downloads the new version of our software CVIPtools3.9.


March 2002

Universiti Putra Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY, Universidad de La Coruña La Coruña ES, institute of food research norwich GB, EPFL Lausanne CH, San Marcos Lima PE, USC Santiago ES, Islamic University Of Gaza Gaza strip IL, - suresnes FR, Indian Institute of Technology west bengal IN, IIIT Hyderabad IN, kfupm dhahran SA, Orem US, IIIT Hyderabad IN, University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, Leeds Metropolitan Leeds (UK) GB, Wolfgang Moth brandon US, st romain de jalionas FR, da aldsflkj a saklkjsd a US, University of Oviedo Gijón ES, Queen's University Kingston CA, Kyonggi University seoul KR, ETRI TAEJEON KR, asdfa sdf YU, Kuvempu Univ Bangalore IN, Kansas State University Manhattan US, oak ridge US, Syst-M Inc. Amos CA, SASSARI UNIVERSITY ALGHERO IT, US KAaowice PL, m.s.u bozeman US, Ariesc Computer Corp. Saitama-Shi JP, Bionex Seoul KP, JRC Ispra IT, LMU Leeds GB, University of the North Sovenga ZA, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medellín CO, Pusan National University Pusan KR, UoO Oldenburg DE, U. de Chile Stgo CL, National cheng Kung University Taiwan TW, KMITL BKK TH, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, Kyungpook National Univ., Korea Daegu KR, Kansas State University Manhattan US, Rai ITALIAN Television Roma IT, Coco Cococity FR, Information Research Institute / UNLV Las Vegas US, Hanwool Robotics Corp. Seoul KR, do I remember? US, KREC Surathkal IN, U. of K. Khartoum SD, Traficon N.V Bissegem BE, TU-Wien Vienna AT, - suresnes FR, UNICIT Santiago CL, Integral Technologies, Inc. Indianapolis US, Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle GB, INPE Sao Jose dos Campos BR, uc berkeley berkeley US, MMU KL MY, Apiit kuala lumpur MY, University of Miskolc Miskolc HU, Xidian University Xi'an CN, Hanyang Univ. Seoul KR, Leeds University Leeds GB, Tel-Aviv university Tel Aviv IL, UCF Orlando US, FR, Okla. Medical Research Foundn. Oklahoma City US, Elling resources Calgary CA, Dongguk University Seoul KR, Dongguk University Seoul KR, Dongguk University Seoul KR, Moa Seoul KR, Groningen Groningen NL, CIT coimbatore IN, Instituto de Ingenieria Caracas VE, Consultant Zanesvile US, University of Corunha A Corunha ES, Ozzano Emilia IT, Oxford University St Albans GB, sparklin consulting Santa Barbara US, nccu taipei TW, University of Newcastle Newcastle, Australia AU, Jonesboro US, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, IIT mumbau IN, Jonesboro US, Medical University Pleven BG, NTNU Trondheim NO, la sapienza rome IT, Pusan National University Pusan KR, nccu Taipei TW, AGH Cracov PL, CAD-Q AB SE, Tunisia TN, University Hospital Verona IT, MSRIT Bangalore IN, 11231 VG, MBDA Bristol GB,Pflugerville US, leeds metropolitan Leeds GB, Unirversity of Blekinge Karlshamn SE, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, Instituto do Ambiente Amadora PT, University of Coruña A Coruña ES, Newcastle University Newcastle GB, ccit. taipei TW, A Coruña Coruña ES, NUS Singapore SG, Newcastle University Newcastle GB, hit bj CN, Korea Univ. Seoul, Korea Seoul KR, VVU Vilnius LT, Kath. Univ. Nijmegen Nijmegen NL, Eritys S.A. Boulogne-Billancourt FR, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Cordoba Argentina AR, SIUE ED ZW, CRIM Montreal CA, University Laval Quebec CA, drummondville CA, Cramer Bath GB, Ntust taiwan TW, kyunghee youngin KR, Technical University of British Columbia Vancouver CA, leeds metropolitan university england GB, TAMKANG UNIVERSITY TAIPEI TW, University of Craiova Facultu of Mathemathics and ComputerScience Craiova RO, DVT Hong Kong HK, Kwangwoon Univ seoul KR, gwu seoul KR, Cairo Cairo EG, University of Coruña A Coruña ES, JFC Lisbon PT, SAIC Tucson US, kwangwoon seoul KR, kwangwoon seou. KR, Eccentric Vision Amsterdam NL, Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA, University of Ferrara Ferrara IT, Ain Shams University,Egypt Cairo EG, Zhongshan University Guangzhou CN, Istanbul Technical Istanbul TR, asdf asdf ZR, LacViet Corp. HCM VN, mku madurai IN, RMIT University Melbourne AU, Kyouggi University Ansan KR, seo madrid ES, j. s.s. a. t. e. noida IN, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, sounthern taiwan university of technology taiwan TW, leeds metropolitan leeds GB, lafayette US, Sogang University Electronic RTI Lab Seoul KR, iraqi ncc baghdad IQ, mmu malaysia cyberjaya MY, NDHU Taipei TW, University of Sheffield Sheffield GB, NCTU Kaoshiung TW, National Dong Hwa University Hualien TW, NDHU Hualien TW, SDMCET Dharwad IN, ursinus collegeville US, sahd JP, Poole GB, MMU Cyberjaya cyberjaya MY, IUG Gaza IL, ursinus collegeville US, USC Santiago ES, palla US, Dongguk Univ. Seoul KR, Southend Hospital Southend-on-sea GB, MMU BP MY, middlesex university London GB, dongguk univ Seoul KR, asd asd US, Seoul National University Seoul KR, Tampere FI, wsu Detroit US, Univ. of Szeged Szeged HU, University od Coruña Coruña ES, Wisconsin-madison Madison US, Technical University of Cluj Napoca Cluj Napoca RO, Leeds Metropolitan LEEDS GB, dsfsdfsd kjhdlkv VU, gfdhgdfh fghfgd BV, TSU Beijing CN, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, Lucent Westboro US, chonnam uni. chonnam KR, Univ od Guadalajara Guadalajara MX, san antonio US, King Saud University Riyadh SA, SWCU Salatiga ID, Southern Taiwan University of Technology Tainan TW, HUFLIT HCM VN, Innsbruck AT, manvish infotech limited bangalore IN, University Huelva ES, Leeds Metropolitan Leeds GB, CO, acda beijing CN, FH-Braunschweig/Wolfenbuettel 38302 Wolfenbuettel DE, UAE University Al-Ain AE, rsthst sdth ES, ucla la US, Assumption Univesity Bangkok TH, University Sherbrooke CA, Assumption Univ. Bangkok TH, multimedia university selangor MY, Kasetsart U. BKK TH, University of Madras Chennai IN, Ain-shams univ. Faculty of computer &inform. sciences Cairo- Egypt EG, Technical University Berlin Berlin DE, kwangwoon seoul KR.

April 2002

Bangkok TH, ILM Lahore PK, Montana State University Bozeman US, Montana State University Bozeman US, Electronics for You New Delhi IN, Chonnam National University Gwangju KR, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, UCDB Campo Grande BR, UCDB Campo Grande BR, Itesm-CEM Mexico city MX, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, KMITNB Bangkok TH, Chonnam Univ Kwangju City KR, University of Wisconsin LaCrosse LaCrosse US, fdas fdsafda KR, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, NUS Singapore SG, Uppsala University Uppsala SE, NUS singapore SG, TreeHouse Technologies Tobermory CA, University Jakarta ID, B.R.A. University,Agra mathura IN, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, private Irving US, NUS Singapore SG, IUST Tehran IR, Ferdowsi University Mashad IR, nagpur university nagpur IN, Yokogawa Electric Corp. Tokyo JP, Granada Granada ES, Yokogawa Electric Corp. Tokyo JP, Candbrige London GB, Uppsala University Uppsala SE, Private Kokkedal DK, FH-Jena Jena DE, McMaster University Hamilton CA, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh US, saint-aulaire FR, coe,bednera amravati IN, Tækniskóli Íslands Reykjavík IS, amravati university amravati IN, USC Santiago ES, Reynoldsburg US, UIC Chicago US, Controlli Numerici Industriali Anzola Emilia IT, Technical Univ. of Berlin Berlin DE, Tehran  , IIUI Islamabad PK, Univ. de A Coruña A Coruña ES, No City AL, USC Santiago de Compostela ES, London Univ London GB, isa-group PADUA IT, Katholic University Nijmegen Nijmegen NL, vu amsterdam UM, ZhejiangUniversity Hangzhou CN, IIT, Kharagpur Kharagpur IN, Controlli Numerici Industriali Anzola Emilia IT, Mentor Graphics Cairo EG, University of Waterloo Waterloo CA, Melrose US, clrc oxford GB, Minneapolis US, Punjab University NOIDA IN, Syndesis Ltd Toronto CA, QED Labs San Jose US, CAS BeiJing CN, CMU Pittsburgh US, sourceworks consulting inc Hull CA, t t YU, UAE Univesity Abu_Dhabi AE, Islamic University Gaza IL, taiwan tainana  , NA Singapore SG, ndhu hwa lian TW, kyungpook university korea deagu KR, University of Malaya kuala Lumpur MY, ggv Beijing CN, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad, India IN, DIT KST Dublin IE, Riverside US, Universidad Nacional Medellín CO, NA Singapore SG, Bluefield State College Bluefield US, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN.

May 2002

IIT Kharagpur, India Kharagpur IN, University of Kent Canterbury GB, Univ of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN, adcc nagpur IN, Universidade do Amazonas Manaus BR, northeastern university boston US, Rosetta Inc. Houston US, RealiSim Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore-560008 IN, adcc Nagpur IN, Paichai University Daejeon KR, CVISION Technologies, LLC Flushing US, USC Santiago ES, ETS Montreal CA, CGU Claremont US, USC Santiago ES, Università di Genova Genova IT, nagpur university nagpur IN, UTN Concepción AR, a a IN, kyungnam university masan KR, FAST-NU Lahore PK, Tianjin University Box237 Tianjin CN, University of Birmingham Birmingham GB, intense expressions Juliette US,Universidade Católica do Salvador Salvador BR, Techical Univeristy of Poznan Poznan PL, México México US, Universidade de Aveiro Santo Tirso PT, CNRS Toulouse FR, University Mexico MX, M.E.Muller Institute for Biomechanics Bern CH, IUA GAZA IL, UA Aveiro PT, Nanjing University Nanjing CN, SASTRA Nagapattinam IN, NA Cortland US, U.T.P. Panamá PA, Epson ERD Palo Alto US, BMW AG Munich DE, IUA GAZA IL, UTP Panama PA, Chalmers, Gothenburg Gothenburg SE, Hypertronics pte ltd Singapore SG, IUA GAZA IL, University of florida Gainesville US, df df CL, Philadelphia1 US, cinvestav df MX, Southwest Tx St. U San Marcos US, Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd. Kodaira City Tokyo JP, DR. ONG HiTech Engineering Bandung-Jabar ID, Polytechnic University Ho Chi Minh VN, chonnam kwang-ju KR, zhejing unv. hangzhou CN, Sofiq BG, Alexanderria US, Birmingham, UK Birmingham GB, springsoft shanghai CN, gergerg ergerg US, Lodon GB, - suresnes FR, UTFSM Valparaíso CL, City University of Hong Kong HK HK, ESPOL GYE EC, Retired GB, JCT Jerusalem IL, total image co. austin US, IN, IUT mulhouse FR, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Eductaion - Tsing Yi Kowloon HK, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, Uni Stuttgart Stuttgart DE, HHS the hague NL, ryerson University TORONTO CA, purgandus populus berkeley US, University Malaya Kuala Lumpur PT, National Dong Hwa University Hualien TW, Singapore SG, Assiut University - Egypt Assiut EG, Vietnam National University Hochiminh city VN, Santiago ES, Universidad de las Americas Quito EC.

June 2002

ESPOL Guayaquil EC, Korea Testing Lab Seoul KR, Montana State University Bozeman US, PW warsaw PL, Universidad Nacional Medellín CO, unp belo horizonte BR, yarmouk un. irbed JO, asd dasd EH, fgdf gfd WF, yarmouk university Jordan JO, EME NUSt Rawalpindi PK, Benq Cooperation Taipei TW, Lanzhou University Lanzhou CN, EME Rawalpindi PK, Lanzhou University Lanzhou CN, visio Paris FR, tyry trytrytr RE, University of Technology Kingston JM, ISEC Coimbra PT, "Johan Béla" Natinal Center for Epidemiology, Mycological Dept. Budapest HU, Semi Beijing EH, University of Reading Reading,UK GB, University College London London GB, Uni Reading, UK Reading GB, Montana State University Bozeman US, EDS Corp. Herndon US, KMITL Bangkok TH, tsignhua univ. peking CN, tampere university of technology tampere FI, TMU Tehran IR, n a firenze IT, ucsb Santa Barbara US, Yunlin Univ. of Sci. and Technology Touliu TW, Pelican Informatica São Paulo BR, rwth-aachen Aachen DE, Jadason Technology Ltd Hong Kong HK, MIT S.A US, birmingham, england birmingham, england GB, IAF B'lore IN, IIT Mumbai IN, SPCE Mumbai IN, IPB BRAGANCA PT, Orbotech IKS Kfar Sava IL, ONERA CHATILLON FR, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN, Montana State University Bozeman US, Martin Luther University Halle Halle (Saale) DE, Cal State Univ. Los Angeles Los Angeles US, Vielina Ha Noi VN, NUS Singapore SG, middlesex university london GB, Sony SDE Basingstoke GB, SIUE Edwardsville US, GNITS Hyderabad IN, UCL London GB, Acton US, Bellevue US, Beijing U Beijing CN, steremat berlin DE, Technical University of Koszalin Koszalin PL, Kathmandu University Kathmandu NP, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática Seville ES, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) Washington US, Middlesex University London GB, AFIP, Washington US, SIUE Edwardsville US, YE, SCIENTECH Idaho Falls US, ATR Media Information Science Lab. Kyoto JP, DigiPen IT Redmond US, SUC Brockport, Brockport, New York Batavia US, Silver Spring US, nus singapore SG, MSU Bozeman US, Home New Orleans US, TFH Berlin University of Applied Sciences Berlin DE, Montana State University Bozeman US, upm kuala lumpur MY, University of Birmingham Birmingham GB, not for work San Antoino US, Silver Spring US, University of Birmingham Birmingham GB, Universiti Putra malaysia Serdang, Selangor MY, host omsk RU, Bangalore University Escandido US, Montana State Bozeman US, dankook seoul KR, bloomington US, Malaysia university of sarawak Sarawak MY, NA Redmond US, Montana State University Bozeman US, s s VI, USTC Hefei Anhui CN, Digipen Institute of Technology Bellevue US, Philips Semiconductors Bangalore IN, UNSW Sydney AU, University Hospital Verona IT, SAIC Tucson US, MSU Bozeman US, Putra University of Malaysia Serdang MY, NUS Singapore SG, NUS S'pore SG, Aalborg University Aalborg DK, Toulouse Toulouse FR, Montana State University Bozeman US, Kodak Rochester US, Holden US, MIT India Pune IN, NIU DeKalb US, Scan System Mimai US, Montana State University Bozeman US, UPM Serdang PR, MSU Bozeman US, KMITNB BAngkok TH, harwich US, Coventry University Coventry GB, University Politechnica Timisoara RO, Digipen Bellevue US, WillSearch, Inc. Seoul KR, Poop inc. Poopton US, NUS Singapore SG, knowledge pub amritsar IN, lots bathinda IN, Politecnico di Milano Milano IT, IIT KharagpurINDIA, Universiti Putra Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY, universiti kuala lumput MY, Juneau US, onko szeged EH, Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville US, SAL COLLEGE Kuala Lumpur MY, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro BR, Panasonic KOFU JP, Kent Ridge Digital Labs Singapore SG, sal college ampang MY, na Towanda US, wiesbaden DE, - novosibirsk RU, Pune IN, cmu pittsburgh US, Oakland Unviersity Rochester US, U of H Houston US, erciyes university kayseri TR, Panchiao TW, zz zz VU, sliet sangrur IN, zjmc image lab zhenjiang ,jiangsu,China CN, ndhu city YE, Naval Oceanographic Office Stennis Space Center US, Tohoku University Sendai JP, Univ. Central Venezuela Caracas VE, Chung¡@Cheng¡@Institute¡@of¡@Technology taiwan TW, "Lucian Blaga" from Sibiu Sibiu RO, University of East London London GB, University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, psynet seoul YU, Università degli Studi di Padova Padova IT, A Coruña ES, IPHT Jena Jena DE, DESY Hamburg DE, Institute for Physical High Technology Jena DE, ITESO Guadalajara MX, Universidade de Sao Paulo Sao Paulo BR, Saskatoon CA, vienna vienna AT, HAU Seoul KR, changsha CN, automatic graz AU, UCDB Campo grande BR, Buckman Memphis US, ULA MERIDA VE, DCU Dublin IE, I.U.Edebiyat Fak. Istanbul TR, ADD TAEJON KR, The Sontaran Group Portland US, kolhapur university kolhapur IN, Uconn Storrs US, UDC(La Corunna- Spain) La Corunna ES, IT, Yoqneam IL.

July 2002

Catura New Delhi IN, CNRS Grenoble FR, Dana Software San Jose US, private VARESE IT, UNT Trujillo PE, university of athens athens GR, Self Employed Crewe GB, o ct 6 6 of oct EG, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Hyderabad PK, Sona College of Tech Salem IN, K\366then DE, Paris XI Paris FR, aucet hyderabad IN, Universidad del Cauca Popayan CO, University of Mauritiu s Reduit MU, ES, IIT KGP India KGP IN, Image etc Merignac FR, Hanyang Univ. Ansan KR, Unive rsidad Politecnica de Madrid Madrid ES, IIT KGP IN, UNITEN bangi MY, there UG, ZW, RMSI NOida,UP,India IN, University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur MY, eehc cairo E G, University buenos aires AR, LLNL Livermore US, University of Cagliari Cagliari IT, NSYSU Taipei TW, IT C Trento IT, upc manresa ES, Design Logics Bangalore IN, CAIRO EGYPT EG, Toronto CA, Hong KOng HK, Ain Shams Univ Cairo GQ, Shanghai jiaotong university Shangh ai CN, university of Caen Caen FR, Pacific Northwest Nationsl Lab Richland US, Securemantra Technologies Lucknow IN, NIIT Lucknow IN, kwangwoon Univ. seoul KR, NIIT Lucknow IN, austin US, University of Houston Houston US, Spectra, Inc. Lebanon US, tuupovaara FI, national hurricane center Miami US, Ball State University M uncie US, bob bob US, sharif university of Tech Tehran IR, sharif university of Tech Tehran IR, Un iversity of San Carlos Cebu PH, PUC PARANA BR, iit guwahati(india) guwahati IN, iitg guwhati IN, SHOT Greenville US, UZ, IIT Kharagpur IN, acs rome IT, IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur IN.

August 2002

IIT Kharagpur IN, nus singapore SG, Medical Physics, Leeds Uni Lee ds GB, ceska posta Prague CZ, iit guwahati guwahati IN, madras chidambaram IN, uni gen\350ve gen\350ve C H, kyungnam masan KR, IIT KGP KGP IN, Kongu Engg. College erode IN, KMUTT Bkk TH, GWU Washingon US, Saskatoon CA, GWU Washington US, universidade catolica dom bosco campo gra nde BR, arrl zeiss jena gmbh 07751 jena-wogau DE, r r DE, SCU Taipei TW, sjtu shanghai CN, anna univ tamilnadu IN, montreal university montreal CA, KTH/IIP/MO Stockholm SE, multimedia univers ity petaling jaya MY, Interamerican University Mercedita UM, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabank Bangkok TH, The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore US, American Plumbing PartsMaster Inc Ontario US, Queens land University of Technology Brisbane AU, Heinrich Hertz Institut Berlin DE, London GB, Aarhus DK, National Un iversity Lima BO, ninguna Nada ES, ac BN, Delphi Delco/ Salford Univers ity Manchester GB, The Chinese University of Hong Kong HongKong HK, ExxonMobil Research & Enginee ring Annandale US, anna university cbe IN, FH Mainz Mainz DE, UMSL St.Louis US, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Beijing CN, Albright College Reading US, non nowhere VI, seoul national university of technology seoul KR, ZW, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medellin CO, NUCES Lahore PK, VG, zhejiang university hangzhou CN, ST Singapore SG, University College Dublin Dublin IE, University College Dublin Dublin IE, Al bright college Barto US, VIPnet Zagreb HR, Paris FR, William Clark Mfg. Berkeley US.

September 2002

University of Mauritius TRioler MU, Albright college pa US, IIT Kha ragpur Khragpur IN, gskolen i lesund LESUND NO, Rovira i Virgili University Tarragona ES, fdsafdsaf adfdfsa YE, la sapienza rome IT, USM Georgetown MY, Middle East Technical University ANKARA TR, University of Florida Hyderabad IN, IN, Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati IN, University of Sao Paulo Sao Carlos BR, University in Ljubljana Ljubljana SI, Raanana IL, I.I.T.kharagpur india IN, Etnet Gravina di Catania IT, szabist karachi PK, national university of defe nce technology changsha CN, itba univ buenos aires AR, University of Calgary Calgary CA, La Grande US, studio kerdos Rome IT, NC I/Towson Frederick US, CEA Gif FR, USTC Hefei CN, seoul seoul KP, university of ancona porto san giorgio IT, WF, mbm engg. college jodhpur IN, MIR dfs YE, Nanaimo CA, Muncie US, University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, Lockheed Martin O rlando US, KMUTT Bangkok TH, ahmedabad IN, skw koq WF, fdsfsdf FJ, SASTRA Deemed University Thanjavu r IN, 65 6554 ZR, as dasd VI, - Istanbul TR, aad ad KH, IO, University Science of Malaysia Nibong Tebal MY, Universi ty of Ulm Ulm DE, Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur IN, fiwrefni mfiwefa FK, dsfi univ seul ZM, University Quito EC, aus sharjah AE, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata IN, a a YU, a a US, kent state kent US. NCMLS Nijmegen Nijmegen NL, UCSB Santa Barbara US, Sony Okazaki JP, Multimedia University Cyberjaya MY, University of Aveiro Aveiro PT.

October 2002

City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, XiWave plc Bath GB, University of reading london GB, Verizon Communications silver spring US, CSUPOMONA` Pomona US, f e WF, IIT Kanpur Kanpur IN, Czech Technical University Prague CZ, CSUPOMONA Pomona US, IIT Madras Chennai IN, CSUPOMONA Pomona US, Islamic Univercity of gaza gaza IL, taipei TW, politecnico di milano piacenza IT, taipei TW, towson columbia US, Nagpur university NAgpur IN, kyungnam UNIV masan KR, iug gaza IL, Nagpur University Nagpur IN, Mentouri Constantine DZ, philips semiconductor Chicago US, udec bogota CO, Genesis Microchip Inc Alviso US, g.h.r.c.e nagpur IN, ghrce nagpur IN, univ. florida gainesville US, islamic gaza IL, Port Angeles US, UniTechHN HN VN, P.C.E. Nagpur IN, NMU Amalner IN, Center for Naval Analyses Oak Harbor US, honam university KR, hexacorde queven FR, ANNAUNIVERSITY CHENNAI IN, seu nanjing CN, UPM Madrdid ES, hanyang university seoul KR, WuHan University WuHan CN, Dayton US, URV Tarragona ES, asf asdf WF, U. Granada Granada ES, Seattle US, SEVILLA SEVILLA ES, CSI/CUNY NYC US, rtretre srsdre WF, DEPT Pharmacology UNIV of Sassari Sassari IT, Industrial Toxicology Research Centre Lucknow IN, Boston US, Durban Institute of Technology Durban ZA, PINNZ Singapore SG, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Kolkata IN, university of wales bangor wrexham GB, LV, JP, University craiova RO, UAM D.F. MX, Multimedia University Kuala Lumpur MY, UCDB Campo grande BR.

