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  • IDCube
    HSpeQ's software application for the analysis of hyperspectral imaging using algorithm development, advanced data analysis, and machine learning.
  • Deep Lesion Medical Image Database
    A team from the National Institutes of Health has put together this medical image database. It is anticipated that it will be used for development of computer-aided detection and computer-aided diagnosis research.
  • Stanford Computer Vision Image Database
    An image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy, using nouns only. Each node has hundreds of thousands of images with an average of over 500 images per node. Intended use is for computer vision algorithm development.
  • Caffe
    Caffe is a deep learning framework developed Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) and by community contributors. It is intended to be fast and modular. The web site includes tutorials. It has been tested on Ubuntu (Linux), Red Hat (Linux), OS X (Mac).
  • Image Science Organization
    A useful source of information for people interested or working in the various fields of imaging. It collects links to relevant websites on image formation, image reconstruction, image processing, image analysis, computer vision, pattern recognition, and visualization.
  • CV online
    CVonline: the evolving, distributed, non-proprietary, on-line compendium of computer vision, managed by Bob Fisher at the University of Edinburgh.
  • DIP Image Databases
  • PEIPA, the Pilot European Image Processing Archive
    Valid topics include systems analysis, algorithm comparisions, performance metrics, benchmarks, frameworks, testbeds, tools, test sets and databases.
    Welcome to the University of California at Berkeley Video and Image Processing (VIP) Lab, located in 321 Cory Hall.
    The NSSDC archives 44 different titles with over 890 unique volumes at this time. This site contains many CDs of satellite images from the National Space Science Data Center.
  • JPEG2000
    The site for the newer JPEG standard, JPEG 2000.
  • IJG
    IJG is an informal group that writes and distributes a widely used free library for JPEG image compression.
  • Image Lab - MCM Design
    MCM Design develops and provides scientific image analysis software and Vision software systems for product inspection.
  • Accusoft
    Accusoft provides document viewing, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools to use in your application development.
  • RoboRealm
    RoboRealm® is a powerful robotic vision software application for use in machine vision, image processing, and robot vision tasks. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis and robot control becomes easy!
  • DIP lib & DIP Image
    DIPlib is a platform independent scientific image processing library written in C. It consists of a large number of functions for processing and analyzing multi-dimensional image data.
    DIPimage is a MATLAB toolbox for scientific image processing and analysis. It is a tool for teaching and research in image processing.
  • The Computer Vision Home Page
    The Computer Vision Homepage was established at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 to provide a central location for World Wide Web links relating to computer vision research. The emphasis of the Computer Vision Homepage is on computer vision research. This site contains many links for: Vision groups, hardware, software, demos, test images, conferences, publications
  • Computer Vision Applications
    This web site, started by David Lowe in the 1990's lists companies and applications of computer/machine vision through 2015.
  • Vision Center
    Vision Center is an informational web guide created for those seeking eye surgery and other vision correction options. All content published on Vision Center is researched, written, and edited by licensed optometrists, experienced journalists, and other medical writers in the industry.