November 2002

Southern illinois university Edwardsville US, yuntech yunlin TW, embs saint charles BR, Nanyang Technological University Singapore SG, UH houston US, Universidade de Aveiro Aveiro PT, Central Connecticut State University New Britain US, UMass Amherst US, Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville US, Georgia Tech Berlin US, IUG Gaza IL, Oslo NO, Positive Systems Whitefish US, Baylor College of Medicine Houston US, University of New Mexico Albuquerque US, KRDL Singapore SK, university of umeå umeå SE, ITU istanbul TR, CA, Eastpointe VI, lancaster University Lancaster GB, Auburn Unversity Huntsville, US, IME Rio de Janeiro BR, Webster University, St. Louis, MO Herndon US, cinesite hollywood US, Computing Engineering School Seville ES, UNITEN selangor MY, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, ESI Huston US, ETRi Taejon KR, MMU Kuala Lumpur MY, University of Nevada Reno US, Auburn University, AL Huntsville US, monash u melbourne AU, Oxford University Oxford GB, Undisclosed Undisclosed US, UCB Berkeley US, Hiroshima Hiroshima JP, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Kortrijk (Belgium) BE, Instituto Politécnico de Beja BEJA PT, Montana State University Bozeman US, University of Nevada,Reno Reno US, Ottawa U./Alcatel Ottawa CA, sonic Pte Ltd Basalona GB, MSU East lansing US, NUS singapore SG, NUS Singapore SG, Nimra Engineering College VIJAYAWADA IN, Coventry University Coventry GB, ty ty AE, FEUP Porto PT, Ain Shams University Cairo EG, Compusoft Rodgau DE, Idaho State Univ. Pocatello US, Dynetics Huntsville US, 19 Mayis University Samsun TR, koc university istanbul TR, RSI FRANCE Paris FR, Wilson College Chambersburg US, IUG gaza IL, Kerala University Trivandrum IN, montana state univ. bozeman US, University of Nevada Reno Reno US, bdr berlin DE, University Marseille FR, IUG gaza-gaza strip IL, MDC Arpajon FR, ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY GAZA IL, MDC Arpajon FR, UNiversity of Louisville Louisville US, Carleton University Ottawa CA, Spatial Mapping Ltd. Prince George CA, gaza gaza IL, Islamic university of gaza gaza IL, gaza gaza ZR, ... Madrid ES, brains corp TOKYO,Japan JP, OSU COLUMBUS US, IUG gaza IL, University of Nevada Reno Reno US, UC Berkeley Berkeley US, Tampere University of Technology Tampere FI, FIMEE UGTO Salamanca MX, OCKLEY Copenhagen DK, ITT COLTON US, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, LMU Leeds GB, islamic university gaza VN, islamic university gaza ZR, islamic university Gaza IL, NYU New York US, Dalarna University Borlänge SE, Illinois Champaign US, pittsburgh US, asd asd US, UCB Berkeley US, MSU Bozeman US, College of the canyons Valencia US, nus sg SG, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, islamic university gaza ZW, manchester manchesterr GB, i am a slave for the global machine that is disney magic kingdom US, upm selangor MY, Politecnico Di MIlano cesano maderno IT, U of Windsor Windsor CA, ipb beja PT, Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech. Terre Haute US, gaza gaza VN, Bristol Bristol GB, sad sad GB, Oakland University Dearborn US, University of Nevada Reno Reno US, SIUE Edwardsville US, islamic university gaza SI, university of central florida Orlando US, University of Nevada Reno Reno US, gaza gaza EG, Montana State University Bozeman US, i.i.t.Kanpur kanpur IN, fb fbf ES, Linköping University Linköping SE, University of Bonn Bonn DE, ghdhg dhdq FR, islamic university gaza ZM, UTA Arlington US, iug gaza IL, UTA Arlington US, Hong Kong CN, islamic uni Gaza IL, utm johor MY, PKU Beijing CN, islamic gaza ZM, ** ** IL, Kakatiya University Warangal IN, alcatel space industries cannes FR, Sun-Yat-Sen University in Taiwan Kaoshung TW, enstb brest FR, enstb brest FR, MMu Cyber MY, University of Belgrade Belgrade YU, Multimedia University Cyberjaya MY, Leeds Metropolitan leeds GB, Aseco Marlboro US, islamic gaza ZM, Miguel Hernandez University Alicante ES, UCF Orlando US, Montana State University Bozeman US, university klang MY, nanyang technological university singapore SG, aafe VN, University of Modena Italy Modena IT, University of Coruña (Spain) Coruña ES, oug gaza IL, Univ.San.Martin Lima PE, Univ. Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela ES, UPR-Mayaguez Mayaguez PR, TASC Chantilly US, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medell'in CO, Xidian University Xiaan CN, NCST Mumbai IN, Hankook Aviation Unv. Seoul KR, University of Kerala Thiruvanathapuram IN, Politehnica University of Bucarest Bucarest RO, upm kuala lumpur MY, upm kl MY, national university of singapore singapore SG, leeds met leeds GB, Mayo Foundation Rochester US, Cabot Microelectronics Corporation Aurora US, CANTIBio Inc. Suwon KR, - kl  , - lk  , Personal Singapore SG, Montana State University - Bozeman Bozeman US, - kl MY, Barco Kortrijk BE, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, Leeds Met Leeds GB, Biol Res Centre Szeged HU, The University of Sheffield Sheffield GB, bilkent ankara TR, gamf KECSKEMET 6000 HU, Montana State University Bozeman US, Montana State University Bozeman US, Montana State University Bozeman US, Montana State University Bozeman US, MSU Bozeman US, Delco Brighton US, Rainbow Concepts Toronto CA, san pedro US, TU Graz Graz AT, University of Modena & Reggio E. Modena IT, Faculty of Food Technology Osijek HR, Huflit Ho Chi Minh VN, islamic university gaza IL, HCBOE Kathleen US, Univ of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN, ici ici aussi BE, Gordon Aluminum Industries Wausau US, islamic university gaza IL, Illinois State Normal US, ibm portchester US, dfhd ny US, SAL COLLEGES KUALA LUMPUR MY, POLITECNICO DI MILANO UNIVERSITY Sondrio IT, azher cai EG, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN, Montana State University Bozeman US, Institut de Physique Biologique Strasbourg FR, IUG Gaza IL, Montana state university Bozeman US, sal kolej kuala lumpur MY, sal kolej kuala lumpur MY, kolej sal kuala lumpur MY, personal Palma de Mallorca ES, milano IT, IUG Gaza IL, MILERA Miami US, Dynetics Inc. Huntsville US, Dr. RML AVADH LKO IN, asdf asdf ZR, INESC-ID Lisboa PT, upm kl MY, university of montana bozeman US, International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad IN, University of Mainz Mainz DE, TU Berlin Berlin DE, gaza gaza IL, Lehigh University Bethlehem US, SIUE St. Louis US, Lodz Technical University Lodz PL, upm kuala lumpur MY, RMIT University Melbourne AU, MOM-Rt. Mátészalka HU, a a VN, IST Lisbon PT, I.U.G gaza IL, N.U.N.Y.A. Brookings US, gz gz US, mmvook lllñ UZ, gaza IL, gaza IL, fasd vdsv US, Montana State University Bozeman US, MSU Bozeman US, montana state univ. bozeman US, MSU Bozeman US, Concordia University Montreal CA, University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, Hanoi University of Technology Hanoi VN, montana state univ bozeman US, Montana State University Bozeman US, Montana State University Bozeman US, denver US, Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta US, Oklahoma State University Stillwater US, University of Cape Town Cape Town ZA, Vilnius University Vilnius LT, U. of K. Khartoum SD, National Taiwan University Taipei TW, Computer Science of Oviedo University Oviedo ES, Yient Teagu KR, UNIVERSIDAD NACIOANL DE COLOMBIA SEDE DE DE MEDELLIN MEDELLIN CO, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, UPM Kuala Lumpur MY, Leeds, UK Leeds GB, m.s.u bozeman US, Bangalore University Bangalore IN, Universiti Putra Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY, Penn State Erie Erie US, NCU chungli TW, shiraz university shiraz IR, jerusalem IL, hhu Nanjing CN, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Tsinghua Beijing CN, Periyar University,Salem Madurai IN, Uop Wakefeld US, SIUE Edwardsville US, Independent Research Pittsburgh US, VTech Trenton US, University Federal of Parana Curitiba BR, jct jerusalem IL, Dastech Design Services Ltd Moldonly has four letters GB, M.A.Jinnah University Islamabad PK, i7asia chennai IN, Chaoyang University of Technology Taichung County TW, AT Mexico MX, University of Pennsylvania Kennett Square US, University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, HCL Chennai IN, University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, UTA arlington US, SUT Tehran IR, sharif university Tehran IR, Osmania University Hyderbad IN, hogeschool gent gent BE, Universitat Rovira i Virgili Tarragona ES, Pacific Imaging, Inc. Glendale US, CREUPI / FPE Esp. Sato do Pinhal BR, armada demexico manzanillo MX, inchon inchon KR, KTU-Turkey Trabzon TR, NU Boston US, paris paris FR, Agawam US, NU Boston US, University of Mining and Metalurgy Crakow PT, universidad de albacete albacete ES, Omron Okayama JP, brawijaya university malang ID.

December 2002

incheon university incheon KR, iug gaza IL, hust wuhan CN, Rajasthan university kota IN, iug gaza IL, Politecnico di Milano Como IT, La sapienza Roma IT, Munich Munich DE, Zhejiang University Hang zhou CN, iup dijon Dijon FR, weqkuy oe1wuo8ed YE, IO, CNRS Orsay FR, bn AE, bv AE, VSB-TUO Ostrava Ostrava CZ, WF, EH, WF, U of Mauritius Reduit MU, some university ohio ZW, NIT Karachi PK, j k VG, snist hyd IN, CQU chongqing CN, ASL Westland US, Cal State Fullerton UY, itb bandung ID, ZR, UMMTO tizi DZ, IIIT Alld IN,

Jan 2003

harvard toronto CA, University of Mysore Mysore IN, north shore gear co an rafael US, Uniten Kuala Lumpur MY, Service de Medecine Nucleaire. CHU Hautepierre Strasbourg FR, Space Dynamics Lab N. Logan US, em m RU, private Stavanger NO, . Guadalajara MX, Monkeyhead Elementary Springfield US, home Creteil FR, Beijing University of Post&Telecomm shenzhen CN, Ball State University Muncie US, Computer Science Seville ES, Computer Science Seville ES, Digestive Disorders & Liver Diseases Assoc PC Montgomery US, dzdzdz frfrrfr NG, GBF Braunschweig DE, Madras Unversity Chennai IN, SIIT TU Bangkok TH, NUS Singapore SG, arizona arizona city UZ, schlaraffenland boston YE, CNRS montpellier FR, CSUPOMONA Pomona US, Oriens Software new delhi IN, Birmingham Uni. Birmingham GB, nthu yang lin TW, RGRTA Ryazan RU, brookline US, home waunakee US, UoM Port Louis MU, University of North Texas Denton US, Hoeft & Wessel AG Hannover DE, iit madras chennai IN, iit madras chennai IN, a univ. a UZ, Hust Wuhan CN, Hong Hong CN, pune pune IN, NARSS Cairo EG, University of Seville Seville ES, NTU singapore SG, Humboldt Berlin DE,

Feb 2003

TUMS Tehran IR, VUT Brno CZ, University of New South wales Sydney AU, hanyang seoul KR, University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, KFUPM Dharan SA, pittsburgh US, Tu-Sofia Sofia BG, d d WF, University of Sarajevo-Faculty of E.E. SARAJEVO BA, celina US, GOV gov TH, Gjovik NO, z z WF, York University Toronto CA, Visi Oy KOTKA FI, Florence IT, zhejiang univ hangzhou CN, mku madurai IN, Montana State University Bozeman US, CHARLOTTE US, Stanford University Stanford California US, faculté des sciences de tunis tunis TN, Sichuan University Chengdu CN, MUMBAI MUMBAI IN, Montana State University Bozeman US, Osmania University Hyderabad IN, UPM Malaysia KL MY, Chippenham GB, Bob Minneapolis US, United Space Alliance Merrit Island US, Osmania University Hyderabad IN, Instistute of Physic Hanoi VN, IST Lisboa PT, j.n.t.u tirupati IN, ASU Tempe US, Leeds Metropolitan University Keighley GB, inin mexico MX, Sherbrooke Sehrbrooke CA, helwan cairo EG, Computer Sci Teacher 9-12 Las Vegas US, madurai kamaraj university madurai IN, rgpv,m.p Kanpur IN, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, UET Lahore Lahore PK, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, Daewoo Craiova RO, dasd dasdasd PL, UNR Reno US, LMU Leeds GB, Ghent University Ghent BE, Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John's CA,

March 2003

Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, plm manila PH, Leeds Met Uni Leeds GB, lmu Leeds GB, zhejiang univ hangzhou CN, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, ed ed SG, rt rt YU, Dr.b.r.ambedkar. mathura IN, unsw sydney AU, Ataturk University Erzurum TR, dogus university istanbul TR, utn la plata AR, UTFSM Valparaiso CL, ADFA Canberra AU, Amaravati University Amaravati IN, ufps cucuta CA, West Bohemia University Plzen CZ, hust dalian CN, University of Chile Santiago CL, Universidad de Antioquia Medellin CO, Klad RW, Dunarea de jos University galati RO, MirrorPlus Technologies Fremont US, georgiatech georgia US, retired kingston upon hull GB, Leeds Metropolitan Leeds GB, sastra tanjore IN, Biola University La Mirada US, La Mirada US, Cityu HK HK, KTH Stockholm SE, l s EH, Amman University Zarqa JO, SGU,india surat IN, university of reading reading GB, Univ. of Hagen Hagen DE, fdsf fsdf ZM, Southeast Univ Nanjing CN, Mumbai Mumbai IN, Burien US, Brisbane AU, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB,

April 2003

shiraz university shiraz IR, sastra tanjore IN, shiraz university shiraz IR, UIUC Urbana US, sk university,anantapur anantapur IN, anna university chennai IN, Glass Downey GB, madurai kamaraj university madurai IN, sastra Tanjore IN, QAU Islamabad PK, IIT Bombay Mumbai IN, IME Rio de Janeiro BR, tsukuba tsukuba JP, UC Berkeley US, Northwestern Ploytechnical Univ. Xian CN, texas hgf YU, f f VG, D.U.Th Xanthi GR, bartron new haven US, 2 3 GB, UOP Colombo LK, madurai kamaraj universitiy madurai IN, NUDT Beijing CN, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Dhaka BD, Henry Ford Hospital Detroit US, Lausanne Bussigny CH, Harvard University scarborough CA, U Maine Orono US, SASTRA Nagercoil IN, UFMG Belo Horizonte BR,

May 2003

tehran tehran IR, EMBL Hamburg DE, Southeast University Nanjing, China CN, Tokyo Denki University Inzai JP, University Madrid ES, Biola University La Mirada US, Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (Engineering College) vidisha (m.p.) 464001 IN, Biola University La Mirada US, KAIST Taejon KR, Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai IN, Tokyo Denki University Inzai JP, Alexandria Alexandria EG, us germantown ZW, Amravati University Amravati IN, ENSIAS rabat Morocco MA, Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg FR, abcd abcd CN, Self Needham US, dayton US, Beihang University Beijing CN, Baylor College of Medicine Houston US, electrical engineering AE, Tokyo Denki University Inzai JP, shiraz university shiraz IR, QuEST, LLC Schenectady US, self lorton US, Tartu Observatory Tartu EE, biola university la mirada US, Portocom Budapest HU, comsats islamabad PK, jhjh jhj PK, NTU Singapore SG, K6S Beijing AI, zlj beijing CN, Deakin University Geelong AU, damascus damscus SY,

June 2003

harvard toronto CA, University of Mysore Mysore IN, north shore gear co an rafael US, Uniten Kuala Lumpur MY, Service de Medecine Nucleaire. CHU Hautepierre Strasbourg FR, Space Dynamics Lab N. Logan US, em m RU, private Stavanger NO, . Guadalajara MX, Monkeyhead Elementary Springfield US, home Creteil FR, Beijing University of Post&Telecomm shenzhen CN, Ball State University Muncie US, Computer Science Seville ES, Computer Science Seville ES, Digestive Disorders & Liver Diseases Assoc PC Montgomery US, dzdzdz frfrrfr NG, GBF Braunschweig DE, Madras Unversity Chennai IN, SIIT TU Bangkok TH, NUS Singapore SG, arizona arizona city UZ, schlaraffenland boston YE, CNRS montpellier FR, CSUPOMONA Pomona US, Oriens Software new delhi IN, Birmingham Uni. Birmingham GB, nthu yang lin TW, RGRTA Ryazan RU, brookline US, home waunakee US, UoM Port Louis MU, University of North Texas Denton US, Hoeft & Wessel AG Hannover DE, iit madras chennai IN, iit madras chennai IN, a univ. a UZ, Hust Wuhan CN, Hong Hong CN, pune pune IN, NARSS Cairo EG, University of Seville Seville ES, NTU singapore SG, Humboldt Berlin DE, autonoma de occidente cali CO, SONA SALEM IN, HUST London CA, ENSICAEN caen FR, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, University Putra Malaysia Seri Kembangan MY, HUST Wuhan CN, Circleville US, dgdfg dfgdfg YE, fsdfsd fsdfs ZR, OMU Samsun TR, south gujarat university narmada IN, UCLA Los Angeles US, uet taxila pak taxila PK, Yale Illinois US, RIT

July 2003

Plymouth. UK penang MY, a a PA, Universiti Tenaga Malaysia Kajang MY, swsw sswqs VG, Sabadell ES, University South England GB, stuidy xi'an ZR, huda changsha CN, Bangalore University Bangalore IN, Imtech ICT Eindhoven NL, Wuhan University of Technology Wuhan CN, Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniria Bogota CO, DPS Technologies Kolkata IN, Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta ID, Anna University Chennai IN, Muenster University Muenster DE, Anna University CHENNAI IN, Barto US, Mumbai Mumbai IN, electrician ellwood city US, CarvoLab Co., Ltd Puchon KR, university singapore SG, ucsd san diego US, University of Cincinnati cincinnati US, Osmania University Hyderabad IN, gsdg dgdg DK, Chonnam Gwabgju KR, zilog, Inc San Jose US,

August 2003

Insituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon PT, uniten kuala lumpur MY, Univ. of Sao Paulo - USP Sao Carlos BR, Advanced Computer Vision GmbH Vienna AT, Univ. of La Laguna La Laguna ES,  , NUST Islamabad PK, high school vasto JM, gopal pvt ltd kovai IN, Baghdad Baghdad IQ, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin HK, IQRA University Karachi PK, UNITEN KL MY, ubc vancouver CA, Thajes Software Solutions coimbatore IN, IIIT Hyderabad IN, university technology malaysia malacca MY, r r RE, University of Wisconsin Madison US, udec mexico  , nolp Nonthaburi TH, Oviedo US, USC Los Angeles US, unita ecuador EC, effe fefe YE, universidad de colima colima MX, ubc vancouver CA, University of Calgary Calgary CA, MMU Cyberjaya MY,

September 2003

Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai CN, Ranana IL, Andre Barclay Co. Carpinteria US, Colorado University Denver US, De La Salle University Manila PH, FAU Boca Raton US, electrical engieering Suceava RO, University of mauritius reduit MU, ULL La Laguna ES, FAU davie US, Chicago US, fau lauderhill US, Chicago US, uniten kajang MY, Chicago US, De La Salle University Manila PH, Heidelberg University Heidelberg DE, FH Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg a.d. Havel DE, ASL Bangalore IN, uom reduit MU, Jabil Circuit Chihuahua MX, MUET Jamshor hyderabad PK, Colima University Colima MX, dfgggggerhd fffsssssssssg YU, Rio de Janeiro BR, fau lauderhill US, Aprend Technology Mountain View US, Florence Montecatini TermeFlorence IT, Hogeschool Gent Gent BE, Asi, Inc. Alpharetta US, UFES Vitoria BR, torino IT, anna university chennai IN, kyungnam university masan KR, ed soul KR, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong CN, Isfahan University Isfahan  , Amravati University, India Amravati IN, East Brunswick US,

October 2003

OmnyViewer Vancouver CA, ENSAR Rennes FR, ZCU FAV Plzen CZ, INOV LISBON PT, Thammasat University Bangkok TH, ntu taipei UZ, is EH, iut isfahan IR, KMUTT Thai TH, American xa YE, PUNE PUNE IN, Washigton University St Louis US, CBNU in KOREA Jeon Ju KR, Monash KL MY, a Johnson US, S.N.I.S.T hyderabad IN, mcgill toronto CA, Umr Rolla US, aaa jakarta ID, Wincor Nixdorf Paderborn DE, NUS Singapore SG, Hospital Universitario Palma de Mallorca ES, iit mumbai IN, enst paris FR, ataturk-alatoo Bishkek KG, univ,inchon inchon KR, NDHU Hualien TW, politecnico di Milano IT, Sanaa Universtiy Sanaa YE, IIIT-Hyderabad Hyderabad IN, Saurashtra University Rajkot IN, fsdf sfdd WF, dddd ddd VI, kent state university kent US, home sayreville US, San Jose State University San Jose US, KTU Trabzon TR,

Nov 2003

NUDT, China ChangSha CN, UoH Hyderabad IN,  IN, HCU IN, Mumbai University Mumbai IN, Politecnico di Torino Torino IT, west bohenia plzen CZ, kl;j lhk SN, West Bohemia Univerzity Plzen CZ, amirkabir university tehran IR, West Bohemia Univerztiy Plzen CZ, Amirkabir University Tehran IR, HOCHIMINH city Uni. o?Technology HoChiMinh VN, Wincor Nixdorf Technology Ilmenau DE, Amaravati University Shekhaon IN, p.u.p manila PH, iView Multimedia Ltd. London GB, Universidad de aquino Bolivia "UDABOL" la paz BO, Universit?de La Rochelle FR, SIUE Edwardsville US, VTECH Telecommunications Ltd. Hong Kong HK, University of Bath BAth GB, GIA, NCTU Hsinchu TW, STUDENT Phoenix US, UCL London GB, Astrium GmbH Friedrichshafen DE, institucion universitaria de envigado antioquia CO, LIT Luoynag CN, fu-jen university taipei TW, NA Wellington NZ, IIITA Allahabad IN, ªFµØ¤j¾Ç ªá½¬ TW, Education Den Dolder NL, Raytheon El Segundo US,  TW, kw se VN, Jilin University Changchun CN, Salford, UK Manchester GB, academy russia RU, SOLUZIONA CALIDAD Y MEDIO AMBI MADRID ES, IPB Bogor ID, CAS BeiJing CN, National Cheng Kung University Tainan TW, KU RD SA, NLPR, CASIA, BEIJING, CHINA BEIJING CN, Ncku Tainan TW, ZJU HangZhou CN, NLPR, CASIA, CHINA BEIJING CN, SSEC UW-Madison Madison US, ABC aaa IN, ABC aaa IN, MCIS Bangalore IN, MCIS Manipal Manipal IN, Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira Pereira CO, Madras Madras IN, zamboanga PH, Boston US, retired ottawa CA, National Taiwan University Taipei TW, kyengnam masan KR, IES Tirant lo Blanc Gandia ES, MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY nakhon pratom TH, University of West Bohemia Plzen CZ, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Valencia ES, Paf_kiet Karachi PK, QSYTEK LLC Dubai AE, Coastal Aluminum Williamsport US, Coastal Aluminum Williamsport US, peking university,China Beijing CN, SP University Anand IN, Isfahan IR, Jenderal Achmad Yani Cimahi ID, intel Taipei TW, No Yun-Lin TW,

Dec 2003

 vienna AT, KSU SA, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Bangalore IN, anna university chennai IN, tehran university tehran IR, tehran university tehran IR, Red Shield Equestrian LLC Woodside US, Universidad del Valle cali CO, UNITEN Kajang MY, Yarmouk University Irbid JO, MAngalore University Bangalore IN, HLP Dortmund , NANYANG TECH. UNIVERSITY SINGAPORE SG, NCKU Tainan TW, yonsei university seoul KR, Rosario AR, madras university chennai IN, University of Sana'a sana YE, Conel GB, Madras University. Chennai IN, Northwestern Polytechnical Univ. Xi'an, Shaan xi CN, University of Sao Paulo Sao Carlos BR, HUST wuhan CN, HIIT london GB, Karachi Uni Karachi PK, System Modena IT, King saud university Riyadh SA, Karachi Univercity karachi PK, Karachi Univercity karachi PK, sane SG, university tenaga nasional selangor MY, Chung Hua University Hsinchu TW, IVE(TY),VTC Hong Kong HK, Department of ENG,IVE(TY),VTC Hong Kong HK, KASBIT Karachi PK, ntu sanfrancisco US, CCLRC Warrington GB, CCLRC Warrington GB, Source East University,China Nanjing CN, ncu taiwan-hsinchu TW, ESIAT Tunis TN, HP Corvallis US, PTL Taipei TW, winner technolgy surat IN, UAGRM Santa Cruz BO, Int Bangalore IN, Informatics Iloilo City PH, Chunghua TW, dsvdvs dsvvd YE, QinetiQ Farnborough GB, Hashemite University Amman JO, FGAN Wachtberg DE, FGAN Wachtberg DE, FGAN Wachtberg DE, GERI, Liverpool John Moores Uni Liverpool GB, heu cd CN, University Of Madras Chennai IN, foxstream lyon FR, no TW, kerala trivandrum IN, ssgmce shegao IN, PDA College of Engg B'lore IN, Padjadjaran University Bandung ID, vut karnataka india hassan IN, Tsinghua University Beijing CN, s.c.s.v.m.v kancheepuram IN, University of Tehran Tehran IR, University of Tehran Tehran IR, University of Tehran Tehran IR, NJIT Newark US, CAU Peking CN, the hashemite university Zarqa JO, Univ. of Florida GAINESVILLE US, Tokyo University of Technology Tokyo JP, Hashemite University Amman JO, Hashemite University Amman/Jordan JO, akdf ZW, universidade metodista de piracicaba piracicaba BR, UENF Campos BR,  ES, T T University Moscow RU, University Moscow RU,  RU, Moscow RU, Moscow RU, Moscow RU, ndhu TW, university hualin TW, USC-TC Cebu PH, iiu islalamabad PK, GeoSR seoul KR,

Jan 2004

University Connecticut US, CEDTI Calicut IN, UNITEN Bangi MY, Buenos Aires University Buenos Aires AR, Buenos Aires University Buenos Aires AR, self Acton US, leiden univ. NL, manipal institute of technology manipal IN, self Acton US, self Acton US, self Acton US, universiti tenaga nasional Kajang MY, Genova IT, IIT Delhi Delhi IN, periyar salem IN, unlp La Plata AR, University of Canberra Canberra AU, Edwardsville US, KU AP IN, Universitat Rovira i Virgili Tarragona ES, ISEP Porto PT, La Rochelle La Rochelle FR, manmartech chennai IN, Sigmatron Del Rio US, paris paris FR, WUT Warsaw PL, ONERA Chatillon FR, Karachi PK, IIIT Hyderabad IN, Lisbon PT, Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw PL, WUT Warsaw , Politecnico Milano Milano IT, Warsaw Uniwersity of Technology Warsaw PL, Bergen College Bergen NO, Cosmocolor Mexico MX, CTU FEE Prague CZ, University of Tenaga Nasional Kajang MY, Helsinki University of Technology Helsinki FI, McMaster University Hamilton CA, FSA - Universit?d'Artois BETHUNE FR,  EH, manipal institute of technology manipal IN, Northrop Grumman Brook Park US, arsfew sevila ZW, University of Tenaga Nasional Kajang MY, University of Tenaga Nasional Kajang MY, Jiwaji University gwalior IN, gwalior gwalior IN, Nirma University Ahmedabad IN, la rochelle la rochelle FR, VinaPhone Ha Noi VN, Seoul KR, ccw taiwan , jiwaji university gwalior IN, UNITEN KL MY, Casia Beijing CN, zhejiang university hangzhou CN, zhejiang university hangzhou CN, artois france FR, FST Tunis TN, bethune bethune FR, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Karachi PK, taiwan taiman TW, TU Ilmenau Ilmenau DE, KSU Elqasem SA, UNITEN KL MY, Beijing CN, Bogor Agricultural Institute bogor ID,

Feb 2004

CQU sh CA, Normal University XuZhou CN, NU GB, National Chiao Tung University Xing Tsu TW, National University of Singapore Clementi SG, islamic university gaza IL, BUPT Beijing CN,  Rochester US, IIIT Hyderabad IN, mit boston US,  ES, bach khoa Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh City , IUG Gaza IL, IUG Gaza IL, islamic gaza CA, islamic university gaza VN, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Darmstadt DE, pcc pcc ZW, IITM Chennai IN, UW Madison US,  CA, miguel hernandez university elche ES, uot totonto YU, CSCS Manno CH, UMSNH Morelia MX, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, gaza VN, Facultad de Ciencias Quimicas Cordoba AR, gaza VN, polytechnic university of valencia alcoi ES,  US, ISIM Montpellier FR, Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic Kemi FI, Normal University XuZhou CN, polytechnic university of valencia alcoi ES, Casa University Casa MA, NED Universty Karachi PK, university of technology iraq-baghdad , university of technology iraq-baghdad , Wistron Taipei TW, Wistron Taipei TW, Wistron Taipei TW, msu bozeman DK, Montana State Bozeman US,  DE, Albaath Homs SY, chung-hua hsin-chu TW, National University of Ireland, Galway Galway IE, University of Surrey Guildford GB, rgdg grdgdr ES, Queesland University od Technology Brisbane AU, AO Consultancy bangalore IN, PERS Tecnologies IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur IN, Montana State Bozeman US,  US, Montana State Bozeman US, The Smalltalk Idiom Endicott US, The Smalltalk Idiom Endicott US, CPA College Bodinayakanur IN, Sogang Univ Seoul KR, hagaho taiwan UM, NUS SG, Pukyung National University Busan KR, Montana State Bozeman US, University of Minnesota Minneapolis US, LMU leeds GB, Hi?- Collage of AAlesund AAlesund NO, Shibaura- IT saitama JP, Shibaura IT saitama JP, asdsa asdsa WF, IUCTT KL MY, my studio Hsinchu  , university of ege izmir TR, AMST Suwon KR, Amrita Coimbatore IN, HTS newton US, University of Maine Orono US, national university of singapore singapore SG, taipei TW, bilkent ankara TR, Montana State University Bozeman US, U. Porto Porto PT, AAST Alexandria EG,  PK, personal changchun , academic changchun CA, university karaj IR, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia CO, University Roma3 Roma IT, Nation Taiwan University of Science and Taipei  , Kanci&Company BA SK,  US, UTM KR,  CN, China Agricultural University Beijing CN, IRIS Tech Kuala Lumpur MY, Springvale US, portland Beruit US, Dr. DSP Santa Cruz US,  SK, University of Birmingham GB, NUS singapore SG, University of Novi Sad Novi Sad YU, RPI Troy US, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, piaveri quito EC, piaveri quito EC, piaveri quito EC, JW Harris Co., Inc. Mason US, Nages et Solorgues FR, Seoul KR, LANIT Kiev UA, National Tsing-Hua University Shin-Chu TW, University of Cebu - Philippines Cebu City PH, TPM San Luis Potosi MX, EPROTECA SAN JOSE CR, Sannas Consulting Redondo Beach US, Tehran University Tehran IR, Universidad Eafit Medellin CO, UPCT Cartagena ES, UPCT Cartagena ES, Annamalai Bangalore IN, Chung-Hua University Hsinchu TW, Chung-HuaUniversity Hsinchu TW, UET TAXILA PK, Universidad Miguel Hernandez Elche ES, Universidad Miguel Hernandez Elche ES, Anna university Chennai IN, nju nanjing CN, LEEDS Yorkshire GB, reliance Mumbai IN, HUT Ha Noi VN, HUT Ha Noi VN, Lutsk UA, MSU East lensing US, Artois University Béthune FR, st bartholomew's hospital london GB, geomatica TaeJeon KR, Delhi University Delhi IN, U.T.P. Pereira CO, Kemi-Tronio Polytechnic Kemi FI, CTU Prague CZ, BIT Mesra Ranchi IN, fdzxb dfzf VU, UPB romania Bucuresti RO, Santa Clara US, anna chen IN, CMU a VG, nitj jalandhar IN, Universit?Bordeaux 1 Bordeaux FR, uis cucua VI, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, besti Beijing CN, ufps cucucuta ZR, ufps cucuta CO, Bombay Univ Bombay IN,

Mar 2004

USST Shanghai CN, USST Shanghai CN, Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technoloy Kajang, Selangor MY, Space Systems Loral Palo Alto US, University of Texas at Dallas Dallas US, VGTU Vilnius LT, Technical University Lodz PL, fgdg gd  , Dr.babasaheb ambedkarmarathwada university aurangabad IN, WuHan BeiJing CN, Eastern Mediterranean University Famaqusta CY, ustc hefei CN, rizal technological university mandaluyong city PH, Souther Taiwan University of Technology Tainan TW, crest Bangalore IN, shirley US, EPFL Lausanne CH, Brevetti CEA s.p.a Sovizzo IT, Bandung Institute of Technology Bandung ID, U.P Diliman Quezon City PH, universidad de chile santiago CL, JKU Linz AT, Nanjing University Nanjing CN, jntu hyderabad visakhapatnam IN, Union Bank Of Colombo Kollupitita LK, cqu chongqing  , universidad javeriana bogota CO, TEC QRO MX,  UA, CUSAT hyderabad IN,  FR, MKSOLEY Istanbul TR, sowdambika chennai IN, dalhousie halifax CA, dalhousie university halifax CA, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, COMSATS Islamabad PK, chungbuk national univerccity chung-ju KR, BITS, Pilani, India New Delhi IN, cairo university cairo EG, hust WUHAN CN, rwth aachen aachen DE, UPV Portugalete ES, MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY,INDIA MADURAI IN, University of Adelaide Adelaide AU, URI Kingston US, Las Vegas US, NUS Singapore SG, oakland university rochester hills US, UFPR Curitiba BR, dal halifax CA, sjtu shanghai CN, Kathmandu Kathmandu NP, EADS Munich DE, ZCU Plzen Plzen CZ, ZCU Plzen Plzen CZ, zagazig zagazig EG, HUST Wuhan CN,  CN, university of hyderabad hyderabad IN, CENAPATI Luanda AO, MIT Xiamen University Xiamen CN, korea univ seoul KR, Uniten Bangi MY, self Brisbane AU, UCL LONDON GB, UCL LONDON GB, UCL LONDON GB, Hebei Normal University of Science and Qinhuangdao CN, Hebei Normal University of Science and Qinhuangdao CN, Hebei Normal University of Science and Qinhuangdao CN, a coruña A Coruña ES, . . UZ, Northern Controls Group MI US, QEA Inc. Burlington US, dcu dub  , Feng Chia University taipei TW, NTU singapore SG,  DE, - Saint-Paul FR, - Saint-Paul FR, BMF-NIK Budapest HU, Beijing CN, UFPR Curitiba BR,  GB, Curtin Perth AU,  EH, sdkf dkl ES, Anna University Chennai IN, HCL Shinagawa JP, bcc makati PH, Rizal Technological University Mandaluyong City PH, optikos cambridge US, optikos cambridge US, Rizal Technological University Mandaluyong City PH, Rizal Technological University Mandaluyong City PH, feu makati PH, feu makati PH, --- Argentina AR, feu makati , Rizal Technological University PH, Rizal Technological University Mandaluyong City PH, rtu mandaluyong PH, rtu mandaluyong PH, rtu mandaLUYONG PH, Rizal Technological University Mandaluyong PH, Cairo Univ, Giza EG, Sakarya University afdas TR, martindale feed mill marshall US, almustansyria baghdad IQ,  VG,  ES, NTU Singapore SG, University Peru PE, Amelia (TR) IT, constantine constantine DZ, almustansyria baghdad IQ, University of A Coruña A Coruña ES, ddddot jamshedpu , gis asf US, SJTU ShangHai CN, ustc HeFei AU, TMTC.MCSE Taipei TW, NASA Hampton US, Indiana University Indianapolis US, Tel Aviv Tel Aviv IL, Leeds Metropolitan Leeds GB, FHTE Esslingen DE, FEIT Ituiutaba BR, Birmingham University GB, Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai IN, Madurai Kamaraj University txsoft shanghai CN, lkjal dsfkjal lkjasldkf , nju nanjing CN, Curtin University of Technology Perth AU, Korea University Seoul KR, INSA Lyon FR, Eliop Turkey Istanbul TR, Eliop Turkey Istanbul TR, JiangSu University Zhen Jiang CN, ANTONIA HAIFA IL, Zhejiang University Hangzhou CN, UQO Hull CA, mnnit allahabad IN, mnnit allahabad IN, ICU Seoul KR, Palermo Palermo IT, moscov moscov RU, eng medina SA, Universidad de A Coruña A Coruña ES, NCTU HsingChu , VIT Pune Pune IN, Zhejiang University@China Hangzhou CN, currently Masters student at Dalhousie Halifax CA, Federar University of Parana Curituba BR,  CA, Tecnoflex Istanbul TR, amanah medina SA, particulier FR, ISEL Lisbon PT, ZIZIZ ZIZIZty KN,  IN, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medellín CO, Technical University of Hanoi Hanoi VN, TIL IN, informatique Hamilton CA, Hamilton CA, Hamilton CA, Salvador BR, Karadeniz Technical University Trabzon TR, information&software technology univercity diala IQ, XASA SASAS KN, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Dhaka BD, NA Port-Louis MU, uni sby ID, UdC Coruna IT, leeds leeds , china institute of technology taipei TW, Leeds GB, Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds GB, win98 VIT, Beijin Beijin CN, kurukshetra delhi IN, kurukshetra delhi IN, kurukshetra delhi IN, University of Nottingham Kuala Lunmpur MY, Hong Kong University of Science and Hong Kong HK,  IT, Photon Research Associates San Diego US, Collierville US, Leeds Metropolitan Leeds GB, CKITC Taiwan TW, CKITC Taiwan TW, Zingem BE, SNDT Mumbai 400053 IN, leeds UNITEN selangor MY, China WuHan University WuHan , China WuHan University WuHan , elpipo El cabo VN, elpezporlabocamuere san francisco VN, UNL Santa Fe AR, Centro de Investigaciòn en Computaciòn Cd. Mèxico MX, Centro de Investigaciòn en Computaciòn CD.Mèxico MX, student sudent VE, La Coruña La Coruña ES, ID-entities Castke Rock US, Symbix Aalesund NO, University of Szeged, Hungary Szeged HU, Kellner Mortgage Investments Flower Mound US, consultant Saronno IT, tsinghua beijing CN, student student ZW, Waseda Tokyo JP, JNTU Hyderabad IN,  CN, Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai-625021,TamilNadu IN, CityU of HK Hong Kong HK,  TR, Universidade da Coruna The Corunna ES, Universidade da Coruna The Corunna ES, UKM, malaysia Selangor MY, Zhejiang University@China Hangzhou CN, GC University Faisalabad PK, Self Boise US, Oakland University Rochester Hills US, Palermo Caltanissetta IT, lss paris FR, VMT India Patna IN, VMT India Patna IN, Mahidol University Bangkok TH, Mahidol University Bangkok TH, Monterrey MX, Nottingham Univ Nottingham GB, Nottingham univ Nottingham EG, UCI Irvine US, SIUE Santa Clara US, agiba cairo EG, paris FR, was TFH Berlin Berlin DE, Middlesex University London GB, Shiraz University Shiraz IR, Universidad de CArabobo Valencia VE, Huazhong university of science and Wuhan CN, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona ES,  IT, ragalna IT, makati PH, makati PH, uts sydney AU, Eafit university CO, Hanoi University Hanoi VN, Heriot-Watt University Singapore SG, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Lima PE, vignan hyderabad IN, Hunan Changsha CN, paris FR, lafuente burriana ES, paris FR, UCCS Raanana , NUS Singapore SG, university of hertfordshire hatfield GB, sakarya university sakarya TR, university chidambaram IN, Avinashilingam University COIMBATORE IN, Ragalna IT,  ES, Leeds Met Leeds GB, supelec gif sur yvette FR, Tutor Ltda. Cartagena CO, Supelec Gif sur Yvette FR, monkey leeds GB,  IT,  ES, UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBARAM IN, UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBRAM IN, xiamen university,china xiamen CN, NTNU Trondheim NO, paris FR, paris FR, paris FR, F.I.C A Coruña ES, American University of Beirut Beirut LB, The University of Nottingham Nottingham GB, UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBRAL IN, Derby GB, University of Miskolc, Department of Miskolc HU, University of Miskolc, Department of Miskolc HU, UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBARAM IN, chungbuk chungju KP, UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBRAM IN, UNAIERSITY CHIDAMBRAM IN, ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBRAM IN, Samba Technologies FR, Technical University of Berlin Berlin DE, Medinol Jerusalem IL, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Westminster US, sanaa sanaa YE, EUPMT Mataro(Spain) Mataro ES, Fac. Informatica de A Coruña A Coruña ES, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona ES, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya uniten kuala lumpur MY, mecaserto paris FR, NYP Singapore SG, tianjin univerdity tianjin CN, ucdavis davis US, Institute for Plasma Research Vadodara IN, Syracuse Syracuse US, P.R.China Beijing CN, . .  , . .  , ujaen martos ES, NUS SIngapore SG, LandRex Taipei TW, Taejeon KR, National Taiwan University of Technology Taipei TW, National Cheng-Chi University Taipei TW,  FI, VGTU Vilnius LT,  TR,  TR, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, Middlesex London GB, Middlesex Un iversity London GB, Uni Linz AT, UPC BCN ES, NUS Singapore SG, NUS Ubi Ave 1 SG,  ES, HIT haerbin CN,

Apr 2004

 Woonsocket US, Universidad industrial de santander Bucaramanga CO, no madrid ES, Indian Intsitute of Technology, Kharagpur Kharagpur IN, Leets Met Leeds GB, s s UY, KNUBA Kiev UA,  FR, Universidad de Salamanca Zamora ES, edmundstom CA, seoul KR, msu bozeman , University of Wroclaw, Poland Wroclaw PL, University of Granada Granada ES, Ho Chi Minh Technology Ho Chi Minh VN, NUS Singapore SG, Aston University Birmingham GB, Innsbruck AT, RWTH Aachen DE, RWTH DE, RWTH Aachen DE, univ "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti IT, fathima bangalore IN, Yeungnam Daegu KR, Yeungnam Daegu KR, Samsung Kyoungki KR, Industrial Analytics Corporation Seymour US, IUT Esf EH, National Research Council Naples IT, National Research Council, Italy National Research Council, Italy National Research Council, Italy syit shenyang CN, syit shenyang CN, syit shenyang CN, UNLP la plata AR,  CA, KU Kolkata IN, hust wuhan CN, University Hospital VR IT, ShangHai jiaotong university Shang Hai CN, Dongguk Kyungju KR, VGTU Vilnius LT, VU Vilnius LT, hust wuhan CN,  CA, METU Ankara TR,  PK, INTITUTE TECHNOLOGY OF BANDUNG BANDUNG ID, sogang univ. Seoul KR, w a institute of technology AU, Sharood University of Technology Shahrood IR, Georgia Tech Atlanta US, Exam Recklinghausen DE, PinkPanther / ain Shams Cairo EG, PinkPanther Ciro EG, PinkPanther / ain Shams Cairo EG,  JP, hghgjhhg bnm PK, mumbai IN, Cal poly pomona pomona US, Wemake s.r.l. Livorno IT, tc TW, CAPITI Hanoi VN, CAPITI Hanoi VN, GuangDong University of Tech. GuangZhou CN, Valencia ES, jiaotong university xuzhou jiangsu CN, turku university turku FI, tsinghua university.china beijing CN, tsinghua.china beijing CN, cairo unv. cairo EG, university of constantine constantine DZ, NCTU  , Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Bucharest RO, Pusan National University Pusan KR, pec pondy IN, skdata Seoul KR, Osmania University Hyderabad IN, IAV HassanII Rabat MA, Alabama Birmingham US, Hamiline St paul US, Hamiline St paul US, FAU Hollywood US, Yıldız technical university istanbul TR, .. seoul KR, Drexel University Philadelphia US, INRIA Paris FR,  SG, FH Duesseldorf Duesseldorf DE, FH Duesseldorf Duesseldorf DE, Valencia ES, ISIM Timisoara RO, CCU CHIA-YI TW, ICS KL MY, boeing union grove US,  DE, University of Tehran Tehran IR, Universidad Compostela Composela ES, ferdowsi university mashhad IR, Universidad Tecnologica de la Mixteca Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca MX, Gazi University Ankara TR,  CH, mumbai IN, Letest Tech limited Dhaka BD, NUDT Changsha CN, 0 0 ,  IT, CCUEE kouse TW, Sakarya Gebze TR, Sakarya Gebze TR, University Of Florida Gainesville US, Coruña corunha ES, queenmary canada VG,  CH, Politecnico di Milano Milano IT, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Codroipo IT, Walgreens Deerfield US, Osmania University Hyderabad IN, ottawa CA, Osmania University Hyderabad IN, Multimedia University Selangor MY, Sharif Tehran IR, hongik seoul KR, HUST wuhan CN, HUST wuhan CN, HUST in China wuhan CN, medu institute medu MW, smarteye beijing CN, Worcester US, UMASS Amherst US,  TW, NU ewefw ZW, Worcester US, Universidad de la Coruña Coruña ES, PUCMM Santiago de los Caballeros DO, Coruña corunha ES, free Moscow RU, WFP Luanda AO,  IN, whu whu CN, whu wuhan CN, JNTU hyderabad IN, ics University Science Malaysia Penang ML, Seegräben CH, Space Systems Loral Palo Alto US, Universit?Galatasaray ISTANBUL TR, UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST ACCRA GH, bit beijing CN, PolyU, HK HK HK, Tehran Uni. Tehran IR, hfghfg hfghfg IN, perso biscarrosse FR, st patricks high school hyderabad IN, University of Hyderabad Hyderabad IN, VSCHT Prague CZ, monstodiam xiamen CN, M.K.U Madurai IN, KIGAM Daejeon KR, Akita Pref. Univ. Noshiro JP, STUDANT CAÇADOR BR, STUDANT CAÇADOR BR, University Dublin IE, University Dublin IE, dalhousie halifax CA, V.T.U Bangalore IN, Tianjing University, China Tianjin CN, UNITEN MY, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing CN, Facultade de informática da coruña A Coruña ES, dut hamburg DE, NTu singapore SG, liverpool university liverpool GB,  IT,  DE, Charles University Prague CZ, bombay bombay IN, bits,pilani pilani IQ, iit,india kharagpur IN, Imperial College London GB, banjama patani TH, Szeged Szeged HU, York University Toronto CA, university louis pasteur strasbourg FR,  VG, Yonsei University Seoul KR,  US, iit,india kharagpur ID, iit,india kharagpur IN, iit, india kharagpur IN, biscarrosse FR, KUD Ba IN, AMC Trofarello IT, AMC Trofarello IT, student kanpur IN, FH Aalen Aalen DE, Peking University Peking CN, Cairo University Cairo EG, gxu nn CN, Universidade do Minho Braga PT, UFC Fortaleza BR, Petrobel Cairo EG, london univ london GB, Wilson College Chambersburg US, MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY MADURAI IN, Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai IN, zhejiang university hangzhou CN, denver US, cedar grove US, University of Nottingham Nottingham GB, self Bethesda US, Athena Technologies Inc Warrenton VA US,  EG,  ES,  ES, rennes 1 rennes FR, Montana State University Bozeman US, msu bozeman US, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge CA, ITA AGS MX, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge CA,  MX, jordan madreset al 7ameer JM, E.S.I.M.E. México, D.F. MX, LMU Leeds GB, inpe NTU SG, Calpoly University Pomona US, SDA SAD ZM, Paris XI Gif / Yvette FR,

May 2004

o korea , Poznan University of Technology Poznan PL, KSU riyadh SA, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung ID, company ldkl VN, Civil Air Patrol Delavan US, Universidad Tecnologia Nacional Argentina AR, konrad lorenz university bogota CO, Nacional del Litoral Santa Fe AR, konrad lorenz university bogota CO, vgtu vilnius LT, USTC Hefei CN, Nahrain University Baghdad IQ, curitiba BR, Euriskom s.r.l. CORNAREDO IT, guangdong university guangdong china CN, Dralle ApS Copenhagen DK, Emerge Interactive  BR, epita paris FR, UMASS Amherst US, vic ES, ULL La Laguna ES, hanyang Ansan KR, a a IN, Universitas Bhayangkara Surabaya Surabaya ID, ASIT ShinChu Hsien, Chupei TW, na US, VTU Bangalore IN,  AO, UNSA arequipa PE, usf tampa US, USF Tampa US, UNITEN Serdang MY, OMED Corp Hayami-gun JP, test test TK, leeds leeds GB, chile stgo CL, Maryville US, Malmo hogskola malmo SE, manchester GB, Maryville US, Univ. Valencia Alcoy ES, Chonnam Uni. KwangJu KR, Tulane University New Orleans US, Purcellville US, INSA de lyon Lyon FR, Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken US, chinatawn Univ NY US, Universidad de Cantabria Santander ES, Korea Aerospace Research Institute Daejeon KR, Hannam University KR, Northwest university Xi'an CN,  US, UADY Mérida MX, Taiwan Taipei , UNC Charlotte CHarlotte US, OEC Seoul KR, EHE Riyadh SA, Swietokrzyska Academy Kielce PL, universiti tenaga nasional selangor MY, SIUE Edwardsville US, universidad de La Laguna La Laguna ES, Chinese Academy of Science Beijing CN, Effingham US, Hanyang University Seoul KR, Universidad de La Laguna La Laguna ES, State Forest Service Szeged HU,  IT, TU Darmstadt Darmstadt DE, Boss&Co Athol US, ERNET India Indore IN, IIT-Kanpur PUNE IN, Xiamen University, China Xiamen, Chinae , UNC Charlotte CHarlotte US, UET Lahore PK, Ain Shams Cairo EG, ERNET India Indore IN, renuka technologies bangalore IN, ss MIT Cambridge US, - San Jos CR, - San Jos CR, UMCP Taiwan TW, gamesoft rome EH, RWTH-Aachen Aachen DE, Shandong University of Scince and Technolgy Qingdao CN, Uni Acchen Bonn DE, iraq technology baghdad IQ, iraq tecnology baghdad IQ, adfsd hcm VN, National Engineer University Lima PE, UR Logroño ES, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest HU, Natiional Chiao Tung University,Taiwan Hsinchu, Taiwan TW, University HASSAN II Casablanca MA, Univ of Arizona Tucson US, bilkent ankara TR, unsw sydney AU, Northwest University Washington TN, Northwest University Washington WF, KNT university of Tech. tehran IR, KNT university of Tech. tehran IR, north west xi an CN, north west univerdity xi an CN, north west univerdity xi an CN, NCKU Tainan TW, Edu WH CN, Fizaia degree College Risalpur Nowshera PK, Fizaia degree College Risalpur Nowshera PK, MEN Hyères FR, central south university changsha CN, INI Algiers DZ, Northwest university xi'an CN, bsd University, of, Otago, Fuel Tech Batavia US,  CN, UNH Durham US, LMCO Phoenix US, Unitec Lima PE, VU Vilnius LT, GGSIPU New Delhi IN, sdf dsfsdf , Loughborough University Loughborough GB, Northwest University Washington CN, ju amman JO, University of Craiova Craiova RO, brac hochiminh VN, Marooned Co. ma IR, Humboldt State University Arcata US, image Beijing CN, leeds leeds GB, Bowie State University Bowie US, Ordnance Survey GB, B.I.Tex Montreal CA, NWU xi'an , Northwest University xi'an CN, Russia moscow RU, Finnish Aviation Academy Pori FI, Wilson College Chambersburg US, University of the Arts London GB, University of the Arts London GB, University of the Arts London GB, University of the Arts London GB, New York Down Street GB, Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw PL, Ton Duc Thang University Ho Chi Minh City VN, mahatma gandhi bangalore IN, ByUs Seoul KR, northeast university shenyang CN, Photon Research Associates San Diego US, luanda AO, Hanyang University Seoul KR, Istea Luanda AO, Ton Duc Thang University Ho Chi Minh City VN, Nanyang Technological University Singapore SG, HKU IISc Bangalore IN, scs sdn bhd wangsa maju MY, SCS sdn bhd wangsa maju MY, SCS Sdn Bhd Wangsa Maju MY,  vignan guntur IN, chonbuk national univ. jeonju KR, National Taipei University of Technology Taipei TW, Silver Spring US, CN Beijing CN, china agricultural university beijing CN,  IT, University of Brescia Brescia IT, Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana Santiago CL, king mongkut institute's technology bangkok TH, Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy Gliwice PL, University of Stuttgart, Germany Stuttgart DE, pune pune IN, Annaba DZ, University of Applied Science münchen DE, National NTUST Univ., Taiwan Taipei TW, National NTUST Univ., Taiwan Taipei TW, wroclaw wroclaw , roc leiden Leiden NL, Munster Enterprises Aurora US, ytu istanbul TR, Pedagogical University of Czestochowa Czestochowa PL, NN Paris FR, lm poo here GB, leeds metropolitan uni leeds GB,  BE, ufps venezuela , Yale University Middletown US, university of antwerp antwerp BE, ANU ACT AU, siue Edwardsville US, Politecnico di Milano Milano IT, UAM MADRID ES, ncu chungli TW, HAW Hamburg DE, JNTU Hyderabad IN, JNTU Hyderabad IN, A Sydney AU, Information & Communication University Daejeon KR, JNTU Hyderabad IN, Politecno di Milano Milano IT, Coruña A Coruña ES, Tongji Uni. Shanghai CN, ICU Seoul KR, EDWARDSVILLE US, HOGENT GENT BE, Amrita Viswa VidyaPeetham Coimbatore IQ,

Jun 2004

dkc corporation Tokyo JP, ciu nikosia TR, USDA Forest Service Missoula US, Helsinki FI, iit roorkee roorkee IN, collge of engineering trivandrum calicut IN, Anna University Chennai IN, MK Madurai IN, Programming Techniques co. Baghdad IQ, Programming Techniques co. Baghdad IQ, utah green IN, Xerox Webster US, Univ. of Washington Seattle US, mandalay mandalay MM, yonsei Univ. Seoul KR, accent lehigh UY, Lehigh Acres US,  jamshedpur IN, altamonte springs US, Universidad Central de Venezuela Caracas VE, Peshawar PK, qurtuba peshawer peshawer PK, UNIVEWRSITY OF PUNE pune IN, KL KL , surrey basingstoke GB, AltKorea Corp. Seoul KR,  ZM, mmu cyberjaya MY, NTHU Hsin-Chu TW, NTHU Hsin-Chu TW, NTHU Hsin-Chu TW,  AU, Cairo Univ Cairo EG, visionkorea,co,ltd; chang KR,  IT, BJC Health Care St Louis US, MMU Cyberjaya MY, Chalmers University of Technology SE,  JP, IIT-Roorkee kolkata IN,  US, HENAN UNIVERDITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LUOYANG CN, Murrells Inlet US, NIT Warangal IN,  FR, f.a.t.a srl bologna IT, University of Plymouth Plymouth GB, Madrid ES, tokyo JP, beg Drai VN, SIUE Edwardsville US,  AU, Innovation in Design Lab Halifax CA, USTC Hefei CN, I-Sou University Tainan TW, NY hawai , SWEET TREAT ESCORT SERVICE UNIONTOWN US, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne Compiegne FR, Sydney University Sydney AU, winxpme West, Bengal, University, of, Tech, winxpme West, Bengal, University, of, Tech, West Bengal University of Tech Kolkata IN, Amravati University nagpur IN,  TW, ustc hefei CN, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie Sao Paulo BR,  GB, gunadarma jakarta ID, Otago Wellington NZ, Capgemini Toulouse FR, Capgemini Toulouse FR, yonsei from korea seoul KR, MMu Cyberjaya MY, incheon university incheon KR, D-KAL North Bay CA, company Wuhan CN,  US, china sang hi CN, mmu cyberjaya MY, IIT IN, NIC IN, L.A US, L.A US, paris FR,  US, Dralle ApS Copenhagen DK,  CN, IUT Lannion/Rennes1 Lannion FR, SELF Boise US, BT Ipswich GB, ITESM CEM MExico MX, dddddd dddddddd EH, edcec rcev YE, edcec rcev YE, iug gaza IL, iug gaza IL, AllPro Kansas City US,  TW, Up-Great, Xsmart Fehrlatorf CH, Bach khoa University Hanoi VN, Washington University inSt.Louis St.lOuis US, shanghai JiaoTong universtiy shanghai CN, Uni New South Wales Sydney AU, university louis pasteur strasbourg FR, munich DE, Image Co.Ltd Zibo of Shandong CN, Image Technolgy Development Co.Ltd Zibo CN, UNSW Sydney AU, Metz FR, SMU Singapore SG, kt seoul KR, ISI IN,  CN, University of South Florida Tampa US, Suez Canal Univ. Cairo EG,  US, University of Adelaide PJ MY, San Jose State University Fremont US,  BR, FHL Lübeck DE, University of Salerno Fisciano IT, taipei TW, Inisititute of Computing Technology, Chinese Beijing CN, Personal Use Fort Walton Beach US, Technical University of Berlin Berlin DE, Champlain College Burlington US, Kannur University, Kerala, India Kannur IN, DoD Paris FR, ISI kolkata IN, Noble Vision Robotics Corp. Ottawa CA, Technical Uni Wroclaw Wroclaw PL, University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch ZA, University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch ZA, University of Hamburg Hamburg DE, Tallinn University of Technology Tallinn EE, PESCE Mandya IN, Electrical Engineering of ITS Surabaya ID, USACH Santiago of chili CL, sibiu sibiu RO, vgtu vilnius LT, zxc zxc LT, NEDUET Karachi PK, amateur only Bratislava SK, SIUE Edwardsville US, NUS SG, irib Tehran IR, IISI, Corporation North Billerica US, 7635 7653 VI, MUC Baghdad IQ, MRD-tech Pte Ltd SG, University of Wroclaw Wroclaw PL, OSI Systems Pvt Ltd Hyderabad IN, Nagpur University Nagpur IN, Northrop Grumman - XonTech Hunstville US, Tech. Univ. Gh. Asachi Iasi RO, University of new south wales Sydney AU, ISI kolkata , ThreeSixty Sourcing HK Ltd Hong Kong , DBIT mumbai IN, wonder weaves systems mumbai IN, Xiamen University Xiamen CN, CAD&CG Lab Hangzhou CN, cad hangzhou CC, cad hangzhou CN, USF Tampa US,  DE,  FR, eMerge Interactive Sebastian US, Energy Innovations pasadena US, University Hospital VR IT, hanyang KR, Bournemouth University Poole GB, pune pune IN, pune pune IN, Hosahnco EG, Pentagram Research Centre Hyderabad IN,

Jul 2004

Univ Al School of Medicine Birmingham US, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Summerville US, CSU, Fresno Fresno US, no no DK, berlin berlin SI, SAIC McLean US, pes college of engineering mandya IN, CUSEM TaiNan TW, iit mumbai IN, Q.A.U islamabad PK, Fugro-LCT Houston US, fghf hfg VI, Fugro Houston US, Bremen Bremen DE, University Tenaga Nasional Kuala Lumpur MY, atr changsha CN, qauid-i-azam university islambad islamabad PK, peking university china beijing CN, MMU KL MY, U of Montevallo Montevallo US, cairo EG, Fugro Houston US,  CA, MoD Technology Agency Budapest HU, Twinstar HCM VN, LRAY Lake Orion US, FHG-IGD Darmstadt DE,  US, Amrita Viswa VidyaPeetham Coimbatore IN, abcd KZ, uniten cheras MY, uniten cheras MY, erciyes univercity TURKEY Kayseri TR,  US, Singapore Management University Singapore SG, uvm burlington US, MY, Berkeley Berkeley US, HCi Sunnyvale US, HUFS Seoul KR,  LU, beihang uni. beijing CN, university of alicante alicante ES, chosun seoul KR, National Institute of Technology Trichy IN, UW-Madison Madison US, National Institute of Technology Trichy IN, AAST EG, Seminole US, Monash University Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MY, University National of Engineer Lima PE, Thomson Indianapolis US,  YE, Silicinmotion Taipei TW, Fotech Ha Noi VN, Apple Computer Cupertino US, Newark US, VT B'Burg US, University of Cape Coast CAPE COAST GH, UAB Birmingham US, Montrose CA,  US, McGill University Montreal CA, bharatiar university coimbatore IN, retired Rubyvale AU, UET, Lahore Lahore PK, UFSC-Brasil Florianópolis BR, UC Berkeley Berkeley US, ECE SanDiego US, CMC IRVINE US, CMC IRVINE US, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Valencia ES, softnet santiago DO, Universidad de Ibagu Ibagu CO, Bangalore Bangalore IN, china hangzhou CN, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Selangor MY, Akademia Swietokrzyska Kielce PL, nti cairo EG, nti cairo EG, CIB Taipei TW, CIB Taipei TW,  CA, cqupt chongqing CN, Pet Solutions lawrenceville US, Cornell University Ithaca US, university of hertfordshire hertfordshire GB, Staffordshire University Stafford GB,  BE, University of Salerno Salerno IT, Faculty of computers -Menoufia university Shebin elkom EG, University of Salerno Salerno IT, Faculty of computers -Menoufia university Shebin elkom EG, daejin university Seoul , IIT ROORKEE ROORKEE IN, IIT Roorkee Roorkee IN, IIT Roorkee Roorkee IN, IIT ROORKEE ROORKEE IN, IIT ROORKEE ROORKEE IN, IIT Roorkee Roorkee IN, IIT Roorkee Roorkee IN, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Kajang MY, tongji shanghai CN, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing CN, Central Police University Taoyuan TW, Chiang Mai University Chiang Mai TH, don't prefer don't prefer , prefer not to say US, PTCL Karachi PK, sylvan lake CA, NIDEK Vigonza IT, kasetsart  US, abcdefgh hersdfsdfsdlf IN, - Dallas US, Ulg Arlon BE, no Hamburg DE, UTA Arlington US, utp lima PE, utp lima PE, CLINIC IRVINE US, USC LA US, SSGMCE Shegaon IN, SSGMCE SHEGAON IN, SSGMCE SHEGAON IN, SSGMCE SHEGAON IN, university of Milan Milano IT, University of Milam Milano IL, Institute Belgaum IN, Univ. Milano Milano IT, VUW wellington NI, University of Malaga (Spain) Malaga ES, ccut cc CN, ccut cc CN, ccut changchun CN, Comenius University Bratislava Bratislava SK, LenselOptics Pvt Ltd Pune IN, SSGM College of Engineering SHEGAON IN,  rennes FR, cgdfd RO, University Granada (Spain) Granada ES, jakarta ID, Tintin HCM VN, Rockland US, USP São Carlos BR,  Belgaum IN, paris paris FR, winxpme Taiwan, winxpme Taiwan, winxpme Taiwan, winxpme Taiwan, Southern Taiwan University of Technology TaiNan TW, Southern Taiwan University of Technology TaiNan TW, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Kuala Lumpur MY, seoul national univ seoul KR, Xiamen University Xiamen CN, Tulane University New Orleans US, University of Salford Salford GB, / / , uestc chendu YE, MLSU Udaipur IN,  US, forgot somewere , PERS Technologies Miass RU, Kyungpook National University Daegu  , buenos aires AR, - - ES, - - ES,  US, Zhejiang university Hangzhou CN, Home Westminster US, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago US, Zhejiang university Hangzhou CN, Blank Cure Fort Wayne US, u of MN hastings ,  IT, Ravenna IT, Bangalore IN, UPM Madrid ES, tsinghua university beijing CN, mi biet lam chi mi biet lam chi VN, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs Berkeley US,  MX, University of Rostock Rostock DE, Rangasoftt coimbatore IN, North Carolina State University Raleigh US, North Carolina State University Raleigh US, Tallinn EE,  Anna University Chennai IN,

Aug 2004

Ocean University of China Qingdao CO, Ocean University of China Qingdao, Shandong CN, De La Salle University Manila Manila PH, Liverpool Liverpool UA, Federal University of Parana Curitiba BR, FIUNER Santa Fe AR, Ocean University of China Qingdao, Shandong CN, Bangalore Bangalore IN, Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory Daejon KR, UNCC Charlotte US, unilever edgewater US, Unilever Edgewater US, anna university chennai IN, westfield US, San martin Bogota CO, Mysore University mysore IN, T.E.I. of Athens Athens , CSU Kaohsiung TW,  CA, IIUM KL MY, sfs sdfsdfsdfs US, sdfsdfsdsd sdfsdfsdfs IN, Shivaji University Kolhapur Maharashtra kolhapur IN, s.j.c.e mysore IN, University of Chile Santiago CL, PUC/RJ - BRASIL Nova Friburgo BR, ESEC Tupiniquins Iguape BR, H.R.D.P.G.AND DEGREE COLLEGE HYDERABAD IN, gmu fairfax US, Fort Wayne US, Villefranche de Rouergue FR, Alki Braasilia BR, Jilin Univeristy Changchun CN,  ES, University of Burgundy Dijon FR, self employed london GB, selfemployed london GB, baijia dd BR, University of Versailles Versailles FR,  CN, Cal. Math. Soc Kolkata IN, Calcutta Kolkata IN, MicroImaging El Dorado Hills , Usac Guatemala , SUNY Binghamton Binghamton US, University of Versailles Versailles FR, University of Versailles Versailles FR, University of Versailles Versailles FR, Unip Santo Andre BR, dtu copenhagen DK, National Dong-Hwa University Hualien TW, KSF Kiev UA, IXOLOGIC Daegu KR, Yogyakarta ID, Yogyakarta ID, SIUE Edwardsville US, SRI Redlands US, Moskow State University Moscow RU, Nsysu Kaoshiung TW, Montreal CA, Duke Raleigh US, INPE São Jos?dos Campos BR,  CN,  GB,  M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH Munich DE, canon CRF Rennes FR, TU Dresden Dresden DE, mtekvision seoul KR, mtekvision seoul KR, Tulsa Pannoramic Broken Arrow US, Tulsa Panoramic Broken Arrow US, Arax Qazvin AD, Newcastle Newcastle GB, TOKYO INSTITIUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TOKYO JP, OmDorman UNI Tripoli LY, upv valencia ES, Taiwan , Avinashilingam University COIMBATORE IN, CalPoly Pomona Pomona US, AGUILAR Alcoy (Alicante) ES, AGUILAR Alcoy (Alicante) ES, AGUILAR Alcoy , sl BR, DTS Caracas VE, TU-BERLIN Berlin DE, Bioptro Bundanggu, Sungnam City KR,  KR, NAcional Manizales CO,  Mobile US, RAIT MUMBAI IN, Bath Bath GB, University of Costa Rica San Jos CR, cardiff cardiff GB, Kyungwon Univ. Seongnam KR, Topeka PC Users Club Topeka US, UNI Lima PE, anderson US, anderson US, NCU Raleigh UM, HIT Haldia IN, University of Heidelberg Mannheim DE, UNI Lima PE, Tranbjerg DK, ngu bersheva IL, TAE BAIK PRECISION Ansan-City KR, Northwestern University Evanston US, gadjah mada yogyakarta ID, Big Stone Gap US, UNSW Sydney AU, Udaipur Solar Observatory Udaipur IN, hanshin Cheongju KR, Northeast forestry University harbin CN, Sydney AU, Columbia University NY US, yop n co Paris FR, Ghent University Ghent BE, Masoura university Mansoura EG, kmitnb Bangkok TH, UCT Cape ZA, Rajasthan University (India) Jaipur IN, iitd n. delhi IN,  ES, Taiwan pingtung TW, lab-au brussels BE, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Sevice, NWI St. Petersburg US,  MY, PUCP Lima PE, NUST Rawalpindi PK, buaa beijing CN, Fischer Denver US, Fischer Denver US, Valencia VE, Valenza IT, sgl Ahmedabad IN, TABSLAB SEOUL KR, Basrah University IQ,  CL, MassBay Community College Wellesley Hills US, cptt taichun TW, hunan institute of engineering xiangtan CN, Korea Polytechnique University Shiheung-City KR, Korea Polytechnique University Shiheung-City KR, UNITEC mexico MX, Chinese University of HongKong HongKong CN, University of Alberta Edmonton CA, University of Alberta Edmonton CA, Technical University Kosice SK, Selcuk üniversity konya/turkey TR, beihang univ. beijing CN, Beihang univ. Beijing CN, Vigo (Spain) Madrid ES, Mumbai University Mumbai IN, aa aa VN, lgprc adfa KR, the university of kitakyushu kitakyushu JP, leelee seoul KR, Yonsei Univ Seoul KR, la sapienza university ROMA IT, Prague CZ, UCSI KL MY, JWINT Seoul KR, Vancouver CA,  Milan IT, National Mining University of Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk UA, Ozark Mountain Poultry Birmingham GB, Sasken Comm Tech Ltd Bangalore IN, CEDES AG Landquarts CH, Pukyung National University Busan KR, uniten kuala lumpur MY, Griffith university Brisbane AU, hom Saugus US, iitk kanpur IN, Paulko Green Bay US, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro BR, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro BR, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro BR, Amrita VIswa VIdyaPeetham Coimbatore IN, G-Zone seoul ZR, Amrita Deemed University Coimbatore IN,  Universitdad Andina Lima PE, king mongkut's institute of technology bangkok TH, UCT Cape Town ZA, Univ of LA Lafayette Lafayette US, American University of Beirut Adonis LB, Opto Electronics of Shenzhen University Shen Zhen CN, Pune University Pune IN, Monash university Melbourne AU, Monash University Melbourne AU, Bergamo IT, singaore polytechnic singapore SG, University of Greenwich Chatham GB, IUG Gaza IL, ITESM Queretaro MX, Madrid madrid ES, Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne GB, SASTRA Deemed University Thanjavur, Tamil nadu IN, dfhfh dfhdfh EG, romco parma IT, MIEM Moscow RU, Mangalore University MANGALORE IN, Kumoh National Inisitute of Technology Gumi KR, Amravati University Shegaon IN, pes college of engineering mysore IR, information and communication univ. Daejun KR, LV-Veflausnir ehf. Hafnarfjordur IS, uom dearborn US,

Sep 2004

gigavis giheung KR, Miwaukee US, A.S.U. glendale US, zjnu jinhua CN, oxford london AZ, jordan university of science and technology irbid JO, dfgdfgdg dfgdfg IN, Endesa Córdoba ES, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Manizales CO, University of Colombo Colombo LK, University of Texas Austin US, INIMEC Cordoba AR, City University HK HK, rhsystems Batesville US, UNIVAP São Jos?dos Campos BR, U.I.A. SJO CR, dcfgdtyv xdtfggd rty IN, INIMEC Cordoba AR, Federal University of Parana - UFPR Curitiba BR, Seoul National University of Technology Seoul KR, INFLPR Bucharest RO, Xi'an Insititute of Technoldge xi'an China , Coin Acceptors Inc. St. Louis US, NCTU shin chu TW, telecom italia torino IT, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, telecom italia torino IT,  CN,  CN, DT asdf YE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, Tianjing University, China Tianjin CN, london GB, Xidian xian CN, University Cochin IN, apcoms rawalpindi PK, INTA Torrejon de Ardoz ES, INTA Torrejon de Ardoz ES, INTA Torrejon de Ardoz ES, fei` gsd , ok some beach , Univ Koblenz-Landau Koblenz DE, athens GR, Yun-Lin university Yun-Lin TW, university of koblenz koblenz DE, Yun-Lin university Yun-Lin TW, 5 6 TM, Vancouver CA, SIUE Edwardsville US, Federal University of Paran?- UFPR Curitiba BR, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, Ajou Suwon KR, laas-cnrs toulouse FR,  HK, S.S.G.M.C.E Shegaon IN, IncGEO Hasselt BE, Tianjin Univ. Tianjin CN, I.T.O VER MX,  ID, University of the West Indies Kingston JM, Fairview Heights US, University of Poitiers Poitiers FR,  HK,  DE, TU Wien North Vancouver CA, KLA-Tencor San Jose US, Whitehouse college New York US, Mercer University Macon , Albright College Reading US, Baghdad University Baghdad IQ, shenyang institute of academy shenyang CN, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai CN, comsats lahore PK, East Kent Hospital Trust Canterbury KENT UK GB, MSU Ngk IN, Soochow Taipei TW, . . KR, ITO/UDLA Ver/Pue MX, penn state university university park US, Taipei TW, Personal Touch Detailing Columbus US, ufr sciences reims FR, GB, JinLin University Changchun CN, LAAS-CNRS toulosue FR, winxpme CMP, dsfjklsdfjk lksdfklsdf IN, buenos aires AR, NARSS cairo EG, NARSS cairo EG, Huddersfileld Crowborough GB, Univ. of Incheon Incheon KR, OmniVision San Jose US,  BR, tampa US, UTSAM Machala EC, Montevideo UY, cdac noida noida IN, EPN quito EC, a a MY, Taibah Madinah SA, duth xanthi GR, Nagoya Unversity Nagoya JP, Universidad de Colima Colima MX, inria paris FR, Les Angels du Charlie Le Paris FR, EPN quito EC, EPN quito EC, um kuala lumpur MY, UET TAXILA ISLAMABAD PK, Berhampur University Berhampur IN, Automated Technology (Phil) Inc. PH, Soongsil Univ. Seoul KR, Cambridge US, CItyU HK HK,  FR, annecy FR, UCF Olando US, CNRS-LAAS toulouse FR, Multimedia University Malaysia Cyberjaya MY, West texas A&M University Canyon US, West texas A&M University Canyon US, Nagoya Univ. Nagoya JP, Nagoya Univ. Nagoya JP, Nagoya Univ. Nagoya JP, Espol Guayaquil EC, Espol Guayaquil EC, CTS Madurai IN, IIT Mumbai IN, wer wert ZR, dongeui pusan KR, seoul KR, Cal Poly Pomona Pomona US, ECIII, LLC Yuma US, Hogeschool Gent Gent BE,  RO, Xidian University Xi'an CN, U.O.B Manama BH, U.O.B Manama BH, JWINT Seoul KR, APIIT SDN BHD Kuala Lumpur MY, Universidad de Cantabria Santander ES, Universidad de Cantabria Santander ES, athens athens GR, National Cheng Kung University Tainan TW, University of Canberra Bruce, ACT AU, Montana Statle landenberg US, RNI Amsterdam NL, ZJU HZ CN, Nice France FR, goldsmith london GB, university of nottingham nottingham GB, CCS, Inc. Farmington US, UFPR Curitiba BR, ITB Bandung ID, University MIEE Moscow RU, iug gaza IL, BIT Mesra Ranchi IN, iug gaza IL, U.S.A. Mobile US,  US, university of south alabama mobile US, Boston Mountain News Marshall US, Tampere University of Technology Tampere FI, iug gaza IL, iug gaza IL, 123 231 , - Leiden NL, CRI levis CA, UNAM Mexico MX, Xi'an Jiaotong university Xi'an CN,  GB, m'sia kch MY,  TW, Metropolitan State U Denver US, inin mexico MX,  IN, UCSC Colombo LK, Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing CN, McGill Montreal CA,  DE, Islamic University of gaza gaza IL, Nottingham Nottingham GB, Concordia University Montreal CA, nsysu Kao-Hsiung TW, Etisalat dubai AE, Faculty of Engineering Mansoura EG, Inha University Incheon KR, GIK Institude Tioi PK, Roma3 Rome IT, iscte lisbon PT, iscte lisbon PT, Mumbai Univ. Mumbai IN, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK,  DE, na irvine US, git atlanta US, Alcorn Enterprise Flint US, SIUE BATCHTOWN US, hyderabad IN,

Oct 2004

rit 280 kimball drive US, Aurora US, tehran tehran IR, image Beijing CN, Siemens Pune IN, just amman JO, just amman JO, Computeach International Center Amman JO, SIUE Edwardsville US, University of Athens Athens GR, * madrid ES,  ES, Ilam University Ilam IR, Dallas US, NTNU Taipei TW, d d EH, - Tuticorin IN, University of Liege Mellet BE, Freiburg DE, Asean Institute of Technology Bangkok TH, Asean Institute of Technology Bangkok TH, South China University of Technology Guangzhou CN,  DE, sichuan university chengdu CN, TU Sofia BG, izuiz zuizi DE, UEM Maring BR, WOM Lemke Groebenzell DE, dit trento IT, SHI Dae Jeon KR, IIT Kharagpur kharagpur IN, wipro bangalore IN, cyu taipei  , victoria wellington NZ, univ of tx arlington US, UCR San Jose CR, NTNU Taipei TW, St. Francis Institute of Technical Education Mumbai IN, National Taiwan Normal University Taipei TW, Ankara University Ankara TR, bend US, UNT Denton US,  sit seoul KR, MoTech Software Mumbai IN, Universit?di Padova Padova IT, SCOE, Pune University, India Pune IN, ROBUS, Inc. SEOUL KR, NCTU Hsinchu TW, central calgary CA, ktu trabzon TR, Technical University of Lodz Lodz PL, TingHua University BeiJing,China CN, NCTU Hsinchu TW, University of Windsor Windsor CA, kjvjhkv kgbkj US, Faculty of computers -Menoufia university Shebin elkom EG, Faculty of computers -Menoufia university Shebin elkom EG, Sulaimany Sulaimany IQ, IQ,  SG, ict Beijing CN, labri bordeAUx FR, San German US, Bordeaux 2 Bordeaux FR, Seville Seville ES, Jordan University of Science and Technology Irbid JO, USC Santiago de Compostela ES, xidian university xi'an CN, Universidad de Cantabria Santander ES, NCTU taipei TW, cu kolkata IN, samsung daegu  , Zamudio ES, Kwandong Uni. KangNung KR, NCTU hsinchu TW, HKUST Hong Kong HK, NCTU Hsinchu TW, SIU US US, g f IT, Sherbrooke University, Qc, Canada La Varenne St-Hilaire FR, taiwan taiwan TW, zanko suly IQ, Miami US, Carleton Ottawa CA, Instituto Tecnologico de Merida merida MX,  WF, WuHan WuHan CN, zanko sulaimany EH, University of Pune Pune,Maharashtra IN, sai gon VN, University of Lausanne Lausanne CH, ddd ddd VI, Yuan Ze University Chun-Li TW, University of Pune Pune IN, I2IT Pune,Maharashtra , I2IT Pune,Maharashtra IN, iit bombay mumbai IN, iit bombay mumbai IN, iit Bombay mumbai IN, IIT Bombay Mumbai IN, I2IT Pune IN, , Ho chi minh Polytechnique ho chi minh city VN, wuhan university wuhan CN, saitama university saitama JP, CSD slemani IQ,  Cenidet Cuernavaca, Morelos MX,  DE, TW TW TW,  TR, SZABIST Islamabad PK, EFPG Saint Martind'Héres FR, TKU Taipei TW, UWI Kingston JM, san marcos Lima PE, Nottingham University nottingham GB, University of south alabama Mobile US, seoul KR, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Kajang MY, Daejun KR, INSA TOULOUSE FR,  US, Indian Institue of India Delhi IN, Tianjin Univ. Tianjin CN, UIIP Minsk , Tianjin Univ. Tianjin CN, Premier Polytronics Coimbatore IN, NTU SG, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong , aas kl MY, kou izmit TR, University of South Alabama Mitchell Center mobile US, State Univ of New York, Stony Brook Stony Brook US, Redcliff CA, FCIS-ASU Cairo EG, amrita coimbatore IN, amrita vishwa vidyapeetham coimbatore IN, National Chaio Tung University Hsinchu TW, University of Sulaimany Sulaimany FR, Ho Chi Minh Polytechnique, Viet Nam ho chi minh , Sevilla Sevilla ES, City Unviersity of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong , Kyushu Institute of Technology Iizuka JP, University wuhan CN, huazhong university of sci&tech wuhan CN, ChungBuk National Univ. ChengJu KR, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, City University of Hong Kong HK, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, IIT dfada NP, Trafik Lyon FR, IIT kharagpur IN, IIT kharagpur IN, Circleville US, csuFresno fresno US, Moscow Unversity Moscow RU, Msc University Moscow RU, COLLEGE OF EME , NUST , PAKISTAN ISLAMABAD , PAKISTAN PK, University of Southern Denmark Esbjerg DK, kemi FI, Taiwan taipei ,  GB, Univer POn,tpelier OO aze WF, Universitat Karlsruhe Karlsruhe DE, Bharathiyar Unversity Tamilnadu IN, U HK HK, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES CHANGCHUN CN, Hong Kong City University Hong Kong HK, Politecnico di Bari Altamura (BA) IT, NUS singapore SG, honam univ. Gwangju KR, Honam University Gwangju KR, UMDNJ Newark US, UnB Brasilia BR, china beizing , IFI Hanoi VN, aviation university ,korea seoul KR, asd ffdw VN, nanosys co.,ltd seoul KR, HUST Wuhan CN, Dartmouth Hanover US, 456 456 TO, MCI Madrid ES,  GR,  GR,  HU, 1 1 , Security Defense Systems Nutley US, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Coimbatore,Tamilnadu IN, qqq china WF, Institut de la Francophonie pour Hanoi VN, Institut de la Francophonie pour Hanoi VN, NCTU Hsinchu TW, ha sdkl TW,  milano IT,  TW, fdsf fdsfs YE, lowry bros m..m. tampa US, Idaho State University Pocatello US, nctu taipei TW, UNL santa fe AR, still the same DE, TU-Braunschweig DE, nobody nobody WF, wet wet , Wayne State University Detroit US, kansas city US, SmartOne Landenberg US, uia kl ER, Taif uni Taif SA, Sharif University of Tech. Tehran IR,  TW, Wilsonville US, afsd asdf EH, jaya engineering college BG, Universidade Federal Fluminense Niteroi - RJ BR, Strathclyde Glasgow GB, US NAVY Dahlgren US, US NAVY Dahlgren US, UPC Barcelona ES,  SG,

Nov 2004

QUT brisbane AU, Faculty of Technical Sciences Bitola MK, ENSSAT Lannion FR, siue edwardsville US, Enertec Enertec FR, AMC Italy Trofarello IT, Hanyang University Seoul KR,  YU, YE, Harris Melbourne US,  IT, MEDECOM DAOULAS FR, SKK Seoul KR, University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch ZA, jiiiiji jiijij VU, Ostfold College Tune NO, UCI Irvine US, University IN,  IQ, pbi univ patiala,pb IN,  DK, Spin SA Barcelona ES, Tallinn University of Technology/Elcoteq Tallinn EE,  metu ankara TR, Northwestern State La. Athens US, the blacksea technical university trabzon TR, atm ulsan KR, EUITIT Barcelona ES,  sunnyvale US, La Laguna La Laguna ES, Aitek Genova IT, U.Complutense Madrid ES, ntu taiwan TW, Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic Kemi FI, Blink Digital Halifax CA, Univ. of Chicago Chicago US, FTT/UMUC Carshalton GB, university of technology Hochiminh City US, university of technology HCM US, University of Pune Pune IN,  CN, SJTU,CHINA shanghai CN, uestc ChengDu CN, Europa Communications Sydney AU, UNED VALENCIA ES, National Chiao Tung University ShinChu TW, H.K.S. Systems PUNE IN, Zagazig university Cairo EG, nthu taipei TW, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Eindhoven NL, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Eindhoven NL, Tianjin university China Tianjin CN, NTUAT Taipei TW, University of Zielona Gora Zielona Gora PL, Univ of Southern Californai US, Edutech Bradford GB,  Indra Madrid ES,  xian YU, ddfddf xddxdxdgx FR, MIT New York US, DT cs CN, UWE Bristol GB, FST TUNIS TN, Sepidar Elecronics Tabriz IR, csu Chang sha CN, CNU Daejeon KR, santiago de cali cali CO,  US, Reston US, Hansung University Seoul KR, UAM-I D.F. MX, unknown hp VN, Pusan National University Busan KR, UHo Holguin CU,  TM, iowa state univ Ames US, Chapel Hill US,  University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon city PH, USC LA US, SSH Pachuca MX, Universidad Simón Bolívar Caracas VE, madrid ES, eurosky paris FR, ioe kathmandu NP, University of Detroit Mercy Detroit US, SIUE Edwardsville US, Nagano pref. Okaya JP, LOYOLA la paz BO, uni jena jena DE, dfgdf dfgdfg VI, fghfgh fghfgh VI, Santa Maria University Santiago CL, Santa Maria University Santiago CL, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, UP manila PH, ujat cunduacan MX, Enhanced Chip Technology Inc Seoul KR,  BG, UC Berkley Berkley US, University of the West Indies Kingston JM, NCTU Taipei TW, s s TM, UNL Monte de Caparica PT, orebro university orebro SE, orebro university orebro SE, Viswesvaraih Technologocal Univ Banglore IN, masan a KR, a a , a a , Northwestern Polytechnical University Xi'an CN, University pusan , University pusan , U. of Calgary calgary CA, central queensland univ rockhampton AU,  ES, brunel university GB, BUT Brno CZ, student kolkata IN, SanJaaC Electronics SanJaaC Electronics Medellin CO, a a , Univ. Nacional de Colombia Bogota CO, uniciencia Medellín CO, Tampere University of Technology Tampere FI,  TW, HKU HK HK, CalPolyPomona Pomona US, CalPolyPomona Pomona US, Sanaa YE, Eindhoven University of Technology Eindhoven NL, s d KR, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, UP Diliman Quezon City PH, Crazing Studio Shenzhen CN, UFPR Curitiba - Parana BR, UFPR Curitiba - Parana BR, NCTU Hsinchu TW, FEUP Porto PT, FEUP Porto PT, up diliman quezon city PH, ipn df MX, Uniquindio Armenia CO, FEUP Porto PT, viterbo IT, Virginia Tech Blacksburg US, University of Tromsoe Tromsoe NO, sdfd wer VI, Dayton US, Inha univ inchon KR, UZ zielona góra PL, Quan Taipei TW, Ain-Shams univ Cairo EG, Ain-Shams univ Cairo EG, Ain-Shams univ Cairo EG, Ain-Shams univ Cairo EG, Ain Shams University Cairo EG, Ain-Shams Cairo EG, Schwenningen DE, The University of the West Indies Kingston JM, universidad de valencia valencia ES, Uppsala University Uppsala SE, Private London GB, Lappeenranta University of Technology Lappeenranta FI, Hankuk Aviation University seoul KR, Siemens Pune IN, Sana'a YE, Sana'a YE, zju hz CN, gdf dfgd TV, university of leeds leeds GB, aca shenzheng CN, Newark US, NUST Rawalpindi PK, NUST Rawalpindi PK, ANU UA, UNM Los Lunas US,  KR, Sam sijg UY, sjtu shanghai CN, hongkong hongkong YU, Tecpro S de RL Mi Cuernavaca, Morelos MX,  TW, NTNU TW, Sevilla Sevilla ES, ULg Liège BE, Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin CN, JUST university irbed JO, JUST university irbed JO, dadas daa YE,  JP, hefei university of technology hefei CN, university of washington tacoma US, nooe nonoe WF, Tecpro S de RL Cuernavaca, Mor MX, CUMTB Beijing CN, jordan university for scientifics and amman JO, NTNU Taipei TW, Universidad de La Laguna La Laguna ES, asdf philadelphia US, Udabol Bolivia La Paz BO, vtu .... IN, NENU Changchun CN, Manchester Metropolitan University colombo LK, Jllin university changchun CN, Aeroflex Wichita US, Honam University Kwang Ju KR, ain shams university cairo EG, Queen Mary London GB, TEC2 Chihuas MX, Alpine Electronics Iwaki JP, indiana US,  GB,  IT,  IT, ulsan ulsan , FR, Lund University Lund SE, a a YE, IITD Dehli IN, USACH Santiago CL, Brgm orleans FR, metu ankara , Compsis São Jos?dos Campos BR, Compsis São Jose dos Campos BR, Comunix UK GB, JUST Irbid JO, Compsis São Jose dos Campos BR, Bydgoszcz Academy Bydgoszcz PL, home Lviv UA, - kol EH, yonsei university seoul KR, Technical Education HCMC Ho Chi Minh VN, UNC Chapel Hill US, cvb YE, kiev UA, ss ss WF, taiwan chia-yi TW, Dep.of Ocean.,Nation Taiwan Ocean Uni. KEELUNG TW, NTNU Trondheim NO, NCKU Tainan TW,  WF, University of Sydney Sydney AU, Irvine Valley College Irvine US, amrita coimbatore IN, NTCU aaa VN, NTNU Taipei TW,  TW, kaist seoul KR, Sum Microsystems Trondheim NO, Jordan university of science and technology Irbid JO,  TW, Wayne S.U. Detroit US, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok TH, NTNU Taipei TW, eng Ancona IT, eing Ancona IT, eing ancona IT, eing ancona IT, eing ancona IT, National Chiao Tung University ShinChu TW, COMPANY STELLENBOSCH ZA, New Bulgarian University Sofia BG, Inst. Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics Bucharest-Magurele RO, Universit?Jean Monnet St Etienne FR, Universit?Jean Monnet St Etienne FR, Universit?Jean Monnet St Etienne FR, NCTU Hsinchu TW, National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu, Taiwan TW, NCTU HsinCHu TW, National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu TW,

Dec 2004

Tamil Nadu Forest Department in India/ Chennai IN, National Yunlin University of Science and Douliu TW, Pondicherry IN, a wuhan CN,  RU, Applied Science University Amman JO, erciyes kutahya TR, USRA Silver Spring US, Mumbai Mumbai IN, Northwestern Polytechnical University xi'an CA, hfut hefei CN, Dokuz Eylül Unv. izmir TR, Uniten Selangor MY, timeat CHATEAUBOURG FR, timeat CHATEAUBOURG FR, uniten bangi MY, uniten bangi MY, uniten bangi MY, uniten bangi MY, NCTU Taichung TW, east coweta senoia US, UNITEN Selayang MY, TCE TCE Madurai IN, TCE Madurai IN,  GB, mta telaviv IL, EWA Government Systems, Inc. Ridgecrest US, rte df VN,  HR, Perm RU, University Kajang MY, universiti tenaga nasional selangor MY, Tenaga Nasional University Selangor MY, Munich DE, changchun technical university changchun CN, kindagarden usa ?? TK,  ES, MIT US US, salahaddin erbil IQ, gumi KR, Icos Haasrode BE,  TW, Bahria University karachi PK, Suzuka University of Medical Science Suzuka JP, lab bologna IT, Lockheed Martin Sunnyvale US, National Institute of Standards and Boulder US,  TW, Public Mexico MX, cvip39i winxpme National, Chiao-Tung, University, malaysia kl MY,  ES, s s TT, National Chiao Tung University ShinChu TW, IIT Kharagpur IN, vds dmdd JM, farhet setif DZ, farhet setif DZ, farhet setif DZ, luster beijing CN,  EH, JUST Irbid JO, University of Colorado Denver US, NCTU hsinchu TW, UNITEN kl MY, universidade metodista de piracicaba piracicaba BR, uniten selangor MY, uniten selangor MY, JUST Irbid JO, taiwan taipei TW, humancry enterprise & companys newport US, MSU Batavia US, university jakarta ID, Monroe #1 BOCES Rochester US, MSU East Lansing US, Uniten Kajang MY, taipei TW, UFRN Natal BR, Jiangsu University of Sciencce and Techology ZhenJiang,China CN, University of Colorado Denver US, REFER Rio de Janeiro BR, espol guayaquil EC, Espol Guayaquil EC, TongJi university ShangHai CN, Univ. of West Florida Pensacola US,  QQ QQ  , University of Illinois Champaign US, National University of San Luis, Argentina San Luis AR, University of Colorado Denver US, TongJi University ShangHai CN, syswill seoul KR, Penn State University State College US, universidad nacional de colombia manizales CO, - - ZW, thu beijing CN, asd asd AE, df er YE, cnu, korea kwangju KR, Chung Ang University Seoul KR, Nation Taiwan University Taipei, Taiwan TW,  wuhan university wuhan CN, uniten MY, uniten MY, telespazio matera IT, Bangalore IN, CAS BEIJIN CN, HAN Arnhem NL,  FR, Kuala Lumpur MY, Tenaga Nasional University Bangi MY, CAS BEIJIN CN, CAS BEIJIN CN, cas beijin CN, cas beijin CN,  MY, KCE Coimbatore IN, FI, CAS.CHINA BEIJIN CN,  IN, liet alwar ALWAR IN,  Penang MY, uniten malaysia MY, Karpagam college of Engg Coimbatore IN, LIU Brooklyn US, EDS Defence Limited London GB,  terrebonne CA, na Charlottesville US, tyyuu saddser YE, tyytytu ytuiiu YE, Fukui University Fukui JP, technovas seoul KR, the University of Arizona Tucson US, Carmel US, Some University Somewhere US, BREST FR, BARANI INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RAWALPINDI PK, bosphorus university istanbul TR, lksdjf lkdjf , yut tyu , fs sd , University of Wollongong Wollongong AU, Quanticorp Houston US, Quanticorp Houston US, qre4rrt4 london ZR, universidad de colima colima mexico MX, Hsuan Chuang University Hsinchu City TW, University of New Haven West Haven US, Universit?degli Studi di Brescia Brescia IT, UESTC CD CN, anna university chennai TV, IIRS DehraDun IN, portland US, hufs korea , ETSII Valladolid ES,  PH, UH Physics Houston US, Surry Hills AU, Surry Hills AU, Universit?degli Studi Milano Bicocca Milan IT, uem BR, Draco Systems Barcelona ES, esd sdf , w ww , sdfsdf sfd , NTU csie Taipei TW, int fdhfd UA, int paris FR,  GB, Pune Pune IN, UFRGS Porto Alegre BR, Uniten Butterworth,Penang. MY, sff sfsf , sff sfsf ,  JP, UCE Burla sambalpur IN, Polytechnic University Brooklyn US, hankuk aviation univ goyang KR, Sun Yat Sen University Guangzhou CN, uni beijing US, inha incheon KR, Univ. of Technology & Agriculture Bydgoszcz PL, Sichuan University Chengdu CN, polytechnic tehran IR, polytechnic tehran IR, polytechnic tehran IR, W E , hindsight imaging waterlooville GB, Hindsight Imaging Waterlooville GB, National Chiao Tung University HsinChu TW, Technion Haifa IL, OSU columbus US, Hospital Univ. Son Dureta Palma de Mallorca ES, ntnu taipei UG, ndhu Hualian TW, jiangsu police institute nanjing CN, University of Belize Belize City, Belize BZ, University of Belize Belize City, , Penn State State College US, Rowan University Glassboro US, manchester manchester GB, Baltimore US, ITS Surabaya ID, a a UA, Southeast university Nanjing CN, Nanjing University of Information Sci. & Nanjing CN, Nanjing University of Information Sci. & Nanjing CN, University of Seville - Spain Seville ES, sasa saudi , sruthi chennai IN, usp sp BR, IIT Roorkee Dehradun IN,  University of Bristol Bristol GB, University of Rochester Rochester US,  CA, DIGI Software Philippines Inc. Makati PH, dfgdf gjkhgj WF, ESPOL Guayaquil EC, enis tunis TN, Rovira i Virgili University Tarragona ES, Zhejiang University Hang zhou CN, universitatea transilvania brasov RO, Taipei , Nanyang Technological University Singapore SG, Karolinska Institute Stockholm SE, Biomedical Engineering - Cairo University Cairo EG, City College of New York New York US, National ChungHsing University Taichung TW, Best NL,  GB, farhat abbas setif DZ, farhat abbas setif algerie DZ, farhat abbas setif DZ, uk ZM, farhat abbas setif algerie DZ, farhat abbas setif algerie DZ, farhat abbas setif algerie DZ, IIT kharagpur kgp IN, Samsung Seoul KR, a a WF, ENSSAT Lannion FR,  VG,

Jan 2005

 espol guayaquil EC, espol guayaquil EC, Isfahan university of technology isfahan-Iran IR, t t TW, University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, VUT Brno Brno CZ, NMTCC North Wales US, University of Massachusetts,Lowell Lowell US, springfield US, NMTCC North Wales US, SIU-E Flowery Branch US, rio de janeiro BR, Riverside Christian School Yakima US, Riverside Christian School Yakima US, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, AuthenTec Melbourne US, NUS Singapore , LUMS Lahore PK, KArlsruhe Stuttgart DE, nil ottawa CA, Mehran University Hyderabad PK, Montana State University Bozeman US, Chaoyang University of Technology Wufeng, Taichung TW,  Mehran University of Engineering & Hyderabad PK, mumbai university mumbai IN, Oerlikon Contraves St-Jean-sur-Richelieu CA, China University of Geosciences Beijing CN, NUS Singapore SG,  GB, NIISA Moscow RU, cqu cq SG, si KR, university of the philippines diliman PH, Instituto de Educação Superior da Paraíba João Pessoa BR, AMgroup Ottawa CA, Milford US,  US, Sichuan University Chengdu CN, LIRIS Lyon FR, Bournemouth University Bournemouth GB, Seoul Nat'l Univ Seoul KR, ea ADD CL, SNU Seoul KR, independent researcher San Diego US, san agustin arequipa arequipa PE, Self employed Beijing CN, Clark University Atlanta US, f f FK, I am staying for a sabbatical in UK OXFORD , UK IL, university of Lyon 2 lyon FR,  ZA, Sulaimani sulaimani IQ, university of Sulaimani Sulaimani IQ, fdsa fdsa TO, Bangalore IN, tce bangalore IN, cau singa SG, Mayo Clinic/Foundation Rochester US, Salt Lake City US, Cal Poly Pomona La Verne US, Technical Solutions,Inc El Paso US, Creo Herzlia IL, nust nanjing CN, wertwrt wertwert EH, fr vv TH,  US, Cal Poly Pomona La Verna US, university of the philipines PH, AUST BEIRUT LB, MIt mempsis US, MLSU Udaipur IN,  cal poly pomona pomona US, NUS Singapore SG, NUS Singapore SG, California State University Pomona Pomona US, US,  US, NASA Cleveland US, imu china CN, Oakland University Sterling Heights US, SIUE Edwardsville US, OSU Stillwater US, Core Seoul KR, shreza londen GB, Penn State Hershey US, KMUTT Bangkok TH, KMUTT Bangkok TH, nus singapore SG, SIEMENS Bangalore IN, NUS Singapore SG, NUS Singapore SG, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, NUS singapore , dod seoul KR, ESPOL Guayaquil EC, CH,  GB, University of Manchester Manchester GB, CalPoly Pomona Pomona US, CalPoly Pomona Pomona US, CalPoly Pomona Pomona US, espol guayaquil EC, espol guayaquil EC, towson university Baltimore US, self acton US, self Acton US, sadas sadsa GB, hgj gjh IN, pi madrid ES, taipei  , any any WF, ugr granada ES, uniten kajang MY, NUE WUHAN CN, Najaf Abad university Esfahan IR, Najaf Abad University Esfahan IR, dd qytrjhdhf VN, Anna University Chennai IN, Sevilla Sevilla ES, UAC Campeche MX, Montana State University Bozeman US, semyung university incheon KR, FI, Cal Poly Pomona Pomona US, Montana State Bozeman US, university jinan CN, KMITNB TH, Cal Poly Pomona Pomona US,  Montreal CA, Anna University Chennai IN, UET-Lahore Lahore PK, Anna University Chennai IN, University of Vienna Vienna AT, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Medellin CO,  JP, sd sdf UG, bedford US, Kerala university Kerala,India IN, NUI,Galway, Ireland IE, Kyungbook National University Daegu KR, BeiHang University Beijing CN, radboud nijmegen NL, Seville Seville ES, * * GB,  SIUE Ed US, Sofia Sofia BG, GEO2000 Brie FR, montreal CA, AUS Sharjah AE, KMITNB TH, Ceuta ES, Neosix Seoul KR, SIUE Edwardsville US, ISRO KHARAGPUR IN, University of Texas El Paso US, KMITNB Bangkok TH, Dalhousie University Halifax CA, Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw PL, orc los angeles US, ssa ass , KMITNB bangkok TH, King Mongkut Institute of Techology North Bangkok TH, college of science baghdad IQ, zhejiang university hangzhou CN, NUS Singapore SG,  CN, University of Texas El Paso US, Gist Gwangju, Korea KR, NSEC Kolkata IN, Athens GR, sdfsf asdfasdf US, it? istanbul TR, uady merida, yuc MX, mljnlnlnl lknll IS, UET Islamabad PK, cal poly pomona pasadena US,  US, Illinois Institute of Technology chicago US, Jilin University Changchun LK, Jilin University Changchun CN, Bapuji Institute of Engg. & Tech. Davangere, Karnataka , India IN, Nanometrics Milpitas US, HCM VN,  Marydel US, Robert Gordon Uni. Aberdeen GB,  Pune Pune IN, pune pune IN, Pune Pune IN, anna university madurai IN, ntut taipei TW, Anna University Chennai IN, HK CN,  Polythecnical of Madrid () Polythecnical of Madrid () ELLAB, University of Patras Patras GR, University Verona IT, Start Corporation Sydney AU, Clark Atlanta University Atlanta US,  US,  Pune IN,  IT, Cal Poly Pomona US, Sydney AU, SCUEC WUHAN CN,  UA, KMITL Bangkok TH, uniten kl MY, NIT,Trichy Trichirappalli IN,  ZR, WUHAN University WUHAN CN, iit chennai IN, Automated Technology Phil. Inc. Cabuyao PH, chelase london GB, Santiago CL,  ncu hsinchu TW, MUET hyderabad PK,

Feb 2005

Retired from DuPont Co Wilmington US, New Paltz US, UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE CARTAGENA CARTAGENA ES, jjrtyjytrjt rjturjtyrty SD, Castilla-la-mancha Albacete ES, Universidad Católica del Norte Antofagasta CL, zsu guangzhou CN, CDI Bogota ,  kmitl Bangkok TH, VGTU Vilnius LT, d d , NUDT beijing CN,  UFPR Curitiba BR, Dalhousie University Halifax CA,  Bangalore university Bangalore IN, jntu,hyderabad,india hyderabad IN, NUS Singapore Singapore SG, Universiad Politécnica de Valencia Spain ES, Bombay University Mumbai IN,  University of Zilina Zilina SK, GCT coimbatore IN, mint MY, MINT Kuala Lumpur MY, MINT Kuala Lumpur MY, MINT KUALA LUMPUR MY, nanjing CN,  JP, JNTU Hyderabad AP India Hyderabad IN, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, skcc KR,  UTEP El Paso US,  University of Melbourne Melbourne AU, University of Melbourne Melbourne AU,  montana state university bozeman US, msu-bozeman bozeman US, R D VG, facultad informätica de la coruña Coruña ES, facultad informätica de la coruña Coruña ES,  Montana State University Bozeman US, Bioimaging Laboratory, Inc Kyoto JP, Multimedia University Cyberjaya MY, Djillali Liabes university Bel Abbes DZ, University of tehran Tehran IR, University of tehran Tehran IR, University of tehran Tehran IR, University of tehran Tehran IR, msu-bozeman bozeman US, MSU-Bozeman Bozeman US, Kyung buk university daegu KR, CAU Atlanta US, sdf sdf US, University College London London GB, Paris 7 paris FR, University of the West of England Bristol GB, UJF Grenoblr FR,  FR, Ruprecht-Karls-Univerity Heidelberg DE, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi IN, tggr trgr US, North Chelmsford US, ainshams university cairo EG, Montana State University Bozeman US, acharya nagarjuna university guntur IN, University of Guelph Guelph CA, Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA, RIT US, Aairam Solutions, India Kolhapur IN, hunan universtiy changsha CN, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi New Delhi IN, RM Bogota CO, Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA,  VGTU Vilnius LT, Federal University of Parana - UFPR Curitiba BR,  Coruña ES, ClashCityRockers Clash city YU, University of Memphis Memphis US, uady merida MX, uwa livingston US, U.T. El Paso El Paso US, NUS Singapore SG, FESB, University of Split SPLIT HR, sa sA , Xiamen University Xiamen CN, sharif tehran ,  TW, ain shams university cairo EG, Montana State University Bozman US, Stanford university Stanford US, Phoenix US, asd asd , asd asd DK, asd asd DK, asdasd asdasd AF, NUS Singapore SG, aumdiatech surat IN, vtu karnataka india bijapur IN,  as sa YE, FH Rosenheim Rosenheim DE, as as ,  NUS singapore SG, towson towon US, SG,  SG, politecnico di milano Milano IT, chennai IN, winxpme , NA US US, vgtu vilnius LT, Philadelphia University Amman JO, Mansoura Uni. Mansoura EG, Glendale US, Glendale US, springvale AU, tehran IR, Aston University Birmingham GB, industry algeria DZ, University Of Crete Chania GR, vgtu vilnius LT, NUS Singapore SG, UCET Kielce PL, Islamic university gaza strp IL, trakya edirne TR, ULL La Laguna ES, vgtu vilnius LT, iVision Belo Horizonte BR, a India ZM, VGTU Vilnius LT, IITR Roorkee IN,  ANRAD Montreal CA, e f IT, Hospital La Coruña ES, Utah State University Logan US, University of Utah Lucian Blaga University Sibiu Sibiu RO, U of Alberta Edmonton CA, Montana State University Bozeman US, Honeywell Albuquerque US, hjkkl yioguk YE, vilnius gediminas techincal university vilnius LT, King Abul Aziz University Jedda SA, maryland baltimore UM, CLARK UNIVERSITY Atlanta US, Clemson clemson US, Retired UC/LANL Torrance US, VGTU Vilnius LT, aaa aaa LT, Vilnius Gediminas technical University Vilnius LT, ITA São Jos?dos Campos BR,  TUC Chania GR, Jerusalem IL, ASI Chupei TW, university mysore IN, nagarjunauniversity guntur IN, Liverpool University Liverpool GB,  US, NMTCC North Wales US, Pappalardo Fort Worth US, asdqqw asdewrwer YE, FIT Nicosia CY, University of Helsinki Helsinki FI, City Univ. of Hong Kong Hong Kong CN, Pune Pune IN, TXSOFT shangHai CN, Ktech p. ltd. Pondicherry IN, San Diego US, Fredricton Kanata , Fredricton Kanata , Virginia Tech Blacksburg US, uady tizimin MX, APIIT kuala lumpur MY, Inha Univ. KR,  Tulane University New Orleans US, Tulane University Tulane University New Orleans US, Stanford Stanford US, Medical Faculty Nis YU,  Aberdeen University Aberdeen GB, Xerox Paris FR, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok TH, almoustansiria baghdad IQ, Manipal University IN, UBC Vancouver CA, Medical Faculty Nis YU,  Gas Natural Barcelona ES,  University of Split SPLIT HR, up diliman PH, asdf asdf US, Instituto Astrofisico de Canarias La Laguna ES, Lund Institute of Technology Lund SE, VPCOE Baramati IN, La Serrania Ronda ES, Heriot-Watt Edinburgh GB,

Mar 2005

 Calgary CA, Tulane University New Orleans US, university buttala LK, paris sud orsay FR, Ingendesa S.A. Santiago - Chile , ETSI Telecomunicacion-UPM Madrid ES, ETSI Telecomunicacion-UPM Madrid ES, Udc A Coruña ES, Nagpur University Nagpur IN, University of South Australia Adelaide AU, Punjab UNiversity Lahore PK,  TN, Universidad de Sevilla Seville ES, nagpur university nagpur IN, EFI Atlanta US, umass lowell US, Yuan Ze University UMAss lowell lowell US, ASU Jonesboro US, ASU Jonesboro ,  CH, Isfahan University Isfahan IR,  BP. HU, La Coruña La Coruña ES, La Coruña La Coruña ES, GEITC Bangalore IN, Vodafone Ireland Dublin IE, alfabeta Belgrade YU,  Sydney AU, china SHANGHAI CN, UBIWIRELESS Coral Springs US, the University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham US, HR, Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba - Piracicaba BR,  American University in Dubai Dubai AE, Helwan University Cairo EG, Premier Evolvics Coimbatore IN, VNIIF Golosino RU, a a , edqe eqwd CK, A.S.M.A. Mainz DE, tehran university tehran IR,  Timisoara RO, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Selangor MY, University of Detroit Mercy Detroit US, Boise US, MAZANDARAN BABOL IR, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Beijing CN,  IN, BAE Systems Bournemouth GB, MSU East Lansing US, UofT Toronto CA, State Key Lab of CAD&CG Hangzhou CN, Xi'An Opt China Xi An CN, Proiser Buñol ES, Proiser Buñol ES, Fairborn Observatory Patagonia US, University of Peradeniya LK, Orenburg State University Orenburg RU, KKU Abha SA, ri Bangalore IN, TREBIC CZ, Universirty of Manchester Manchester GB, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Distrito Federal MX, Ramon Llull Univertsity Barcelona ES,  EG, mit moscow RU, Polytechnic Milan IT, cqu cq CN,  BE, University Of New hampshire Durham US, University Of New hampshire Durham US, Unincor University Cambuquira BR, arab academy for science and technology alex EG,  IR,  IR, Monash University Kuala Lumpur MY, Gooberville US, cenidet cuernavaca MX, University of Leeds Leeds GB, Aalborg University Aalborg DK, Kyungbuk Uni DaeGu KR, Paris France , shanghai fudan university shanghai CN, University of Stuttgart Stuttgart DE, JNTU Tirupathi IN, ETS SFil US,  OICES Lake Forest US, nexstar hwasung city KR, Lahore College for Women University Lahore PK, taiwan hsinchu TW, ccut cc CN, University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison US, Ain Shams University Cairo EG, Ain Shams University Cairo EG, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, SIUE eDWARDSVILLE US, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg DE, Coy Chiropractic Health Center, PC Glen Carbon US,  iiitb Bangalore IN, Concordia University Montreal CA, SIUE Edwardsville US, o6u cairo EG, UFPR Curitiba BR,  la Coruña ES, CONIDA Lima PE, mazandaran babol IR, vgtu wln ZW, Czech Agricultural University Prague CZ, APIIT kuala lumpur MY, SIUE Edwardsville US, Zhejiang University Hang zhou CX, UNAM Coacalco MX, Home Troy US, BION Institute SI, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, personal perth AU, daser kiolg AU, masr egypt EG, NUS SG, ISITV toulon FR,  FR, anna Madurai IN, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, home Montreal CA, universit?di padova venezia IT,  US, UNAM Mexico MX, kmitnb bkk TH, City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong HK, Wilmington US, University of Minnesota Minneapolis US, ISITV toulon FR, Shandong University Jinan CN, Korea University Seoul KR, I-Shou University Kaohsiung TW, POE taipei TW, USC CEBU PH, dankook seoul KR, TJU TianJin CN, The UWI St Augustine TT,  Ottawa University Ottawa CA,  DE, university of sabaragamuwa buttala LK,  IN, Govt. college of technology IN, Govt. college of technology coimbatore IN, MSE, Inc. Fairburn US, sfa seoul KR, DK, TaylorMade-adidas Golf Carlsbad US, Towson University Baltimore US, dankook seoul KR, Algiers DZ, Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA, Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA, NUS Singapore SG, dfd fd VN,  (c) Inzisoft Seoul KR, sdgf sdfgsd PF, fgj fghj ZM,  VN, aaa Vilnius LT, seoul seoul KR, McD academy assville UA,  pit pout CA, pit pout CA, pit pout CA, vgtu vilnius LT, SHNU,PRC Shanghai CN, Adrienne Blum Enamels Earlysville US, sherbrooke sherbrooke CA, SUNY Brooklyn US,  UANDES COL CO, Instituto Politecnico Nacional Mexico MX, UAE University Al-Ain AE, Coruña ES, trtrt trtrrt YE, GMR Institte Of Technology RAJAM IN, National University of Singapore Singapore SG, NUS singapore SG, CCU Chaiyai TW, Minervino Murge IT, haburd n.y KR, WestCzech Bohemian University Plze CZ, BOE Asmara ER, cib Taipei TW, gadjah mada university jogjakarta ID, NUS Singapore SG, NUS Singapore SG, US US, US, vilnius technical university vilnius LT, CICESE Ensenada MX, News Corporation (NI) Liverpool GB,  Normal US, berlin DE,  SE, - - EH,  Malaysian College University of Science & Kuala Terengganu MY,  ZM, mint MY,  zhejiang Normal University Jin hua CN, npic pingtung TW, usherb sherbrooke CA, uned barna ES, CEA LIST PARIS FR, Omed Corp., Kitsuki-City Ohuchi 4744-7 JP, Omed Corp., Kitsuki-City Ohuchi 4744-7 JP,

Apr 2005

asdfj hanoi YE,  university of technology and defense hunan CN, sds dsd YE, ITBA Buenos Aires AR, paris xi orasy FR, NCKU Tainan TW, University California, San Diego La Jolla US,  New Bombay IN,  WF, baejae university taejeon  , PUCP lima PE, SHA Cairo EG, RAIT New Bombay IN, CSCS Manno CH, Perot System Bangalore IN, Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur Kolkata IN, Beihang University Beijing CN, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam NL, uqam montreal CA, HCM University of Natural Science HCM VN, uga uga uga uga ZW, University of Missouri Saint Louis US, Home VE,  US, Istanbul University Istanbul TR,  Technical University of Cartagena Cartagena ES, San Diego City College San Diego US, University Of Nottingham Nottingham GB, nanjing university nanjing CN, ini algiers ,  DZ, Victoria Uni, Otago Uni NZ, La Pagerie Quebec CA, ecnu shanghai , Korea University seoul KR, KLM Solutions Scarborough CA, UofA Tucson , ASU TEMPE US, ASU why does your site not work? Tempe , ASU Phoenix US, ASU Tempe US, U. de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA, U. de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke CA, MY, Montréal CA, Ecole polytechnique Montreal Montreal CA, Altoona US, ESCOM-IPN D.F. MX, EAFIT Medellin CO, FAST karachi PK, VIT Vellore IN, FAST Karachi PK,  UNR Rosario AR, Dalarna University SE,  UA,  ES,  CNIC Madrid ES, AVVP CBE IN, itu istanbul TR, University of Maryland, College Park College Park US, FI, University Cagliari IT, Tulsa US, base hit sports conyers , Koide (HK) Company Hongkong HK, AVC Chennai IN, insa rouen FR,  PE,  HK,  GB, Pokhara University Kathmandu NP, Shanghai University Shanghai CN, Shanghai University Shanghai CN,  BR, University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch ZA, University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch ZA, university of aplied science gummersbach DE,  calgary CA, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, MG, Belo Horizonte BR, Seoul National University Seoul KR, University of Vienna Vienna AT, pune university pune IN, pune university india pune IN, Personal Use Holmen ,  fsfds fsdsd IT, Sprint Manito US, CityU HK, Digital Manchester US, UPTECH LUCKNOW NOIDA IN, Columbia University New York US, UTC Compiègne FR, Caen Caen FR, kookdong seoul KR, IIT-BAS Sofia BG, UAH Huntsville US, PUC Rio de Janeiro BR, Uni Duisburg-Essen Essen DE, SNU Seoul KR, Chosun university Gwangju , Mansuora University Mansoura EG, lkjhsf rerer PK, UTFSM Valparaiso CL, UTFSM Valparaiso CL, Bournemouth University, UK GB,  TW,  IR, inhauniversity inchoen KR, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu IN, HUT Hanoi VN, Personal San Jose US, taipei taiwan TW, PUCIT Lahore PK, University of Applied Sciences / Austria StP AT, USTC hefei CN,  St Cloud US, Agric. Receearch center Alexandria EG, yeditepe university istnbul TR, - Cerritos US, taipei TW,  IT, Sathyabama Chennai IN, University of Cape Town Cape Town ZA, Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech of China Wuhan CN, UPTC TUNJA CO, Selçuk University Konya TR,  I-Lan college hsinchu TW, San Francisco US, NTNU, Norway Hornindal NO, University of Coruña A Coruña ES, Uestc ChengDu CN, winxpme Shawsoftware, AIIMS,INDIA new delhi IN, winnt University, of, Northumbria, UFMG WVU Morgantown US, King Khalid university Abha SA, xauat xian ZR, Cochin University Kochi IN, Cochin University Kochi IN, Cochin University Kochi IN, Cochin University Kochi IN, alexandria alecandria EG, Dongguk Univ. Seoul KR, IIT Kfar-saba IL, King AbdulAziz University Jeddah SA, King AbdulAziz University Jeddah SA, Open System Merida, Yucatan MX, Nagpur university nagpur IN, MPSB Saransk RU, SNU SEOUL KR, Red Hat Toronto CA, company NY VN, beijing university CN, Brighton GB, sfhasfh sfhasfh LT,

May 2005

  National Chiao Tung University TW, university of örebro SE, University of Aarhus Aarhus DK, University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, IITR Roorkee IN, IITR Roorkee IN, xidian xi'an CN, MTU Mandalay MM, up diliman quezon city PH, University of the Philippines, DIliman Quezon City PH, amsterdam amsterdam US, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon city PH, University of the Philippines Quezon City PH, VGTU Vilnius LT, Alagappa Chettiar College of Engg. & Tech. Karaikudi IN, xi'an jiaotong university Xi'an CN, NITT Pondicherry IN, mobarake isfahan IR,  FR, ARL Belcamp US, Nippon Institute of Technology Minimi Saitama JP, shanghai jiaotong university shanghao CN,  VN, non lahore PK, cujae Guines CU, NA NA IN, University of technology HCM VN, University of technology HCM VN, Nha trang UM, Nha trang VN, IAC TW,  UA, oklaham oklaham US, Sidartec Chennai IN,  HK, Applied Scintillation Technologies Ltd Harlow GB, Regent Consulting & Software Brisbane AU,  CN, ad ghd CL, National Chiao Tung University Hsin Chu TW, UNI Lima PE, towson university towson US, University of Cambridge Cambridge GB, Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Parana AR, ned karachi PK, National Chiao Tung University Hsin Chiu TW, UT Health Science Center Houston US, KSU Riyadh SA, Xi'An university of technology Xi'An CN, Ohio State University Columbus US, University of Craiova Craiova RO, Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami beach US, VGTU Vilnius LT, Shanghai University Shanghai CN, Shanghai University Shanghai CN, UCV Caracas VE, university anhui CN, Simplex, LLC Leesburg US,  ID, university of alabama in huntsville huntsville US, MIT Cambridge US, Faculty of Electronics Nis YU, namhae college nahae-gun KR, Alicante Soongsil University Seoul KR, Stanford US, Kuming University of Science and Thecnology, Kunming, Yunnan, CHINA CN, london uk GB,  US, asdas sa NL, Moscow institute of mathematics and Moscow RU, UNS Vietnam VN, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong CN, Sungkyunkwan Suwon KR, University Putra Malaysia Serdang MY, Vilnius University Vilnius LT, suny- harper boca raton US, University of Applied Sciences Burgdorf CH, Belton HK CN, university of science and technology Beijing beijing CN,  VG,  VE, CST Seoul KR, dsf sdf EH, bisops sherbrooke CA, IST Lisboa PT,  US,  US,  US,  EMC Hopkington US, sas/adls balod , Ny Ny YU, CUC Beijing CN, JKU Linz LINZ AT, university of waterloo waterloo CA, Hospital Son Dureta Palma de Mallorca ES, SPU St.Petersburg RU, Warsaw Univ. WarsaW PL, board of technical education thiruvananthapuram IN, Texas Tech University:Clinical Trial Dhaka BD, ACCS Ho Chi Minh VN, vds vsdvd VE, fsd fds US, Universidad Central de Venezuela Caracas VE, bina nusantara jakarta ID, iucesmag pasto CO, Padua IT, isep porto PT, Kumamoto University Kumamoto JP, Orsay La Jumelliere FR, University of Stavanger Stavanger NO, Istanbul Technical University Istanbul TR, Tianjin university Tianjin CN, The University of Isfahan Isfahan IR, fuzhou minjian Fuzhou CN, a seoul BJ,  MA, UTN FRM Mendoza AR, Politecnico di Milano - UIC Milano IT, Napoli IT, Ain Shams univ Cairo EG, ZhengZhou  , Ain Shams Univ Cairo EG, CAAMS Beijing CN, Not given Sydney AU, harvard eua US, hanyang seoul KR, Politecnico di Milano - UIC Milano IT, hanyang seoul KR, automation institute UNIP Manaus BR, Escuela Politecnica Nacional Quito EC,  company city ES,  AU, Tsinghua University Beijing CN, ULBRA Porto Alegre BR, university ind ID, Mekelle University Mekelle ET, UEFS/DTEC Feira de Santana BR,  fatimah jinnah PG, IIITB Bangalore IN, fatimah jinnah PK, college of engineering trivandrum,kerala, trivandrum IN,  navan IE, gdg fdgdfg WF, Tel Aviv Un. Tel Aviv IL, swjtu chengdu CN, Tainghua University Beijing CN, Tainghua University Beijing CN, IUT Isfahan AE,  MAHE Manipal IN, Bharathidasan University Trichy IN, UCD Dublin IE, trakya üniv edirne TR, CAE Montreal CA, Uniten Kajang MY, UNITEN Kajang MY, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Kajang MY, OMU University Samsun TR, Philadelphia University Amman JO, Zilina SK, thomson rennes FR, ICU Deajoen KR, mosul mosul IQ, Samsung Noida IN, tir titan IR, RAY Inc Seoul KR, ufl jhl.;ui WF, opp uiou VI,  Univ Orleans Orleans FR, INPT rabat MA, ui o p WF, hjh hjg WF, trthg g EH, hgjk u ouy BI,

Jun 2005

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Jul 2005

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Aug 2005

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The book is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good fast software.

CVIPtools provides a lot of IP functionality for testing new imaging concepts/ideas and correcting various image problems we have for feature film production (DreamWorks SKG, Glendale, CA)

use for image processing of remotely sensed data

Possible use it for a face recognition project I am working on for my senior design pro ject. I heard about CVIPTools from a link on a page at Purdue University (VISE Laboratory).

Very useful tools

- Processing medical images

- A Paper in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology.

I chose some useful functions and rewrite it using VC++.

I am doing research in computer vision area, and I think CVIPtools is perfect for doing such research.

Image analysis in developing our own image processing and compression technology

Used it for image analysis for a Computer Vision course.(York University)

I am using the CVIP book as a textbook for a class that I teach entitled "Computer Visi on" (Univ. of Texas at El Paso) from the book, quite a nice tool to try things (from the book, quite a nice tool to try things, Pittsburg)

References in literature about Pigmented Skin Lesion research and then WEB page

I use CVIPtools as part of my Computer Vision class going on right now in UTEP, under Dr.Cabrera (U of Tex El paso)

from scriptics Tcl resource page

I do a lot of color segmentation for my research projects, and I have found the CVIP bo ok and tools invaluable. I have got every one in the lab hooked on them :) Keep up the good work...(

thank U very much for your great work (Korea Univ. In Rep og KOREA)

Through, I plan on using it for astro photography

I want to use CVIPtools to get started to image processing. I've heard about it through nux Documentation Project. Thank you very much for making this software available for free and running under Linux!!!

My purpose: detection of smoke plumes for forest fire detection. Based on your experience, may be you can recommend me some steps to be done and/or some related bibliography. Thanks for your contribution to the research community.

I heard about it from my professor. I am taking a graduate course in computer graphics, and I will use the package for course work.

Image Processing Course (Bowie State University, Bowie MD), oomments=recommended by an instructor

Found via Internet, purchased and read book, Great!.

Looking for tools required for tcl/tk programming. Found through browsing (Centennial College, Toronto, CA)

My group is evaluating it as a replacement for IRIX ImageVision which is unavailable on Solaris and NT. We would use it for noncommercial packages. Apparently our leader found the CVIP text in a bookstore.

I chose the book for my Computer Vision class(Univ. of Texas at El Paso)

Great book (USF, Tampa)

enhance capability of microscope in my laboratory.

Great Progam. Educational; bought book

I plan to experiment with image processing techniques then implement them on my Matrox PIP512 digitizer with it's libraries. I saw a reference to CVIPtools on the Seattle Robotics mail list. I will post the message to the Twin Cities Robot Group so the guys at t he Uof M will see it also.

Wrote similar tools for an image processing class I took. Thought it would be have

a more organized collection of utlities. 'preciate it.(University of Tennessee Space In stitute)

Dr. Jirayuth M. of MUT (Bangkok, Thailand) gave me a CVIP book by Scott E. Umbaugh.

Purpose: Real-time image enhancement and pattern recognition of satellite images. Refer red by Boeing colleague

I am intrested learning about in feature extraction from biological images, and this

looked like a great place to start! I found the page by searching the WWW for vision software source code I could use on linux.THanks for sharing it!

Got here via surfing the web. Will be using CVIPtools to experient with some image processing algorithms. Keep up the good job!

I use the book for my course in computer vision at my university (Univ of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

We use CVIPtools for research; we find it quite convenient and easy to use. Portability (WinNT <-> Solaris) was a major plus. .(, CRIM, M ontreal, CA)

It's very interesting.

Investigating for usefullness in equine thermography (

Heard about CVIPtools on, - Intend to use for upcoming public domain software package Bloom3D (currently old information available at ; website will be updated October 99). Extensible graphics library/tcl-tk extension.

Use for research on digital mammography. I have seen the book (University of Patras, Greece,

thanks for distribution, It'll be helpfull for me.

Excellent of your work. (U. of Oklahoma,

Computer Vision Class (Oklahoma University)

Best set of image processing routines I have seen yet (compared to Matlab, IDL, Khoros, AVS). How nice that it's free w/ source, etc.!!

The software looks great, I am sort of new in the image processing and I

needed a tool that would allow me to test the base principal of my algorithm bef

ore I implement then into DSPs. (Marconi communications, Dorval PQ CA)

Found the textbook in campus bookstore late Summer '98. Decided to include a bit of CVIPTools in an introductory medical informatics graduate class on clinical data acquisiti on.

I liked it, students liked it. So I expect to give it another shot this Fall. Thanks fo r making such a great resource available. Best regards, Wasyl Malyj, University of California, Dav is

We need some basic image processing in our research software for autonomous vehicles.I searched the web for a tool like this. (Thank You!) (Computer Vision Laboratory / Linkoeping University)

I am the R&D Division Manager manage 3 Labs : Control, Automation and Digital Signa l Processing. I am to develop the capability of my DSP Labs Researcher in DSP. We are Go-

vernment owned non profit Research Centre doing Research and Development in Informatic

and Computer Science, has 5 Divisions and 20 Labs. I heard from my friend.(Puslitbang INKOM, Bandung ID)

I have read the book CVIP. I am interested in computer image processing that can be use d together with neural network for identification of objects.



I heard about CVIPtools by a digital cameras vendor, I want to use them

to test different image compression tools (ITC-irst, Povo- Trento, Italy)

use in the Image Processing Course (Military R&D Center, Bangkok TH)

That is very good. (seville university, Spain)

Thanks a lot for the convenience brought by your image processing tools (SUNY at Buffal o)

Our lab needs a new demonstration experiment, to teach undergraduate students. I check several directions for the way/programs/environment the new experiment will be conduncted.

If CVIPtools will be suitable for our needs, it will be the basis for the undergraduate lab-course. (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

Thank you ever so much for your help, the code on your site and the various books i rea d by you have contributed greatly to my web site project,

I have used good sized imaging processing/analysis packages in the past. I am tired of finding the bugs in commercial software and then as often as not, not receive a bugfix. I want a C source code for a robust imaging system. If I find a problem in one of your routines, I will tell along with giving you the fix. I can then keep operating.I have been searching the net and found you in "Computer Vision Source Code"

Experiment with enhancement of satellite images.

Starting image analysis project for monitoring and analyzing plant growth, as research for the BIO-Plex project at Johnson Space Center.

I find CVIPtools through CMU's web page. It very nice for me to have these tools. Thank you very much.

Looking for graphics tools to learn with/from. I teach retired RV travelers how to use computers for fun.

Use for research. Bought the book and find it useful on my laptop (varga@signal.dera.go

Referenced in a preprint by John Goutsias: Morphilogical Methods for Biomedical Image Analysis (, Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester, NY)

Working on cross-stitch (needle point) graph analysis to convert a hand drawn graph int o a computer-editable design - counting symbols (colour representative)

I work as an application software engineer for ICOS vision systems (http :// ), and am interested in image manipulation tools, especially if they are supported under Linux.

Thank you for providing us all with such a powerful image processing package. I have us ed your package in one of my projects and am now updating my local copy of cviptool. I used only the input/output features of your package to read some texture files and output segmentation

results. (IST-UTL, Lisbon, Spain)

Pattern Recognation lecture at Dokuz Eylul University Department of Computer Science an d Engineering (Izmir, TR,

The book is an excellent resource., Facet Technology, Minneapolis, MN (

I came to know this tool through the reading of the book:Computer Vision & Image Processing. As a final year student of CAD/CAM Engineering, I am now doing my final year project on the topic Automated Visual Inspection. I wish to apply some of the image analy sis techniques into the research. the book is tremendously helpful to me since the field of i mage analysis is totally a new area for me.the way the book was written is so captivating that my interest in the topics has grown rapidly.

Requested to install it by teaching staff. Intended for Undergrad and Postgrad Image Processing workshops, University of Exeter, GB


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 09:26:56 +0200

From: Rafael Santiago Lamarca <> To: Subject: mirroring CVIPTOOLS Dear Sir, We write you from the computer resources department at the Engineering Schools of the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (SPAIN). One of our teachers asked us if we could mirror your CVIPTOOLS ftp site, because he's using those tools in his classes. The internet connection between Europe and USA is really slow, so it's almost imposible to download the tools during the day. That's why he had to mirror it to our FTP server. Our mirror program is checking your CVIPTOOLS directory each night (around 1:30 GMT+1), but it only download files when they have changed, so we suppose it's not loading your system too much. We would like to know if it's okey for you that we're mirroring your site. If you have any problem with this, please tell us and we'll stop doing it. Thank you very much. Yours sincerelly, Rafa


Dear Ragavendar,

Thank you so much for sending me the Imakefile specimens. Now, I can peacefully develop my research applications. Thanks to you and Scott for the excellent support that I received. We may have more interactions inthe coming days. With best regards, Somnath -- Dr.Somnath Sengupta Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering The University of Edinburgh King's Buildings Mayfield Rd Edinburgh EH9 3JL Tel: +44 131 650 5596 (works) Fax: +44 131 650 6554


I am using your textbook for a computer vision/image processing class. CVIPtools is par t of the curriculum. (Central Connecticut State ,

I own the book for a class I am taking. I am currently working on a project with the chairperson of the department that will be using the CVIPtools. (North Carolina Central University )

Computer vision course, University of Houston

Computer vision course, University of Texas at El Paso

Baylor College of Medicine (for class)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Prof,
I am having your book.Pretty wonderful.
Any idea for the text identification?
Thank you very much.
Vasan Mariappan.
University of Malaya.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We purchased a book Computer Vision & Image Processing with CD-ROM included.
I changed the research field into image processing.The software is very effective to learn the image processing. That helps me always.Thank you. Nihon , omputer Imaging ISBN0-8493-2919-1 2005 by CRC Press

I want to us it for research and learning IP. I found it while browsing the internet.

for education i heard abt this by our prof

is is good

have several lithographs, would like to scan and exp. with images. Internet

Trouver sur internet et c pour un projet

computer vision based research. I heard it from a computer vision course in my school

I want to review the different codes used for image processing. Followed the link from to here.

Individual research/hobbyist interest

research into image processsing. found via google search for adaptive contrast enhancement

I learn from the book "Computer imaging-Digital Image Analysis and Processing" in the library.

For my thesis

edit.enchance and explore digital images

I hope this package will help me to process some images by using C language inside my application.

good , i am doing research/project in image processing(segmentation,feature extraction) ,so pls give valuable suggession and any implementation source code. byeee

I heard about CVIPtools from the book of hugh

From the website, just be interested in it

for project work to learn

internet Browsers

thank you

In order to study DIP. I find it in Google.

for study

Webpage. Evaluation of some functions.

I got this site by searching and I want to use it in Computer Vision Class.

From colleagues at UM-R.

Purpose: learning about image processing further. Google found your web pages.

I want to use this tool for my study. I heard this tool through the web site.


Testing real-time possibilities for image sequence processing.

in 2004 i had some information about CVIP tools through a book seen in my university .i cannot brow it because its an inner book that must be not taken from library

I became familiar with CVIPtools when I was browsing through the Internet. I want to develop some laboratory projects for digital image processsing using MATLAB.

i found it while surfing on the net. Actually i was finding tutorials and softwares and plugins of c/c++ to capture image for image processing.

Image processing education and on the job training. Google search of image registration techniques

i am developing a DICOm toolkit in which i have to convert JPg image to DICOM format , so that i need to have a toolkit to decomress any JPG image.

Teaching, From website of


Hello!! I am excited to download this advanced image composition engine. I am a visual artist. I hope this program can aid me to produce stunning images. I heard about CVIPtools from "Freebyte's Guide to Free Image Software, etc." I appreciate your effort to provide us with free software!! Kind Regards, Luthor Laine

I am looking for tools for automatic building extraction from high resolution satellite images. I found your web page browsing for "building extraction software"

Would like simple to use CVIP tools to "breadboard" applications with.

Research in content-based image retrieval. found it via web search.

knew this tool from friend, to use for evaluation.

teaching robotics

i am compiling some projects and it is asking for cvip toolkit so that's why I am downloading it

Used it while studying Image Processing.

To utilize the program for the purpose of teaching an AI device how to view, capture and process all ranges of the visual accuity interface systems by use of digital imaging devices and to interperate the images into actual object for learning identification.

For research purpose


i hear CVIPtools from

to have help for the academic projects.

just found it from the

I want to use these tools for the fingerprint analysis

browsing the web detecting differences in intensity on confocal image sequence

experimenting with image processing

Inspect Mold defect

Looking for good picture viewer with zoom capability. Web search

Hi Mate, I was trying to find some info on JPEG 2000 compersion. I find your program is really interesting. Cheers, Chandru PS: Is there any web site you can recomand wher i can find some sample program for JPEG 2000 Thxxx


great soft, lerning, internet

very good tools of image

I think you opened your source that is very interestiong

Just messing around. Used Richardson Lucy once to clean up DNA sequencing photographs using the rectangular comb shape as the core element of the effort. Curious about cleaning up somewhat out of focus photos of a bunch of poster papers from a conference.....thanks!

Image processing

Necesito estas librerías para desarrollar el proyecto fin de carrera de Ingenieria Informática.

Purpose: teaching Heard about CVIPtools through Google.

self study.

Prentis Hall websie for Digital Image Processing with MatLab

After going throught Dr. Umbaugh's Homepage, it seems that I have hit the right software that I wished for a long time. I am going to use it for my understanding of the subject in a better way and also try to apply some of the things to my research. I accidently came over it.

lab. lecture

Research purpose.

Computer vision research for robotic navigation.

CVIPTools is used in an application I am modifying for the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. The application analyzes scanned images of a tomato to determine the tomato's physical characteristics.

As noted above, use on several target OSs planned. Possible use in a robotics project and a computer vision course. Heard about CVIPtools from the Book.

for my research work.


wants to use image processing practicals

We want to use it for image processing practicals


Vision line tracking Navigation in Nomad XR4000

Vision line tracking Navigation in Nomad XR4000

I read the documents, while browsing through the net and found that it was quite usefull to my curriculum. sundar.

I came to know through the website. I found it very interesting on reading the documents and i'm eager to work on the same area, i.e., why, i need CVIP tool kit. More over i'm doing my M.Tech., in the field of computer vision and image processing. Sundar.

To learn about that I heared about Cviptools in a special web

Computer Vision Compendium Online (CVonline)

Browsing Internet. We want to develop some algorithms to satellite image processing.

I find the this website at

in school labs... purpose is to enhance some images

road traffic purposes

self-study. I heard it from the Gonzalezwoods's web site.

My teacher said me about this program.

Implement a program to detect changes on the borders of many scanned images, use to validate fake coins, seals, etc.



Personal interest on image processing

My major is image processing and pattern recognition.I like it very much , and want do some research on it. I hear the CVIPtools from WWW.

I have just received the book "Computer Imaging", by Umbaugh, but the CD-ROM that comes with it have only windows version of the software.

image analysis for research in university

Count birds on a flat surface Google

I heard from a friend and I need to improve my skills in computer vision programming

I hope to use CVIPtools for quick edge detection on a series of infrared still images. I found this site via

Image Processing, my personal education


Thank you.

for research compare, found it from google

To study stuff related to image processing

Web search.

i want the tool to help me imn my research, "fingerprint recognition"

i want this tools with visualbasic source code if avilable to help me to complete my research. the subject of my research is fingerprint recognition

I want to compute trifocal tensor.

Searching image processing source code via Google

I'm going to write the master's thesis. I'll investigate different approaches and tools to enhanse images. I have found your site by chance, when I looked for information on this theme in Internet. Best regards, Victoria

Working on an application for detecting motion. Hoping this tool will help me develop suitable filters.

I need these tools for my project on CBIR using spatial similarity

very good

for our project. heard it from other schoolmates

I'll use CVIPtools for my gradduation dissertation.

This is the first time Iam using this tool. To do my M.E Project (Inspection using Machine Vision) I heard about this tool from the book Computer Vision and Image Processing by Scott E Umbaugh.

Nixon & Aguado's book on image processing

Search engine My field of study is based on digital image processing.

We would like to learn more and develop l digital image processing applications using usb cameras.

just looking for a tool to add, remove, or reverse sort a multipage tiff file. The Kodak Image viewer provided on Windows does add/remove, but not reverse sorting.

Search engine. Use it for image processing of gray scale images

To study more about image processing tools.

For Computer Science course - Digital Image Processing Link from

it is great i heard

To study more about image processing tools. I heard about CVIPtools from my teacher.

i need some software that have the ability to extract feature from character bitmap. because my research is on character recognition. the feature extraction is the first step toward OCR.

I want to use this software for research for postgraduate studies

very convenient. study from classmates

I found about CVIPtools by searching Google.

Intend to use this tool to find periodic pulses in raster scan data. Found using google. Thanks, Paul

Research with use of ITX files

To use in the Clinical Trial of Selenium agains Arsenicosis in Bangladesh

Pienso que este programa es una cagada,,,,

Creo que esta herramienta no sirve para nada,.

I like to use CVIPtools for many applications in image processing and computer vision for myself and my students.

test for agricultral education and applecation

test image processing in Agricultral field


powerful for img proc

Purpose of use: for teaching a course on image processing I found out about CVIPTools through a link from

I am teacher of georpocessing (satellite image) and I will like testing this software. I find this software in Google

i heard it from net,i think it is very useful for m M.Tech Thesis work



Good job!

We are using CVIPtools at university to analyze of medical images.

Video analysis

I'm studying "ImageProcessing" But It is difficult. I hope easy sample........

Since i have not yet used CVIP tools, so it is difficult to comment on it, however ur website looks very impressive and i hope CVIP will also work for me.

For Research ,from Guide

Found using web search (from Will use for follow up on course work, and further examples of mathematical applications related to image processing.

google search

I would like to explore the potential of this software for my own artistic and scientific purposes.

I got the info from the internet. I will be using it for editing pictures.

Great work!

master degree in math

develop improved methods to process mosaics of images ref as per open literature

useful, convenient tool. used it first time in the computer lab in U. de Sherb.

For research work. Came to know thru Website

I am 54 years old and have always wanted to be an artist. About 4 months ago I started doing digital art and joined an art community. I simply want to learn more about digital imaging and art.

from friends

Just was surfin for a cool Image Software program and stubbled across it.

Hi, I am a Biomedical Engineering with Imaging concentration. I am also a Umass Alumna( CSE 04). I would like to download the newest version( 4+) of the software for personal use, so please let me know how I could do this. Thank you, Hamed Mojahed

I am doing the project on "Human Face Recognition".

It's a powerful lib for staffs to deal with the problems about the digital iamges. And most of all, it's free for use.

Intend to experiment with this platform as to its uses for robotic designs that I am currently looking home in my garage. Onward free thinkers! In short, I like to write code (C++ or Assembly Language) to interface devices of my creation in order to 'keep sharp' in my disciplines.

My purpose of usage is understanding the basic topics of CVIP using a quick tool. I heard about the tool from my professor during the Image Processing course.

modifying images that require loss pass filtering

Purpose of use: Astrophotography Besides, I just felt like trying it again :)

Trying to convert ITEX format files into BMP's

I want this package for learning purpose. I am a student.

I prepare to get my phd degree in medical image processing. I need to use it for simulation many action before search for a mathematical form of it

Thanks, It's wonderful tools.

Explain some examples on computer vision and image processing for undergraduate students

I intend to use CVIPtools on Medical Images analysis. I heard about CVIPtools from University in Spain.

to know the tools and use in computer graphics


It looks like a nice tool to handle various kinds of images.

Mostly teaching. Some research (edge detection in lidar images - wetlands assessment)

This is an interesting thing. Very useful in university level students.

We are introducing a course on image processing and I am searching for a suitable textbook with software that has a user friendly interface.

looking for edge detection & solid modeling tools

Image enhancements using FFT

I am a teacher in computer science and my research is on digital image processing, virtual reality, computer graphics and augmented reality. I have utilized the OPENCV for my works. So, I looking for a new tools for computer vision e image processing.

A good Image processing system for practical applications

X and Gamma rays film analysis

My purpose is to learn. I am a student. Thanks a lot


Segmentation of astronomical images

I'm math teacher in Engineering Faculty of UNAM and I interested in mathematical techniques of CVI for educational purposes

Object Tracking. I've found on the net.

expriment in my research

CVIPtools is very good except any compiler bugs.

Came across of this through my lecturer as i was doing a project on image processing using Java. This tools was introduced to me as a guideline on image processing

Lecturer recommended it for study and research for image processing study

Test out image analysis capabilities

I like to play around with image processing as part of my hobby. then I came across your tool on the web and would like to try out.

looking at possibility of viewing digitized images such as CT scans, x-rays and MRIs.

mi preofesor me dijo de descargarlo

Processing astronomical images. In the web.

school assignment

training period, find pipes in acoutis image

To use for univ. projects on image processing. From my professor, who was insistent on using this tool.

This is to use in the undergraduate class room practicals. Got the information from the Internet.

From the university. Purpose: for image processing class

from Image Restoration page site

Teach an undergraduate senior level course and still looking for a suitable text and course material. I have the 1998 CV&IP text.

I am planning a project in image processing and Vision systems for which I require some toolkits for image processing part. When searched I found your site and I am downloading them.

Used to do image restoration experiments for school work. Recommended by my tutor

I want master the software and use for any images and arts I may use. thanks

Study features in CVIPtools for final year profect- Cell Simulation...

for teaching

i will use it to educate in classroom

from internet

I'am a phd student, just would like to experiment some treatements

Read Book: Computer Vision and Image Processing

I learn to work by Microsoft Visual C++ .NET with digital images.

EStoy investigando procesamiento de imágenes para usarlo como visión artificial en robótica

Using the program in a Computer Vision Course at Dal

I have the book Computer Vision and image processing of the library of the University. Ed. 1999.

Want to have a look at the image processing tools.

use for teaching

For image processing teaching. I have been using the book Computer vision and image processing but don't have the software. Thank you


For Research purposes

For School Labs


Resaerch purpose. From book of Dr. Umbaugh

Research purpose. From the Computer Vision book by Dr. Scott E. Umbaugh.

used for class to perform fourier transforms.

for medical image analysis

Application development Search engine

CS430 Immage Processing

For teaching undergrqaduates and postgraduates. I bought the original book

Link from

Evaluation of different iamge segmentation frameworks.

Used for inclass demonstrations.

i want to do simulation on image comparinsion, i hear about cvip tools by web

Searching Online

We learning to use CVIPtools in our Vision and Imagde processing studies

I work with image analisys in biological studies (Cell Biology), but a Informatics Professor in my institution told me about this software. I have downloaded it once, but I could not install it at tha time, so I will try again now.

From a teacher at university

Very Good First learned about CVIP Tools during my MS course work at UTEP

I hear from this tool from the link at the webpages of Computer Vision Lab, UMASS.

from imge processing site comments

i use it in aproject of indentification device ...ihear about him from the net

Use for CS430 image processing class.

I have an image processing project of detecting dashed lines in images and I wanted to experiment with your toolbox. I found your web page on google.

Looks interesting

Module requirement

image processing projects

Very cool program:)

I am looking for a sw for astrophotography

We wish to evaluate CVIPtools as a tool for automation of flat panel detector (FPD) imaging and acceptance tests. We consider this tool because we already use TCL heavily for our tests so we are interested in a TCL extension for image processing.

Use for CS430 course, image processing.

Learned of CVIPtools from a CRC Press book description for "Computer Imaging." We are interested in for my graduate project

Research tool - Image Processing via University library

Just found a link from the internet. Seeking to learn more about video and photography.

Image Processing and Multimedia course

Evaluation and teaching aids

Working on Object Tracking. Heard u from

Just trying to pick up some preliminary information about machine vision to see if it can be applied on a low cost basis to certain manufacturing applications...

I just wanted to create an animation to insert into my new website.

Comments: Thanks in advance. Usage: Let's see. How did...: Google.

reasearch on facial expression recognition

Looking for resources for our autonomous ground vehicle project (see:

Surfing on the Net

I did a google search for machine vision apps, you were listed in the links section of another webpage. CVIPtools seems to be a good match for my needs, since I have existing C++ code that I will need to integrate with image analysis tools. I'm doing image analysis on ballistic images of diesel sprays. The pictures are basically shadowgrams showing droplet breakup from a liquid core. From several images of the same droplet I determine distortion velocity and acceleration, from which I can infer the forces leading to breakup.


Purpose: Image analysis for residual stress measurements. How: Found link on Image analysis web sites.

aprender mas acercaq de la bvision por computador y del analisis de imagenes

It is useful for my Image Processing class.

DIPlib website

learning and teaching computer vision browsed on net

Familiarization with image processing tools

These days, I have reading the book "Digital Image Processing" , and I find the software in its website. With its recommendation, I am interested in it. So I want to get it for understanding the digital image processing.

research ,and help my experiments.

test and study

Searching in the web (Google) for Freeman Chain Codes

Hi, I am working in a project that need to do image matching. Like, if there is a certain character whithin a photo of a paper or certain face within a photo using video Camera like Labtec Webcam; this CAM has USB connectivity. Thanks Amal

Thanks a lot!

Now I am studying for Image Processing....Recently I have read the papers so many. But I cann't understand the papers that I have ever read. Actually I want to see the realized algorithms.....

using it in my research

Doing research on available products for enhancing video streams from airborne platforms

Understanding BCT algorithm

from web


image processing for robot manipulator

Need the tools for my module's labs and research.

anti aliasing images

Perfect tools for image processing and development

My group is looking for ways of taking an image from a webcam and being able to determine the dimensions of the bucket that is within the area of a webcam. What our project is, from a webcam, determine the buckets distance, where then this distance is sent communicated back to a device which will fire into the bucket wirelessly.

I have taken "Digital Image Processing" course in SIUE. I need to download CVIP tools for study.

Feature extract on groups of mobile robots.

Image Processing Test

Scientific animation of electron beam. Copernic

required tool for computer vision graduate course.

required toor for computer vision graduate course

required toor for computer vision graduate course

poder manejarlo de una manera extraoridinaria para la medicina y para al educacion.

aprender a usar la libreria para realizar proyectos y aplicaciones para el procesamiento dogotal de imagenes y la vision por cxomputador par realizxar aplicaciones en la medicina y en la educacion

from a professor

Heard about CVIP in class.

Image Processing class


Need to use for the class project in computer vision

From the college professor

R&D, Image Analysis

Pretendo usar CVIPtools para la enseñanza del procesamiento de imagenes

Found through Google web search. Currently studying course in digital image processing.

Thank you for your help!

I use CVIPtools for my research.I konw it on net.

Practices for university

Study some algorhytms

I am taking a class about digital image analysis and processing. We will use this software in this class.

I heard the CVIPtools from the internet. I siwh to use the software for the research in the image processing

I took a course on Digital Image Processing in 1999 using your book and I'm interested in continuing experimenting with CVIPtools.

I heard about this progam on one of my labolatory. I am intersted in Audio and Video processing.

I'd like to study in deep about image compression & transformation technique. this web site was found during searching by google.

we have several phd and msc student doing research related to cvip (compression, enahcement, restoration, recognition,...), I think it would be useful to cooperate them with the cvip.

Do the experiments. Hearing from my professor.

I took a course in image processing back in 1999 using your book and want to update the version of CVIPtools to continue experimenting..

I am a project trainee at Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta(CVPR Unit)

artificial intelligence programming

I want to learn about image procesing, i read it in a list of graphic's software


thank you

doing my research work

Collegue Downloaded

Google search. after reading info pages, ound interest to test the toll myself. Thanks, - Ravi

For studying digital image processing tool. i came to know about CVIP tools from Website.


Net search ,for DIP labs

Through Google Search Engine. I am doing my M.Phil in Computer. We are using Arch View Software in our GIS Lab.In my M.Phil Course Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. There will be no course material supplied till today. And there is a hope in our GIS lab for promotion so that I would like to learn in advance. Sicnerely yours, Tamil

To be used in CV class. Search from the web

i heard about the CVIP Tools from the Web and i want to use these tools to implement a high tech project in Image processing.

from digital image processing book's website

Intersted in learning more on the topic. In particular, best affine transformation methods (i.e. minimum loss of information, especially during rotations)

teaching to the students of final year engg

No comments. Processing images of missile plume simulators taken using UV imagers. Online search.

Now I'm taking Image Processing subject.So my lecturer ask me to download the CVIPtools.

fractal image-set coding and image compress I hear it from my teacher.

Testing my skills porting software to my favourite OS, and make tools usefull to my recent interest about digital photography

to teach image processing with the help of the tool, web search

Machine Vision Software, Google

Want to experiment with edge detection and segmentation filters.

archeologist analisis


I want to explore what it can do. im always interested in education...

I have digital photos in which I'd like to reduce the noise.

Word of mouth

the interface is not user-friendly.some of the functions could not be understood by some people.overall,nicely done

Hello Guys, I would like to use CVIPtools for learning a little more about this matter. I found CVIPtools in the site Thanks

I hear about CVIPtools from my friends in Internet. I want to learn something about image processing by useing CVIPtools.

Google search for free texture analysis software

Working on a Store Separation Analysis project dealing with multi-camera tracking sceanrios.

Personal education. Found during internet search of image processing software

i'm working in my Master Thesis in agricultural image segmentation

it's a good tools to learn image processing.thank you all.

Thank you very much!

For study purpose. Happened to see the valuable site while searching for useful info.

I am intended to develop a ocr for our local language

i'm a photographer and im doing digital photography I discover your software by hazard , and very interest to doing personnal study on my photo

I am interested in making art and how to use some of your functions with common lisp.

We will use it for our research about image processing in our lab.

Hi, I searched on google specifically for the keywords "libvector". I am trying to get the GLU library installed and libnurbs would fail upon the attempt to install GLU library. Then the nurbs library failed with the matrix library. After that it complained about libvector and thats when I did the google search for "libvector" and returned with this package and am about to try this.

Looking for IPTC, you were referenced in Caloga

i want use this software

The tools will be used for our image processing laboratory


i am doing project on image processing toolkit .for the usage of the software in my project

I read it from the web where my course lecturer gave.


i want to do project on image processing hence i require the software

Using the vector quantization for research into image statistics. Heard about from google.

research about cvip

For edducation purpose

Links from the web page of course textbook. Purpose:do assignments in class, get a better understanding of image processing - documentation is way better.

Through CV homepage at CMU. I was searching for DCT transforms in C/C++ in Windows envrionment.

Filtering methods comparisons I'm going to try the edge detection features.

Teaching myself C++ and image processing fundamentals

I already used it for my thesis in college. I want to use it for simple image manipulation.

Google Purpose of usage: load images in practical class

Firstly, I borrowed a reference book, which coincidentally happened to be CVIP Tools book. Then, I started to look for available free download of the software.

it's an good logiciel.

just trying out various image processing tools. Came across this site while searching on google.

experimenting on image processing; By visiting the website

Thank you for your kindness!!

Experimental image recognition.

CoWorker, Image processing of remotely sensed images.

Medical image processing Testing algorithms On the NET

A teacher talked me about this library. I would like to apply it to astronomical images.

Machine Vision R&D, I heard from a friend

image theory


Experimental work plus teaching ...

very good

very good

pointed to by Hopefully a good practical research tool on imaging; we work with DSP systems.

I will use CVIPtools to measure quantities in experiences of laboratory (mechanical, optics, termology, etc). I expect that I can use your software for this purpose. Thanks for freely. I heared about you in

Came to know through friends. The purpose of usage is to build some image processing application

Do some research on image processing.

vocal tract image tracking

Heard of CVIPtools from the Gonzalez and Woods home page, I intend to use Cvips to work with x-radiographic images of archaeological materials


Study, Internet

Advancded Graphics class project

The first step of my MSc. Thesis involve to detemine the optic flow in a sequence of images. I'd like to review your SW. It could be useful for me...

in web apps

i will use it to demonstrate image processing algorithms to students

I found a link to the DMOZ site on the website for the image processing book by Gonzalez.

Image processing. by search engine.

^^ Thanks for your favor!

To learn image processing by using c language >From one ff my friends

For exploring, mayb adding small plugins if usable

lab mates


Advise of professor in faculty. Will use to make image transformations for dhermatology research and diagnosis, for a Graduate proposal

I use it for class demos

Net search

google search. I'm interested in pattern recognition for image processing. thank you.

For learning image processing using c language. >From one of my friends

book, haven't tried it for a while

To detect movment To count people in a bus google

my doctor told me about it

very good

To detect movement and save a the digital camera image. To count people entering and leaving a bus. I use google to search for libraries

 digital image processing course

Final Year Project on Image Analysis

deconvolution, image enhancement of old scanned polaroids

Reference Data and Study

from my friends......thanx

Just checking your stuff out :) Thinking about implementing something in my cell phone... Google'd my way here. I'll drop you a line if I use it for any bigger projects. Thanks! /Dan

i have heared about the CVIPtool from the instructure of Digital Image Processing course.

TEM image displaying and manipulation.


I want CVIP to practice on image processing basic concepts. I'm taking an advance course in image processing

from the url, whic is the web site of "Digital Image Processing 2nd (Gonzales&Woods)"

course from teacher ^^

in the image process course...

From professor

educational purpose, i hear about CVIPtools from my DIP course's professor

Explore capabilities of software. Looking for Holy Grail of photo editors.

I am a graduate student to obtain masters degree in Computer Engineering and i want to use this tool for Digtal Image Processing course Thank You


Dissertation work for M.Phil.

We are interested in the tool.

I just use Image Processing Test !!! Thank you!!!

research purpose

image handling with turbo c

I heard about this tool from my teacher. I want to use it in my image processing class.

I attended a seminar on Image Processing in my college and this site was listed in the "References" section.

I have a IP course and our homework is to do image enhancement. So I want to get CVIP to finish my homework. Thanks


I use OpenCV a lot, and I would like to compare CVIPtools' feature set.

Familiarize myself with various digital images processing techniques. Right now, particuliary on error diffusion. Hear about CVIPtools in Gonzalez & Woods book "Digital Image Processing"

Test various methods on natural images.

lo necesito para desarrollar un proyecto de reconocimiento de placas automovilisticas

use for licence plate recognition


To verify my image and motion compression codes.

hi,thanks verification of my compression algorithm.

Verification purposes of my software for Video codec design

Need to check the software code written for my video codec system

I am going to use this tool for verifying my project software part which ia a design of video codec.i herad it from oa friend of mine.thanks

I want to get the freeman chain-code through CVIPtools. I hear about CVIPtools on Internet.

image processing. google.

Education & Research I look trough the internet and I found this site

Image processing experiments for teaching

Purpose of usage: we are working on texture analysis

is wonderfull



From your textbook

I want use just test and leaning

Research into Image processing techniques applicable to a 3D camera project we are working on.

Purpose Image Processing Assignments. Come across while browsing.

To explore the usage of Image processing

TO learn about computer imaging. Came to know about it in the web.

I am using this tool for my research in text extraction from images

for educational & academic purpose. i heard about it from the book which i have:)

to do some exercices on image processing

I use it in my robot project



I came across it searching for "Digital Image Processing" in Google. I will attempt using it to clean-up and analyze images of plasma clots.

to experiment with photographs internet

from Internet

I came to know abt this thru the Internet and i need this for my research purpose


Learn more about image processing and algorithms

i'm gonna try it. I'm actually looking for a software that looks for similarities in either still frames or avi files. If u know any good software let me know

For course work in image processing

I want to use it to improve the quality of photos and do research on image processing.

need something to play around with digital pictures from a nikon d70 camera, the program that came with the camera sucks horribly, i'm hoping i can have some fun with cviptools and maybe learn a bit about what i might want to buy later

I would like a free version. Thank you very much.

Looking for Information about different of versions Hough-Transform.

internet sereach engine google

I am lecture of DIP in Azad University of Mashad-Iran. I come to this page from


jpg compression, web design freshmeat

I would like to try to run some demos that use the CVIP lib. It seems to be very powerfull.

Image analysis machine vision inspection


OCR research

No Comments. I´ll use CVIPtools at classroom. Searching in the web.

Image manipulation

My friend told me!

Usage - Research Heard about it as past student

text book

Hear from a friend, interested to try.

to learn about image analysis.

i am a student and want to use ur library for my final year project which is just motion estimation through gradient base methode.i hope u will assist me in my quest for knowlegde.Thx

I intend to test the tool on remote sensing images. I have known about CVIP from the web.

Study. My course need to use this tool.

study image processing

For UG practicals and carrying out UG and PG students Projects

pilot study for road board sign recognition

computer vision homepage @ cmu

test dsp software

I read a book on feature extraction and image processing and it gave me a link to where i found a link to this software.

Scientific resaerch

Bought the book years ago. Use occasionally for wafer inspection related image processing test.

From the book "medical image processing" edited by Sonka. It is useful ti by-path sergenry

Refered to it in the book named "Computer Vision and Image Processing" , need to it in research and education

from the web link. do some research on the image processing

For research only.

i have my final project on finger print my teacher tell me.

I am a student. I came to know thru the Internet

For researching application. A great tool that facilitates my work.

Case of study for 3d DIP from google

Computer vision and image procesing: a practical approach using CVIPtools. The included CD-Rom has broken.

My 15 year old son is a natural at drawing and computers. I am trying to get him interested in CAD, vector drawing, graphic arts, etc. I have been looking for free programs that will enhance and develope this innate nature within him. Good money in the field. Besides, I need a retirement plan.

for an IP Course Lab

I have the book of Computer Vision and Image Processing, and I would like to have the last version of the CVIP tools. I want to investigate about defocused objects. I would thank you a lot your help. :) Greetings!

incrsionar en la vision articial

incursionar en la vision artifcial

Dear sir/medam My purpose of use is to generate and edit some high quality image for my Ph.D thesis. I got your site address by browsing in googly search engine. Thanks

I found CVIPtools by web search. My interest is in image processing for comet hunting.

Im Studying Photo journalism aand I am looking into digital photography and enhancements Im trying out several different systems to see wich I perfer best

Astronomical image analysys

Application for astronomical image analysis

Educational Help purpose. I came to know about this by word of mouth.

Thesis research tool.

Used @ Dupont research

artistic, web search

I am reviewing various graphics programs for viewing and editing a large variety of file types, and am particularly interested in bit-level manipulation of images, the concept of wasted space within image files (and images themselves?), and various means of combining images and the information they and their files may carry.

for university reseach



thanks alot about this tool, i bought the computer vision and image proccessing book and i serched the net to last version of this tool. thanks

i am going to develop an OCR for Sinhala Scripts

I want to use CVIPtools for my study on image processing.

I read a book which speaks about it

To be used for thesis on imager processing. Heard from Google search

I got CVIPtools information from Digital Image Processing Gonzalez, Woods (2nd)

I saw a book regarding CVIPtools in the library and I thought that it could help me with our thesis.

I am a professor/researcher that works with image analisys in cell biology. Recently I have changed my operating system to Linux Kurumin, a brazilian version of the Knoppix (debian) platform. I heard about this software from a professor at my university who works at the dept. of informatics.

Thank you for sharing the toolbox!

project on surface roughness measurement

i run a photo enhancment, and editing business, i am always looking for more opportunities to increases my versatility.

found with google, key word : computer vision library

I see it from the web for the first time and feel interested in. I want to see what it really is.

get it for test and simple some image processing

I need a software that can apply advanced deconvolution and denoising algorithms, if possible on >8 bit images.

Creating Montage, Stitching of Retinal Images

I need a software that can apply advanced denoising and deconvolution algorithms, if possible on >8 bits images.

Develoment of a robot vision for university.

I want to use "Bilateral Filter" to detect the edge information of an image. I hope that this tool can help me to finish my research.

Again, I really love digital image processing

I love digital image processing

Heared about CVIPtools from announcement at freshmeat. Check if can be used in preprocessing of raster images for an internal project

Notework of University

Curiosity of versatility as well as part of teaching myself A.I.

For studying computer vision

I want to study image processing

Search engine

I am interested about image processing. I need this software for our students practice.

looking into robot navigation using vision :)

I want to proceed FFT transform on a image by it.

Graphic & Artwork for pre press.

found while searching for digital image processing.

software to semiautomatically extract wetlands.

Thanks... ^

i heard about the CVIP tool from the internet

learning tool UMass computer graphics course website


i will use for educational puposes i see cviptool in a book on computervision

acdemic research

I've followed a link from another web page, (Computer Vision SW, I am starting a doctorate thesis about face recognition and need a good image processing background for research purposes.

Im currently doing a fingerprint recognition system for my final year project. Actually i'm using Visual C++ for the programming and algorithms.I need some progression in Image Processing (scanned fingerprints to Bitmap). I heard this tool from a friend.

On a photo-magazine

possibly to be used within the DIP course offered by myself in this semester

CVIPtool may be used within my course on DIP this semester.

I wanna to download the file for my image Processing projects. Thanking you Regards Sudeept.

Image analysis of rainfall data. Web search for jpeg software.


For Research purpose. I would like to see the functions and feautres of CVIP for low level image processing tasks.

For lecture

For UG and PG students for Project & R&D work

to analyse biomedical images from friend

good program to see image procssing

Forensic image processing

research purpose, GPS integration with video image capturing.

Personal as well as professional interest in image processing, compoter vision, DSP etc.

to analyse performance of differentimages. from my lecturer

I heard about this CVIPtools from my lab tutor.

I want to get the tools for study.

I am a student and working on image processing so i want to learn more and more.

I read about the tool from Dr. Scott's book, CVIP a practical approach. I want 2 use it for educational purposes only.

I find CVIPtools on the Internet and will use it to learn basics of image processing

I purchased the book few years ago. I just to download the accompanying software.

From MATLAB website

Purpose: do some tests, experiments, learn more about image processing. I found a link on the site

Coursework requirement. I Aa doing a short course on Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing. CVIPtools has been recommended as a the image processing tool.


now, I am studying the cross correlation for the studies of a movement and I need different options for my research.

Just to find out about CVIP tools and see if we can use some of the filtering functions. Find CVIP tools through yahoo search

To use for image analysis. Saw CVIPtools through browsing

On the internet. I'm an old dog trying to learn new skills.


Using for Masters / PhD Research into image processing / understanding.

education and research

US image segmentation

Education and practical case application. I got the CVIPtools from the book. Suggestion: When we input the parameters (e.g. in wiener filtering), if we can use parameters in selected range (such as 1:5:100, i.e. from 1 to 100, by step 5), it will be helpful in practice. Thanks !

I'm looking for some demos and exaples to undestand how to create a motion tracking algorithm

very good

very good

for pg practicals

for project work at PG Level

To carry research on medical images.

I'm involved in developing a package for digital image processing, so i need some software references.

Internet search

Studying the image processing field for future applications

For Image Processing at graduate level

during my thesis by another phd

I've just meet CVIPtools and it happens that on those days I'm getting interested about image processing. ¿Is'nt it lucky?

To carry out research work pertaining to medical images.

Dear Scott E Umbaugh, Ph.D. I have great interests in your book of computer vision and image processing program . but the program of CVIP edition too old that it was unable to run in Windows XP.Dear Ph.D., Would you supply new edition of CVIP to me(include binary, source and library install). Thank you very much. Best regrards, Jason.

PhD research. Through friends


A course at university

I will use them for a course about artificial vision.

Research of Building Self Controlling Robot and tracking system. Google searching engine

I came accross CVIP tools on the internet. I like to try these tools in my research involving image processing of ultrasound images.

To moddify my pics. From another site (

did a search, looking for a tool to make scaled drawing overlays to digital photos

for Graphics, design usage. heard through

study image processing

Image processing of gene expression in Drosophila (fruitfly) embryos for automated pattern discovery.

research work

research work

For doing the project work in image compression. Through Net searching

To develop application software in DSP. By yahoo search. Thank you.


For doing my M.E., project in Digital Image Processing. I caught through web searching

Thank you for providing this tool. I will use for research in computer vision. I am study computer vision and pattern recognition. Thank you again.

for building robot

image processing for surface defects

Hearing this tools from book I bought with CD and get very much interesting in this field.

From a class

my professor

From a prior graduate student in the electrical eng program with whom I now work.

Google search for scientific image manipulation

While surfing through the net.Would like to use for research purpouse.

Thank You

For Image resizing a rgb pixel array for furthur processing in my small application of gaming. Through google search i landed in cmu. from there i got in computer vision libraries. there i found it

I will try different function in image processing. I've heard about it from a friend.

Using for image subtraction, if possible. Found by searching on the web.

Come with text book (computer vision image processing)


I heard by consulting the web tutorials of "Digital image processing" book by Gonzalez and Woods. I will use it mostly for my teaching demonstrations

On a message board. Intend to use CVIPtools to understand how FFTs are used in Diagnostic Images.

hope its a great software, and this will help a lot of students and research engineers like us.

Excellent Package

Google search, I will be using it for personal experimentation with digital pictures.

teaching and personal use only


Teaching a Digital Arts Camp this summer. Looking to explain what I can about the digital image, and digital art. Hope this helps.

i know CVIPtools from internet.

the purpose is to do image evaluation. to compare the duality of different images.

Image analysis I heard about this through a colleague in NZ

The boss told me.

recommendation from colleague

Image analysis on face. Thanks a lot.

I read the Power point presentation that you had regarding edge detection when searching Fuzzy C-Means code

Perspective projections, lens distortion investigation

Training in Image Processing

I am doing some research on vehicle tracking and I just want to know how far can this program help

hard to find.. wanted something about sct.. read about it in murphy's AI robotics book

Came with the book "Computer Vision and Image Processing"

For research

I need this tools for upgrading my knowledge about image processing I know this tools from my image processing text book


now because i have my licence and i need the information of computer vision for my project.

Had one before Trojan virus has wiped out my hard disk needed to reload CVIP tools again


from my teacher in the college that told me about it and how to use it .

I am doing some works related to image processing, and want to find some good tools to improve my work

To lern Image processing

Web Researh via Google

interested in image manipulation algorithms (patern recognition, texture segmentation,...)

Image analysis of SEMS

To use for implementation of algorithms in image processing

a friend told me

do some research working works

I've heard good comments from technical folks.

My area is in Computer Vision especially in Face Recognition System. However I also teach Image Processing in my department. If fit, I woruld like to use this tool as part of my teaching.

Used for research. Found it on the net years ago.

I going to use it for lectures and I heard about CVIP because I have the book entitle "Computer Vision and Image Procesing".

ASIT is a testing house, we provide service for CMOS Image Sensor testing. At this moment, we want to learn more for image processing. So, the main purpose is focus on education for internal company training.


Educational use

research purpose. i heard it from my professor

Crusing the web

Thhank You

From a Stanford imaging web site

I read about it at the CMU Computer Vision Homepage

Testing my School Project, Heared by internet Search.

Purpose: if possible - in student laboratory

for phd research

update the tool i downloaded yesterday (v.3.7)

thanks !

I heard about it in the library. The book "Image processing and computer vision ..." of Scott Umbaugh uses your tool and then I have decided to downlaoad it. I want to apply it to astronomical images. Thanks you very much

To make Project at PG Level

I heard about it from another researcher .. I am working on a bioinformatics project dealing with image processing Thanks

thanks a lot for this cool library!

I'm currently developing a project involving Image Processing, so I bougth the book, but I lost the CD before I could try it.

I would like to learn more about the effects of various types of image enhancment methods (and test them directly). I've heard about CVIPtools at the following URL:

I want to use this tool to perform some calculation for image processing in my research. I hear this tool from searching websites using google. Thanks.

CVIPtools is an excellent tool for learning image processing. I have heard of it by internet.

My calculator sense of vision lesson teacher.He comes from the University of California.

web browser/search engine

Accompany DIP processing class

Web Search on "Notch Filtering"

I foud it by serching some information about .rts file formats

I m working on a project for moving vehicle identification and tracking from a video sequence.

Very useful

Image processing course

Line detection in scanned images. Heard about it by searching Amazon for image processing books!

For class room teaching

Test concepts in computer vision related research

My teacher introduce.

it's very good, thank you.

Found this accidentally while browsing for 3D software, got interested and like to try it out...

Learning DIP

Bought the book

becoming project (Image anylyse), search engine

From Gonzales.Woods's DIP international editon. For personal study and interest.

from lectuere

Have an older copy of Umbaugh's wonderful book.. I'm exploring possibility of real-time camera position/orientation calculation from tracking known survey points in visual field. Real-time! Thanks, Bill Mileski

I'm interested in the homomorphic filtering


Thank U!!

I take a lecture of DIP and I want to learn more.

throuh professor

I came to know from the book you have given as a reference,which we are having in the library. we are dealing with Object,motion tracking using Oracle-9i.For that we are going for this tool.

proyecto de investigacion referente a imagenes en movimiento

I want to use CVIP tools for my Btech project work. I came to know about it from the book of Computer Vision and image processing by Scott E Umbaugh

Evaluation, teaching, preparation of educational resources, ...

Image Processing Lab in the university.

medical image analysis

through website

thank you very much to download this software

thank you very much of good software download

I want to use this library, for a term project. I found this site by searching Internet.

Your Product is very excellent!!!

Very useful program

you are the best

Found CVIPtools trought a link in the computer vision lab of Umass web site.

CV courses

Local University Library

looking for digital enhansers on web. couris about any thing to do computer imaging

It sounds interesting. Educational. >From the website of the textbook Digital Image Processing by Gonzalez

I am a research scholar. I would like to use for my research purpose. I have see the book in my library.


I am a research scholar doing PhD in Image Processing. I have seen the Computer VVision and Image processing in my library. I would like to have latest version of CVIP tools for my research purpose.

I'm a postgraduate student focus in Facial Image processing field. I learn about CVIPtools from a reference book "Computer Vision and Image Processing". I'm so eager to find out what this tool might help in my study. My main concern now is whether this software support Wins XP. Thanks.

it is good!

From Stanford Image Processing site

this semester,i take "image processing" class.Currently i am studying Dr.Umbaugh's book.that is how i have heard about this software.

MPhil student, wants to use it fabric defect detection project

Purpose:study and research.

I find CVIPtools on Your internet sides and I wish to try to do image analysis of small particles with CVIPtools.

I get know about CVIPtools by browsing

Ssatellite Image Analysis

Picture analysis is the main purpose to learn how the Hough transform working. I have found CVIPtools through the internet browser.

Hopefully this version will be even more comprehensive and uptodate.

Was reasonably comprehensive and hopefully this version will even be more comprehensive.

I'm a student and in the computer vision subject I need to use this software.


masters thesis

web search. research

I had some problems with formats of used images and stability of CVIPtools under Win XP. Purpose: Processing of micro images

to work for me dessertation on site i came to know abot your site

learn more tools...heard from professors

heard from the professors...want to learn more tools for this purpose

I would like to test the software since I teach Computer Vision and I'm looking for some nice tools in the area. I found it on the net.

Nowdays I began to study about computer vision and image because I have a project in this area. So I need understand about CVIPtools,I think!

bought the book


A perfect software used in various OS

Purpose: Analysis image for Radiography technique (NDT). CVIP - El-Amir S. Gadelmawla

Noticed it referenced on

From the webpage of Digital Image Processing by Gonzalez


I hope it will help me in understanding how to code image processing algoritms

yes i want to use the cVIP tool either once

I was searching a document related with histogram equalization and I found your usefull page.I' ll try to fix a labouratory experiment in the denotion of Texas Intrument (TMS320C6711 - DSK).I hope that I can manage it with your *.c and *.h files.

searching on internet for computer vision software,to be used in a home built AI computer system that already has vocal input and output.also it chats and also working on external manipulation device hardware.hopefully to control ,like the honda robot body.i have 100 gigs left on the main hard drive.

For my curiousity on a course titled "Digital Image Processing" which practices DIP with matlab but not with any programming language

I'm using CVIPtools for one of my modules, Image Processing and they require the use of CVIPtools for the assignments.

Learning DIP

computer vision study

To do basic rolling weighted average of a succession of images

i intend to used this liberary in development in my phd. knew about it throught mu search on web


For research

Trying to learn about image compression, especially JPEG compression inside TIFF images.

Investigating FFT concepts to correct digital images from systematic 2D spacial low frequency interference superpositions/modulations. The goal here is to find a method to remove discrete narrow bandwidth noise superimpositions from satellite digital images. The idea is to have some sort of a 2D "equalizer" which allows to put sharp filters on x and y frequency peaks plus setting a suppression factor and reconverting back to the spacial (pixel) domain.

study the algorithms see from Internet I wish get the source codes, thanks you!

i am using it for my research purpose. explore the things what u r providing. thanks for that

I want to test it and if approved I can sugest it for use by some studentes at the University.

Book Computer Vision and Image Processing

"High Resolution panoramas Using Image Mosaicing", Stanford, 2000

"High Resolution Panoramas using Image Mosaicing", Stanford, 2000 Want FFT filter to remove plough lines on aerial photographs (archaeology)

For conducting research works using this tool in Image processing.

Web search gave me the link. Want to learn about image processing

usage: artistical project found the site on internet, via

researh on facial expression recognition

For a subject on the Faculty of Computer Science, "Artificial Vision".

I'd like to study and use it for course.

Found when i was looking for a freely available image processing tool I find CVIPtools on website... and usage is personal experiment.... devolepment of scada applications with free graphic programming tools Devolepment of the scada applications with the free graphic programs I want to use it for my research on digital image processing.

Good Software

I googled for a software package which would let me apply filters and masks to digital images. Currently I'm taking a course in Digital Image Processing and have assignments where I must experiment with a range of masks, filters, Fourier transforms. I am hoping that your package will allow me to do some of this.

I intend to test some routines of image processing.

I would like to review it for academic purposes.

By my friend, and from the internet

I was looking for some image manipulation libraries to help me write a repository manager tool.

je preparer un logiciel en retauration d'image

Photo retouching, experimenting with images.

In the image processing site The purpose of this download is to study the histogram modeifications algorithms.

I hear about CVIPtools by using the web search engine. I am a digital artist. Though I am not qualified, I like to learn about technical stuff as long as I can understand it.

Image Processing module at university.

 Image processing teaching & research web-search

Dear Sir, This is Patrick. Actually, I am a mechnical guy and want to study computer vision from CVIPtools. I found this info form "Yahoo search" Thanks! Patrick

Evaluation of CVIP tools for archaeological research

Iniversity work. Tutor

Bueno, me lo recomendaron, pero no lo he usado, ni visto anteriormente.

The purpose for which I need CVIPtools is purely for research in Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing and applications to Medical Image Processing. I came to know of CVIPtools when I was browsing the net through GOOGLE SEARCH.

Learning about Computer Graphicsa and Vision.

I'll use if for learning about Computer Graphics and Vision. This was recommended by my teacher.

Purpose :For teaching from your book on CV and IP Tools Source : From your Book

For teaching from your book on CV and IP Tools >From your Book

Para realizar tareas relacionadas con reconocimiento y digitalizacion de imagenes

I'm trying to find a ready software to motion-deblur my bad-quality fotos by a DigiCam. Interest in contribution (programming) exists ...

I aim at using the CVIPTools wavelet transform and wiener filter.

para aprender sobre esta libreria, ya que estamos creando en la tesis un sistema automatico para reconocimiento de rostros en video.

I am interested in treatments of images for educational tasks.

good job

i taka image processing class i found computer visin and image processing book in library. but cd-rom was missing. i like to download and see

I believe this tool will be helpful in my research work undertaken by me in field Image compression. I need the algorithm that calculates RMS error between 2 images bef compression & after compression. Thanking you

I want to explore its usefulness at home, as an amateur photographer´s tool.

I hope to get it only for study,and I hear about it from my teacher.


Processing of metallurgical images

I want to try and compare various image segmentation tools.

Found this site after a search on "Rayleigh adaptive histogram equalization" in Google. May use the tools for exploration of image processing for video.

by site

End-of-career project, computer vision application for robotics

Evaluation for a pre-grade course

I need FFT on a windows box.

My purpose is study for image processing. and I know another wep site.

My teacher had bought a "Computer Vision and Image Processing" book,and it contains a CD-ROM with CVIPtools

in my computer vision course

I am using for a certain module that needs to perform image processing on some images. I used it before in the school lab.


Procesamiento de imágenes digitales

I use CVIPtools because I have a courffse about digital image prfocessing

Test, searching the web

Mainly for playing with digital pictures.

R&D, from a colleague

WWW Search

use it my research

i use it my research of computer vision

I heard from my boss.

Image processing Class

my teacher

Textbook, "Feature Extraction & Image Processing"

featues comaprison with matlab

I have heard from book

Easy way of doing 2D and 3D displays using Tcl (/Tk) for Air Traffic Control applications.

for CS image processing class

Bug counting... specifically aphids on leaves.

for a college assignment

demonstrate and use in biomed class for ee students web search

image acquisition, processing and analysis for MEMS application. I found CVIP by web searching.

From the Book


Will be used for a Computer Science image processing class.


on Internet I want to use it for a courase on image processing

expermimentation with walsh transrorms

internet search for stereo vision tools

For research.

Referenced in Digital Imaging Class Notes

I am tutoring a lab for an undergraduate in image processing and the course requires students to use CVIPtools

Browse on the web. I have been thinking of developing a software for Image Processing for my Masteral Thesis. I look for a possible reference and algorithmic solutions that can help me formulate and decide my topic.

very good ............

Want to analyse frequency components (high and low) in images. Through search engine and other links

from image processing course

I'm studing a Doctor Degree in Computer Vision and I would like to prove this software in order to manipulate images.

Heard through my friend who is using CVIP. Would like to learn and develop algorithms for image processing.

A colleague of mine is using it

bought the book

Lab Practical Purpose

Machine Vision, education and research

Education and Research , from the Woods and Gonzales site

academic study

educational purpose. google search.

To make a test of it and decribe it for a project.

thru Professors.. am taking course on image processing

I want to make some imaging processing with some photographs and I am looking for something different that Matlab. I found your site in a link from the Computer Department of my University

For programming and learning about image processing tools

i am a electronics&commn student

robot for kitchen tasks

For me as educational purpose, i got information about this form the sites as seaching....

The purpose is to help to develop algorithms to generate direction vectors based on road images. Can be useful for autonomous vehicles. A colegue of me suggested me these C tools already developed

Various IA task on thermal barrier coating researches area

As an engineer and amateur photograph, I am always testing new tools for image processing. Found CVPItools while searching the net for advanced sharpening algorithms.

for lab exercises....Imeage Processing

Image enhancement methods comparison, noise reduction and image classification.

I heard about CVIPtools in University.

for academic research and more

a good sowtware

i knew you, from surfing. i'll use it for my research. aplicatuon of texture analyse methode for detecting and monitoring oil spill using ERS-2 radar image. for my thesis

found it by means of google.

For image analysis for avionics displays

a book : computer vision and image processing

Thermography (equine)

well, our instructor use it at the digital image processing course i'm regestered at for this semester. and i need to use it at a project for the same course.

I have read the book "computer Vision and Image Processing" during my student days, couldn't use software then, just for learning purpose, I want to use it now.

Purpose: to generate noisy images for simulation. I found this site through searching some keywords on "google."

Soy Dermatologo y busco analizar las imagenes dermatoscopicas de mis pacientes.


I am going to use the tools to verify some algorithms I made for research purpose. I found some demonstrations about CVIPtools while I was searching in google

research into binary interface and cross packaging

Food Research


image processing

Form Teacher

Internet search for morphological operators

In book "Computer vision and image processing" ISBN 0-13-264599-8

To be used with my research work. Get to know through my friend.

Need image processing tool for fast prototyping

I'd like to use it to process my image used to research in order to extract the edge of the object!

For image processing purposes such as image enhancement ...etc

Well I heard on the web about your book and then I found the website

From the book "Feature Extraction and Image Processing"; Nixon & Aguado. Purpose: Educational purposes (lectures about Image processing)

Computer Vision Design Project. Have known CVIPtools via Google.

Purpose: for Research How: from the book in my school's library

To learn the Comouter Vision various tools

personal use. i heard it from jayson.

Researching image retouching techniques. Found via Google.

I use CVIP tools to teach indergraduates. It is very effective.


face recognition techniques searching on google.


I searched on the web for image processing tools. We need easy methods to perform low-level image processing functions.

For learning. I found CVIPtools through google.


For my research work on image compression

research on Image processing library

image processing exprimentation

graphics arts amater surfing on the net

Vision artificial

my friend

This program was recommended to me by my lecturer. I hope it will help me with my semestral work for the subject Visual Information Processing.

To help me understand computer Imaging Course which I have taken as my Independant Study Course

Possible industrial dimension verfication. Caught it on a dogpile search.